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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2010 International PhD Professor University of Catania,
2. 2010 Visiting Professor Skin Diseases Research Center, Case Western Reserve University
3. 2008 Invited Participant NIH Human Microbiome Project
4. 2007 NSF Panel Member on Future Areas Biotechnology Research and Development
5. 2005 Finalist, Healthcare Hero Award Research and Innovation, Pittsburgh Business Times
6. 2004 Invited Speaker NIDCD Council Meeting
7. 2003 Guest Professor Shantou University
8. 2001 Keynote Speaker Indian Association of Medical Microbiology, Silver Jubilee Meeting
9. 2001 Invited Participant MCP-Hahnemann University Pre-Commencement
10. 2000 Guest of Honor PAGER s Annual Walk-Run
11. 2000 Treatment, and Prevention Rockville
12. 2000 Board of Scientific Counselors National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
13. 2000 Invited Participant DARPA biowarfare PI s conference
14. 1999 Award Ceremony Award Ceremony
15. 1999 Work on medical biofilms featured news article in Science
16. 1998 Keynote speaker National Convention of Directors of Clinical Diagnosis Centers and the National Symposium of the Academic Exchange for young scientists, sponsoring agency, Health Ministry of P.R.China
17. 1998 Career featured as cover story the Sunday Magazine Section of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
18. 1997 Invited Participant NIDCD Workshop on Molecular Genetics of Language and Speech Acquisition
19. 1997 Invited Speaker Association for Research in Otolaryngology's Workshop in Molecular Genetics
20. 1997 Invited Speaker and Guest Kaiyuan Bioengineering, Ltd
21. 1996 Invited Guest Third Wave Technologies, Madison
22. 1996 Invited Guest Visible Genetics, Toronto Ontario
23. 1995 Alumni Citation Award Alfred University
24. 1995 Invited speaker NIDCD Council Meeting
25. 1995 Who s Who in Science and Engineering Cited in Marquis s
26. 1995 Cited in Marquis s Whos Who in the East Cited in Marquis s Who s Who in the East
27. 1995 Feinstein Lecturer Alfred University
28. 1994 Heritage Foundation Lecturer Cross Cancer Institute Edmonton CANADA,
29. 1992 1993 Honorary member Association of Medical & Laboratory Immunologists
30. 1992 Visiting Professor Cleveland Clinic
31. 1991 Invited participant NIAID symposia on detecting HIV-1 in urogenital NIAID
32. 1989 Invited participant NCI symposia on HTLV-I NCI
33. 1984 1987 Research Assistant SUNY HSC Syracuse
34. 1977 1978 National Institutes of Health predoctoral Fellowship University of Chicago
35. 1977 Departmental Honors (Biology) conferred upon graduation Alfred University
36. 1977 Awarded honorable mention in the National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowship competition Alfred University
37. 1977 Danforth Fellowship competition Alfred University
38. 1973 1977 New York State Regents Scholarship New York State Regents

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