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1. 2012 The specific linker phosphorylation of Smad2/3 indicates epithelial stem cells in stomach; particularly increasing in mucosae of Helicobacter-associated gastritis Journal of Gastroenterology, In press
2. 2012 Oncogenic Smad3 signaling induced by chronic inflammation is an early event in ulcerative colitis-associated carcinogenesis Inflammatory Bowel Disease, In press
3. 2010 Expression of Pituitary Tumor Transforming Gene 1 (PTTG1)/Securin in hepatitis B virus-associated liver diseases: Evidence for a Hepatitis B virus X protein-mediated inhibition of PTTG1 ubiquitination and degradation. Hepatology 51: 777-787.
4. 2009 Smad2 and Smad3 phosphorylated at both linker and C-terminal regions transmit malignant TGF-b signal in later stages of human colorectal cancer Cancer Research 69: 5321-5330
5. 2009 SP600125, a JNK inhibitor, suppresses rat chemical-induced hepatocellular carcinoma by shifting Smad3 signaling from oncogenesis to tumor-suppression Hepatology 49: 1944-1953.
6. 2009 Hepatitis B virus X protein shifts human hepatic TGF-b signaling from tumor-suppression to oncogenesis in early chronic hepatitis B Hepatology 49: 1203-17.
7. 2009 Modulation of TGF-b signaling during progression of chronic liver diseases Frontiers in Bioscience 14:2923-34
8. 2009 Modulation of the transforming growth factor-1-induced Smad phosphorylation by the extracellular matrix receptor 1-integrin. International Journal of Oncology 35: 1441-1447
9. 2009 SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo. Pigment Cell Melanoma Research 22: 761-772.
10. 2008 TGF-b and hepatocellular carcinoma Hepatology 47: 1095-1096.
11. 2007 Reversible Smad-dependent signaling between tumor suppression and oncogenesis Cancer Research 67: 5090-5096
12. 2007 Chronic inflammation associated with HCV infection perturbs hepatic   TGF- signaling, promoting cirrhosis and HCC Hepatology 46: 48-57.
13. 2006 Transforming Growth Factor- during carcinogenesis: the shift from epithelial to mesenchymal signaling Journal of Gastroenterology 41:295-303.
14. 2006 TGF- during human colorectal carcinogenesis: the shift from epithelial to mesenchymal signaling Inflammopharmacology 14:198-203.
15. 2006 Smad3 phosphoisoform-mediated signaling during sporadic human colorectal carcinogenesis Histology and Histopathology 21: 645-662.
16. 2005 TGF- and PDGF Signal via JNK-dependent Smad2/3 Phosphorylation in Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells after Acute Liver Injury American Journal of Pathology 166: 1029-1039
17. 2005 Acceleration of Smad2 and Smad3 Phosphorylation via c-Jun N-terminal Kinase during Human Colorectal Carcinogenesis Cancer Research 65: 157-165.
18. 2005 Notch signaling modulates the nuclear localization of carboxy-terminal- phosphorylated smad2 and controls the competence of ectodermal cells for activin A Mechanisms of Development 122: 671-680.
19. 2004 TGF- and HGF Transmit the Signals through JNK-Dependent Smad2/3 Phosphorylation at the Linker Regions Oncogene 23: 7416-7429
20. 2003 Distortion of Autocrine TGF- Signal Accelerates Malignant Potential by Enhancing Cell Growth as well as PAI-1 and VEGF Productions in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells Oncogene 22: 2309-2321
21. 2003 p38 MAPK Mediates Fibrogenic Signal through Smad3 Phosphorylation in   Rat Myofibroblasts Hepatology 38: 879-889.
22. 2001 Specific cell types and their requirements In Basic Cell Culture (ed. Davis J.M.) Second Edition pp. 227-274. Oxford University Press
23. 2000 Differential Regulation of Autocrine TGF- Signal in Hepatic Stellate Cells between Acute and Chronic Rat Liver Injuries Hepatology 35: 49-61
24. 2000 Regulatory Mechanisms for TGF- as Autocrine Inhibitor in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Implications for Roles of Smads in Its Growth Hepatology 32: 218-227.
25. 2000 Autocrine Stimulatory Mechanism by TGF-b in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cancer Research 60: 1394-1402.
26. 2000 Modulation of TGF- Function in Hepatocytes and Hepatic Stellate Cells in Rat Liver Injury Gut 46: 719-724.
27. 2000 Differential Regulation of Activin A Signal Transduction in Hepatocytes and Hepatic Stellate Cells of Rat Liver Injury Journal of Hepatology 32: 251-260.
28. 1999 Down-regulation of TGF- receptors in Human Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Cancer Development. British Journal of Cancer 80 (1/2): 194-205.
29. 1998 Differential Expression of TGF- Receptors in Hepatocytes and Nonparenchymal Cells of Rat Liver Injury. Journal of Hepatology 28: 572-581.
30. 1998 Ligand-dependent and -independent interactions with the TGF- type II and I receptor subunits reside in the aminoterminal portion of the ectodomain of the type III subunit. In vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. Anim. 34: 232-238.
31. 1996 Reconstitution of pentameric complex of dimeric transforming growth factor beta ligand and a type I, II, III receptor in baculoviral -infected insect cells In vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 32: 345-360
32. 1995 Specific cell types and their requirements In Basic Culture A Practical Approach (ed. Davis J.M.) pp. 181-222. IRL Oxford University Press.
33. 1995 Inhibin antagonizes inhibition of liver cell growth by activin by a dominant-negative mechanism J. Biol. Chem. 270: 6308-6313.
34. 1994 In situ assay of basic fiblobrast growth factor in cultured cells with a specific monoclonal antibody Cell Strut. Func. 18: 333-343.
35. 1994 Genomic structure and cloned cDNAs predict that four variants in the kinase domain of serine / threonine kinase receptors arise by alternative splicing and poly (A) addition Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 91: 7957-7961.
36. 1993 A widely expressed transmembrane serine / threonine kinase that does not bind activin, inhibin, transforming growth factor , or bone morphogenic factor J. Biol. Chem. 268: 12719-12723.
37. 1990 Derivation of monoclonal antibody to basic fiblobrast growth factor and its application Method Enzymol. 198: 148-157.
38. 1990 Production of basic fiblobrast growth factor-like factor by cultured human cholangiocellular carcinoma cells. Cancer Science (former Jpn. J. Cancer Res.) 81: 345-354.
39. 1989 Monoclonal antibodies against heparin binding growth factor II (HBGF-II) / basic fiblobrast growth factor (bFGF) that block its biological activity : Invalidity of the antibodies for tumor angiogenesis Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 86: 9911-9915.

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