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Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. Soluble receptor proteins in control of gene expression Int. Meeting on Extrahepatic Drug Metabolism and Chemical Carcinogenesis, Stockholm, Sweden January, 2011
2. Hormones and Cancer PARE Research Conference, NIH, Bethesda, USA December, 2010
3. ERbeta – a new concept in estrogen signaling with exciting novel implications for cardiometabolic disease Gender and Myocardial Hypertrophy, Berlin, Germany November, 2010
4. Estrogen receptor beta and liver X receptor beta in disease” OMRF Research Forum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA October, 2010
5. Zebrafish as a model to study endocrine disruption e.hormone 2010, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA October, 2010
6. Estrogen receptor beta and liver X receptor beta – two exciting targets for drug development Dean’s Lecture, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Beijing University, Beijing, China October, 2010
7. Hormones and Cancer Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China October, 2010
8. Estrogen receptor beta and liver X receptor beta – two exciting targets for drug development First Mini-Symposium of Chinese Nuclear Receptor Research Group (CNRRG), Chongqing, China October, 2010
9. The role of estrogen receptors in breast cancer Diczfalusy Symposium on Reproductive Health, Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm September, 2010
10. Importance of Science Keynote Speaker at the Fall 2010 Convocation, The Honors College, The University of Houston September, 2010
11. Mechanism of estrogen action – new paradigms King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia August, 2010
12. Hormones and Cancer The Methodist Hospital, Houston, USA July, 2010
13. Role of ERbeta and LXRbeta in proliferation MD Anderson Cancer Center, Endocrine Research Seminar, Houston, USA May, 2010
14. ERbeta and LXRbeta – Nuclear receptors of growing importance Baylor College of Medicine, Kroc Lecture, Houston, USA May, 2010
15. Estrogen receptor beta as an antiproliferative principle McArdle Institute for Cancer Research, Madison, WI, USA May, 2010
16. New Angles in Nuclear Receptor Research: ERbeta and LXRbeta Levey Symposium, University of California Los Angeles,USA May, 2010
17. Estrogen receptor beta as an antiproliferative principle Radiumhemmet, Karolinska University Hospital, Solna, Sweden April, 2010
18. Implications of estrogen signaling in cardiovascular medicine Cardiovascular Clinic, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden April, 2010
19. Estrogen receptor beta – a potential target for anti-cancer drugs AAAS SWARM Division 85th Annual Meeting, Houston, USA April, 2010
20. Estrogen signaling and cancer UH Cancer Research Forum, Houston, USA April, 2010
21. Novel Biological Roles of LXRs Keystone Symposium on Nuclear Receptors: Signaling, Gene Regulation and Cancer, Colorado, USA March, 2010
22. The New Biology of Estrogen Signaling College of Biological Sciences, UC Davis, California, USA February, 2010
23. Nuclear receptors and Cancer Department of Molecular&Cellular Oncology andCenter for Biological Pathways,MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA January, 2010
24. Roles of nuclear receptors ER beta and LXR beta in cellular proliferation GI Cancer Research Seminar Series – MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA January, 2010
25. The Science of Endocrine Disruptors and Relevance to Human Health Dietary Exposure to Endocrine-Active Pesticides”, Brussels, Belgium November, 2009
26. Paradigm shifts in understanding estrogen signaling The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas, USA November, 2009
27. Nuclear receptors – Potential targets for environmental pollutants 2009 North American Hazardous Materials Management Association Conference, Houston, USA. Keynote lecture November, 2009
28. Research as a lifestyle – Joy and happiness The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Provost’s Career Builders Series, Houston, USA November, 2009
29. The influence of estrogen receptor beta in breast cancer The Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Breast Medical Oncology Research Meeting, Houston, USA October, 2009
30. Estrogen receptor beta and hormonally active chemicals e.hormone 2009, New Orleans, USA October, 2009
31. Estrogen signaling via estrogen receptor beta Cincinnati Cancer Symposium Series, Jensen Symposium on Nuclear Receptors, Cincinnati, USA October, 2009
32. Novel Aspects of LXR action EMBO Conference on Nuclear Receptors, Cavtat/Dubrovnik, Croatia September, 2009
