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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2010 Plenary Lecture 13th International Conference on In Vivo Methods, Brussels
2. 2010 Marsh Endowed Lectureship Substance Abuse, Amarillo, TX
3. 2009 Plenary Lecture Emotions and the Brain, Berlin
4. 2009 Kang Tsou Memorial Lecture International Cannabinoid Research Society, St Charles, IL
5. 2008 Neuronal Plasticity Prize Foundation Ipsen
6. 2008 Plenary Speaker 7th Dutch Endo-Neuro-Psycho Conference, Amsterdam
7. 2007 Presidential Plenary Speaker American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
8. 2007 Plenary Speaker Society for Neuroscience Chile, Santiago, Chile
9. 2007 Honorary Professor of Neuroscience University of Cordoba, Argentina
10. 2006 Special Lecture Society for Neuroscience (USA), Atlanta, GA
11. 2006 Plenary Lecture International Neuroscience Winter Conference, Solden, Austria
12. 2005 Plenary Speaker Research Society for Alcoholism, Santa Barbara, CA
13. 2005 Distinguished Basic Science Scholar on the Addictions Am Addict Society
14. 2003 Grass Traveling Scientist Award Michigan Chapter Society for Neuroscience, Detroit
15. 2003 Distinguished University Professor MUSC
16. 2002 Plenary Lecture Society for Neuroimmunology, Tampa, FL
17. 2002 Wheeler Plenary Speaker 33rd International Narcotics Research Conference, Pacific Grove
18. 2001 Honorary Professor of Neurological Sciences Nanjing Medical University, China
19. 2001 Plenary Lecture Neuroscience Hellenic Society, San Diego, CA
20. 2001 Grass Traveling Scientist Award Kentucky Chapter of Society for Neuroscience, Lexington
21. 2001 Merit Award NIDA
22. 1998 Grass Traveling Scientist Award Nashville Chapter of Society for Neuroscience, Nashville
23. 1998 Grass Traveling Scientist Award Mississippi Chapter of Society for Neuroscience, Jackson
24. 1998 Plenary Lecture American Neuropsychiatric Society, Fort Myers, FL
25. 1998 Elliot Stellar Lecture University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
26. 1996 Sahlin Research Excellence Award Washington State
27. 1996 Grass Traveling Scientist Award Indianapolis Chapter of Society for Neuroscience, Indianapolis
28. 1996 Daniel H Efron Award American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
29. 1995 Senior Fellowship Fogarty
30. 1993 Research Excellence Award Smith-Kline-Beecham
31. 1990 Research Career Development Award NIDA
32. 1980 Postdoctoral Trainee Fellowship NIMH

3D Tissue Models
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