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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2012 Opening Plenary Address XX Congress of Immunology, Merida Mexico
2. 2012 Keynote Address The Tumor Microenvironment Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s Tumor Microenvironment, North Bethesda, Maryland
3. 2010 Mentor of Christopher Klebanoff, Best fellow of the Year NCI
4. 2009 Keynote Address The New York Cancer Center, NY Academy of Medicine
5. 2008 Plenary Address International Society for Biological Therapy
6. 2007 Plenary Address San Diego
7. 2007 Primary Organizer “The Potent New Anti-Tumor Immunotherapies” Keystone Symposia Banff, Canada
8. 2007 Opening Keynote Address The Netherlands Association of Immunologists
9. 2006 Winner, Best Paper of the Year by an Intramural Investigator NIH
10. 2005 Primary Organizer “Basic Aspects of Tumor Immunology” Keystone Symposia Colorado
11. 2003 Primary Organizer “Basic Aspects of Tumor Immunology” Keystone Symposia Colorado
12. 1996 1998 Clontech Award for Translational Immunology NA
13. 1996 1998 NIH Loan Repayment Scholarship NIH
14. 1995 NIH Technology Transfer Award NIH
15. 1987 New York University School of Medicine Award New York University
16. 1987 Winner, Federal Technology Transfer Act Award NA
17. 1983 Mentor for the International Society for Biologic Therapy Presidential Award NA
18. 1983 BA with Honors Johns Hopkins University

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