33. Estrogen receptor beta and cancer Spetses Summer School on Nuclear Receptor Signalling: From Molecular Mechanisms to Integrative Physiology, Island of Spetses, Greece August, 2009
34. Nuclear receptors and cancer The Saitama Medical School, Saitama, Japan July, 2009
35. Nuclear receptors and cancer The University of Sapporo, Sapporo, Japan July, 2009
36. Nuclear receptors and cancer The National Cancer Research Center Institute, Tokyo, Japan July, 2009
37. Hormones and Cancer The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA June, 2009
38. Molecular mechanisms involved in exposures to estrogenic and anti-estrogenic endocrine disruptors 5th Copenhagen Workshop on Endocrine Disrupters, Copenhagen, Denmark May, 2009
39. Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture, “The new biology of estrogen signaling 11th European Congress of Endocrinology, Istanbul, Turkey April, 2009
40. Plenary opening lecture, “Clinical implications of the new biology of estrogen action 43rd Annual Scientific meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation, Franfurt/Main, Germany April, 2009
41. Plenary lecture, “Estrogen receptor beta as a potential target in the treatment of prostatic cancer First Serbian Congress of Endocrinology, Belgrade, Serbia December, 2008
42. Estrogen receptor beta as a potential target in treating aging males and females Menopause, Andropause, Anti-Aging, Vienna, Austria December, 2008
43. New concepts in estrogen signaling National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan November, 2008
44. Estrogen receptors Symposium on Sex Steroids, Gothenburg, Sweden November, 2008
45. Estrogen-receptors: A short overview Round Table Meeting of the Senate Commission on Food Safety of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Phytoestrogens in food supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes, Bonn, Germany November, 2008
46. The tumor suppressor activity of estrogen receptor beta-implications for cancer prevention The Thirty-ninth International Symposium of The Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund, Metabolic Syndrome: Carcinogenesis and Prevention, Tokyo, Japan November, 2008
47. Estrogen signaling in the lung” and “HRT and depression The 3rd International Congress of Gender Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden September, 2008
48. Interplay between ERa and ERb in estrogen signaling 13th International Congress on Hormonal Steroids and Hormones & Cancer, Quebec, Canada September, 2008
49. Antiproliferative actions of estrogen receptor beta University of Houston, Houston, USA September, 2008
50. The new biology of estrogen signaling Nobel Conference on “Recent advances in understanding estrogen signaling: From molecular insights to clinical implications”, Sånga-Säby, Stockholm, Sweden: September, 2008
51. Plant derived ligands of nuclear receptors and their biological effects 7th Joint Meeting of AFERP, ASP, GA, PSE & SIF, Natural products with pharmaceutical nutraceutical, cosmetic and agrochemical interest, Athens, Greece August, 2008
52. New biology of estrogen action Murikka Minisymposium 2008, Cell signaling and its transcriptional readout, Murikka, Finland August, 2008
53. ER-beta biology – Role in Genito-urinary and reproductive systems in men Estrogen Receptor-beta – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Washington, USA July, 2008
54. Cancer and steroid receptors – state of the art XVI Symposium of the International Association on Gnotobiology – Joint with the XXXI Congress of the Society of Microbial Ecology and Disease, Djurönäset, Stockholm, Sweden May, 2008
55. Estrogen signaling and the metabolic syndrome Diabetes Research Center, Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium May, 2008
56. Nuclear receptors as drug targets in metabolic diseases Workshop on Pre-receptor steroid metabolism as target for pharmaceutical treatment, Eibsee, München, Germany May, 2008
57. New Developments in Biology and Mechanisms of Action of ERbeta” 7th Annual Symposium on the Environment and Hormones, e.hormone 2008, New Orleans, USA April, 2008
58. Antiproliferative actions of estrogen receptor beta – possible implications for LAM The LAM Foundation/NHLBI Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, Int. Research Conference, Cincinnati, USA April, 2008
59. Chairman 11th Frontiers in Nuclear Receptor Action, Savannah, Atlanta, USA April, 2008
60. “Estrogen receptor beta – a potential new target for treatment of breast and prostate cancer Novel Targeted Cancer Therapies: from Cells and Mice to Patients: Stockholm, Sweden March, 2008
61. Anti-proliferative action of estrogen receptor beta China-Sweden Workshop on Cancer Treatment and Research, Tianjin, China March, 2008
62. Estrogen receptors The 3rd Sino-Swedish Cancer Workshop, Guangzhou and Hainan, China March, 2008
