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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2006 2011 A Novel Intracellular 7TM Estrogen Receptor in Breast” NIH Grant R01, CA116662 Investigator
2. 2007 2010 “The Role of GPR30 in Advanced Endometrial Cancer” NIH Grant R01, CA118743 Investigator
3. 2005 2009 Leukemia, Immunology and Red Blood Cell American Cancer Society Investigator
4. 2005 2009 VA Merit Awards NA Investigator
5. 2005 2009 NCI Training and Manpower Study Section NIH Investigator
6. 2008 “University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery” NIH Grant U54, MH084690 Investigator
7. 2008 “Development of GPR30-specific ligands” NIH Grant R01, CA127731 Investigator
8. 2005 2008 “NM Molecular Libraries Screening Center” NIH Grant U54, MH074425 Investigator
9. 2004 2008 Susan G. Komen Foundations Tumor Cell Biology II Study Section Investigator
10. 2007 NCI Tumor Cell Biology Study Section NIH Investigator
11. 2007 French Ministry for Research NA Investigator
12. 2001 2006 “Regulation of Chemoattractant Receptor Activation” NIH Grant R01, AI36357 Investigator
13. 2004 2005 “Functional Characterization of a Novel Estrogen-Dependent Signaling Pathway in the Mammary Gland” Grant BC033052 DoD BCRP Investigator
14. 1998 2005 Mechanisms of Leukocyte Activation and Chemotaxis” NIH Grant R01, AI43932 Investigator
15. 2004 Molecular Neuropharmacology and Signaling Study Section NIH Investigator
16. 1999 2004 “7TMR Drug Discovery, Microfluidics and HT Flow Cytometry” NIH Grant R24, GM60799 Investigator
17. 2001 2002 EPSCoR program Montana State NSF Investigator
18. 1998 1999 “Targeting Somatostatin Receptors in Chemotherapy” UNM Cancer Research and Treatment Center Grant Investigator
19. 1996 1999 Mechanisms of Chemoattractant Receptor Activation” Grant-in-Aid 96009260 Investigator
20. 1994 1999 “Regulation of Chemoattractant Receptor Activation” NIH Grant R29 AI36357 Investigator

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