63. Debate “Importance of membrane steroid receptors”. For: Carol Lange, Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Against: Jan-Åke Gustafsson, M.D., Ph.D. 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation, San Diego, USA March, 2008
64. Estrogen Receptor-Beta and Reproduction 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation, San Diego, USA March, 2008
65. The new biology of estrogen signaling Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, March, 2008
66. Keynote lecture: “Effects of perturbed estrogen signaling on reproductive function Serono Symposia International Foundation, “Gene, environment, lifestyle interaction and human reproduciton, Malmö, Sweden February, 2008
67. Research and Innovation, Washington DC, USA Speaker at the Opening Seminar Sweden – The Best Health Care System in the World?, Health Care Innovation Week, Swedish Health Care February, 2008
68. Gender differences in targeting nuclear receptor signalling Milan University, Milan, Italy January, 2008
69. New developments in biology and mechanisms of action of ERbeta 33rd FEBS Congress & 11th IUBMB Conference, Biochemistry of Cell Regulation, Athens, Greece January, 2008
70. The different impact of various estrogenic receptors Menopause, andropause, anti-aging 2007, Vienna, Austria December, 2007
71. LXR and the CNS – possible connections to the ALS-Parkinsonism dementia complex?”. Saitama Medical University, Tokyo, Japan November, 2007
72. Current challenges in the understanding and management of colon cancer: “Estrogen receptor b and colon cancer The thirty-eighth International Symposium of The Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund, Tokyo, Japan November, 2007
73. Inaugural Diabetes and Metabolic Disease Guest Lecture: “A new paradigm for signal transduction: Estrogen receptor beta signaling Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Houston, Texas October, 2007
74. Estrogen receptor beta is antiproliferative in breast cancer Brystkreft i fokus, Oslo, Norway October, 2007
75. New paradigms in estrogen action give new pharmaceutical opportunities for women’s health Biomedicum Helsinki Seminar Series, Helsinki, Finland October, 2007
76. Novel paradigms in estrogen signaling Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Center for Cardiovascular Research, Berlin, Germany September, 2007
77. Medical benefit from biologically active compounds in foods. Phytosteroids The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: Remedies from animals and plants, Stockholm, Sweden September, 2007
78. Targeting estrogen receptor beta offers new pharmaceutical opportunities – basic and applied aspects Women’s Mental Health Symposium: A New University of Miami Initative, University of Miami, Miami, USA August, 2007
79. Estrogen Receptors and the Metabolic Syndrome Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, USA July, 2007
80. An Update on Estrogen Signaling University of Cincinatti, Cincinatti, USA July, 2007
81. Update on Estrogen Receptor Beta Signaling Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, USA July, 2007
82. The role of estrogen signaling in the metabolic syndrome 21st Annual Therapeutic Options for Menopausal Health Conference, Pasadena, USA July, 2007
83. Biology of estrogen receptor b Genome Institute of Singapore July, 2007
84. Estrogens and depression 27th International Epilepsy Congress, Singapore July, 2007
85. New aspects in estrogen signaling Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China July, 2007
86. Estrogen receptor b - a new paradigm in estrogen signaling Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China July, 2007
87. Liver X Receptor beta in the CNS 6th Dutch Endo-Neuro-Psycho Meeting, Doorwerth, the Netherlands June, 2007
88. A new era in devlopment of estrogenic pharmaceuticals: Alfa-estrogenic and beta-estrogenic drugs 10th Conference in Advanced Medicinal Chemistry, Thessaloniki, Greece May, 2007
89. Estrogen signaling in the brain and gu Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington, USA May, 2007
90. LXRbeta – A link between beta-sitosterol and ALS-Parkinson’s dementia Nuclear Receptors: Stucture and Function in Health and Disease, Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda, Italy May, 2007
91. Estrogen receptor beta – a revolutionary in estrogen signaling University Hospital UZ Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium May, 2007
92. New roles for estrogen receptor b in the developing and adult CNS 10th Frontiers in Nuclear Receptor Action, Georgia, USA: April, 2007
93. CASCADE past and future CASCADE 3rd Annual Meeting, Helsinki, Finland April, 2007
94. Role of estrogen signaling in the metabolic syndrome Keystone Symposia, Nuclear Receptor Pathways to Metabolic Regulation, Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA March, 2007
95. The estrogen receptor beta Working session on Hormonoresistance in breast cancer, Paris, France March, 2007
96. Estrogen receptors in development Society for Endocrinology BES 2007, Birmingham, UK March, 2007
97. Dramatic changes in understanding of estrogen action Annual Meeting of the Swedish Society for Study of Reproduction, SSSR, Uppsala, Sweden March, 2007
98. Estrogen receptor beta – a novel antiproliferative transcription factor Global LAM Summit, Stockholm, Sweden February, 2007
99. Recent developments in nuclear receptor action 9th European Congress of Endocrinology, Budapest, Hungary January, 2007
100. An update of ER signaling” and LXR signalling in the central nervous system Spetses Summer School on Nuclear Receptor Signalling: From Molecular Mechanisms to Integrative Physiology, Island of Spetses, Greece January, 2007
101. The role of ERalpha and beta in endocrine disruptors toxicity International Conference on Food Contaminants and Neurodevelopmental disorders, Valencia, Spain December, 2006
102. Diet and genes Jilin University, Shool of Public Health, Changchun, China November, 2006
103. Estrogen receptor b - a multifunctional receptor and a promising drug target The National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan November, 2006
104. Novel paradigms in estrogen signaling in health and disease The 10th Meeting Hirosaki International Forum of Medical Science, Hirosaki, Japan November, 2006
105. Novel actions of estrogen via estrogen receptor beta Duodecim Symposium on Nuclear receptors in health and disease, Turku, Finland November, 2006
106. Novel paradigms in estrogen signaling in health and disease Jilin University, Department of Pathology, Changchun, China October, 2006
107. Honorary Lecture “Estrogen receptor beta – a new paradigm in estrogen signaling 3rd International Greek Biotechnology Forum, Athens, Greece October, 2006
108. Paradigm shifts in our understanding of estrogen signaling following the discovery of estrogen receptor beta Founding Symposium, International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm, Ulm, Germany October, 2006
109. Role of estrogen receptor b (ERb) and liver X receptor b (LXRb) in the central nervous system Nuclear Receptors 2006 - An International Symposium arranged by the Center for Biosciences, Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, Sweden September, 2006
110. New paradigms in estrogen signaling rapidly translate into clinical medicine The Institute of Cancer Research, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre, London, U.K September, 2006
111. Regulation of prostate growth by estrogen receptors a and b 12th International Congress on Hormonal Steroids and Hormones & Cancer, Athens, Greece September, 2006
112. The estrogen receptor and cardiovascular diseases 11th Annual Meeting of the European Council for Cardiovascular Research (ECCR), La Colle sur Loup, Nice, France September, 2006
113. Nuclear receptors in disease AP ECHO, Asia-Pacific Education Center of Hematology/Oncology and Translational Medicine, Shanghai, China August, 2006
114. Plenary Lecture: “Recent Highlights in Estrogen Signaling Bregenz Summer School on Endocrinology: Nuclear Receptors in Health & Disease, Bregenz, Austria August, 2006
115. Recent advances in estrogen-signaling and new sites for pharmacological interventions 15th World Congress of Pharmacology, Beijing, China July, 2006
116. Estrogen receptor b - a new drug target Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS), Beijing, China July, 2006
117. New discoveries in estrogen signaling translate into clinical medicine Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China July, 2006
118. New developments in oestrogen signalling BioScience 2006, Glasgow, UK July, 2006
119. Estrogen action – two different signaling pathways Symposium “Neue Erkenntnisse in der Frauenhelikunde – Gesundheit, Hormone und Soja”, Vienna, Austria June, 2006
120. Steroid receptors, crosstalk and potential endocrine disruption” 5th Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Endocrine Disruptors, Il Ciocco, Barga, Italy June, 2006
121. Recent advances in estrogen signaling 132nd Advanced Course on : Estrogens and Human Diseases, Erice, Italy May, 2006
122. ERbeta scientific visions translate to clinical uses Yale University School of Medicine, OB GYN Seminar Series, New Haven, USA May, 2006
123. Nuclear receptor signaling – a gold mine for development/application of novel techniques for studies on molecular interactions EUROPT(R)ODE VIII, Tübingen, Germany April, 2006
124. Liver X receptor 41st Annual meeting of The European Association for the study of the liver, Vienna, Austria April, 2006
125. chairman 9th Frontiers in Nuclear Receptor Action, Sanibel Harbour, Ft Myers, Florida April, 2006
126. CASCADE – past and future CASCADE 2nd Annual Meeting, St Malo, France March, 2006
127. Plenary lecture, “Clinical use of estrogen receptor beta European Society for Clinical Investigation, 40th Annual Scientific Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic March, 2006
128. Biology of estrogen receptor b - New insights Keystone Symposia, Nuclear Receptors: Orphan Brothers, Banff, Alberta, Canada March, 2006
129. Estrogen receptors in the brain The 1st World Congress on Gender-Specific Medicine, “Men, Women, and Medicine: A New View of the Biology of Sex/Gender Differences and Aging”, Berlin, Germany February, 2006
130. Role of estrogen receptor beta in reproduction Keystone Symposia, Reproduction: Advances and Challenges, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA February, 2006
131. A new look at estrogen signaling Yale University School of Medicine, Pharmacology Seminar Series, New York, USA January, 2006
132. The aromatase KO mouse – an appropriate model for menopause? Second meeting of the project estrogen in women ageing (EWA), Madrid, Spain January, 2006
133. ER b - a multifunctional nuclear receptor 5th Int. Congress of Pathophysiology, Beijing, China January, 2006
134. Erbeta and menopause University of Milan, EWA – Estrogens and Women Aging, Milano, Italy January, 2006
135. A new look on estrogen signaling: The role of estrogen receptor  University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA January, 2006
136. On the role of estrogen receptor b in the immune system The MTC Annual Talks 2005, Nobel Forum, KI, Stockholm, Sweden November, 2005
137. Estrogen receptor b in breast cancer China TEDA Bioforum, Advances in Life Sciences, Tianjin, China November, 2005
138. New surprises in estrogen signalling Int. symp. Endocrine disrupters – Occurrence in the bioenvironment and possible effects in animals and humans, Oslo, Norway October, 2005
139. Estrogen receptor beta in breast cancer 1 Simpósio Mulher Sempre Mulher, Hormones and Breast Estrogen Receptor Beta and SERM’s, Lisbon, Portugal October, 2005
140. The role of LXR in the liver, adipocytes and nervous system 46th International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids, Ajaccio, Corsica September, 2005
141. Estrogen receptor beta – a new paradigm in estrogen signaling Center for Molecular Medicine, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany September, 2005
142. Mechanisms of action of female sex hormones Int. Workshop on Physical Sciences at the Microscale and First IAAC meeting of HFNL, Hefei and Huang shan, China August, 2005
143. Hormone-disrupting chemicals – what are they?”. CASCADE Open Forum, The chemical pollutants in our food, Visby, Sweden July, 2005
144. ERb - a multifunctional regulator Eli Lilly, Indianapolis July, 2005
145. Antiproliferative actions of Erbeta – mechanisms and possible pharmaceutical applications Hormone Action in Development & Cancer, Gordon Research Conference, Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, USA July, 2005
146. Pathfinder – a Euorpean network for research on nuclear receptors Descartes Prize Nominee Meeting, Brussels July, 2005
147. Keynote lecture “Recent excitements in drug development based on novel insights in estrogen signalling Engebretson symposium on drug discovery and development in cancer experimental therapeutics, Minnesota, USA June, 2005
148. Estrogen receptor beta ENDO 2005, San Diego, USA June, 2005
149. ERin normal and malignant breast The Third International Symposium on the Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer, Molde, Norway June, 2005
150. Estrogen receptor : an antiproliferative principle in the prostate 8th Int. Congress of Andrology and 22nd Annual Meeting of Korean Andrological Society, Men’s health – nature and nurture, Seoul, Korea June, 2005
151. Keynote Lecture “Estrogen receptor b - a novel tumor suppressor gene? 62nd KSBMB Annual Meeting in 2005 – From mechanism to functions, Seoul, South Korea May, 2005
152. ERbeta and CNS function Nobel minisymposium “Sex differences in the human brain, their mechanisms and implications”, Stockholm, Sweden May, 2005
153. Estrogen receptor  as novel target for antiproliferative drugs 40th Anniversary of the IARC, Lyon, France May, 2005
154. Lessons learnt from ERbeta and LXRbeta KO mice The fifth annual meeting of the Network for functional studies in mice, Stockholm, Sweden May, 2005
155. Precocious puberty and early ovarian failure in CYP7B1 knockout mice 6th Puberty Conference, Evian, France May, 2005
156. Estrogen signaling – New mechanisms 8th Frontiers in Nuclear Receptor, Phoenix, Arizona, USA April, 2005
157. Estrogen receptor beta – a multifunctional regulator 2nd Ernst Knobil Memorial Lecture, San Diego, USA April, 2005
158. Nuclear receptors during two centuries Keynote Lecture at Symposium in the honor of Dr. Paul van der Saag, Utrecht, The Netherlands March, 2005
159. Antiproliferative actions of ERb Keystone symposia on Hormonal Regulation of Tumorgenesis, Monterey, California, USA February, 2005
160. Integration of international organisations in CASCADE network of excellence: Chemicals as contaminants in the food chain: a network of excellence for research, risk assessment, education and information Enhanced International Collaboration in the Field of Endocrine Disrupters: How to do it in practice? Workshop Organised by the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General, Brussels, Belgium January, 2005
161. Estrogen receptors and breast cancer Fourth Annual AACR Int. Conf., Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Baltimore, USA January, 2005
162. ERbeta – an antiproliferative principle EMBO Conference, Nuclear Receptor: From Chromatin to Disease, Lake Garda, Italy January, 2005
163. Nuclear receptors – an overview Cascade 1st Annual Meeting, Chemical Contaminants in Food: Proposals for Scientific Research, Orvieto, Italy January, 2005
164. New excitements in estrogen signalling China University of Science & Technology, Hefei, China December, 2004
165. Estrogen signalling in the CNS Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China December, 2004
166. Steroids and ageing DG RTD Workshop: Mechanisms of organ specific ageing, Brussels, Belgium December, 2004
167. Novel concepts in estrogen signaling open up new therapeutical possibilities in many areas Tokyo University, Inst. of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Japan November, 2004
168. A new look at estrogen signaling Nuclear Receptors and Genomic Medicine, Saitama Medical School, Saitama, Japan November, 2004
169. ERb and cancer National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan November, 2004
170. Nuclear Receptors, A rapidly developing field China TEDA Bioforum, Tjianjin, China October, 2004
171. Estrogen signaling in new light Nuclear Receptors 2004 - An International Symposium arranged by the Center for Biotechnology (CBT), Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, Sweden October, 2004
172. New surprises in estrogen signaling e.hormone 2004, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA October, 2004
173. New paradigms in estrogen signalling Annual Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson Nutrition Award Symposium, New York, USA October, 2004
174. LXR and ER signaling CASCADE Summer School on Nuclear Receptors, ENS Lyon, Lyon, France September, 2004
175. Estrogen receptor ESPE 18th Summer School 2004, “Estrogen receptor”, Ramsach, Switzerland September, 2004
176. Estrogen signaling in the mammary gland 55th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Bled, Slovenien September, 2004
177. New paradigms in estrogen signaling and their clinical implications 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology, Basel, Switzerland September, 2004
178. Estrogen derivatives in cardiovascular disease-old questions, new answers; “New paradigms in estrogen signaling with particular reference to cardiovascular function XVIII World Congress International Society for Heart Research, Brisbane, Australia August, 2004
179. New vistas in estrogen signaling: Therapeutical implications UT Forum 2004 in Sweden, Medical and Life Sciences, “Molecular Medicine and Its Recent Advances”, Stockholm, Sweden August, 2004
180. Recent excitements in drug development based on novel insights in estrogen signaling XVIIIth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Copenhagen, Denmark August, 2004
181. Targeting cancers by estrogens and its analogs 37th Annual Meeting of the Society for the study of reproduction, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada August, 2004
182. The role of the estrogen receptor b in neuroprotection Seventh International Symposium on Neurobiology and Neuroendocrinology of Aging, Bregenz, Austria July, 2004
183. Role of P450 in steroid hormone action MDO 2004, 15th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations: Chemical biology in the postgenomic era; new approaches and applications, Mainz, Germany July, 2004
184. Projet CE: CASCADE Workshop “Food safety and quality: state of research in the Southern Mediterranean Agronomic Studies”, Bari, Italy July, 2004
185. ERb and immunology Summer School on Endocrinology, Nuclear Receptors, Endocrine Disruptors and Metabolic Effects, Bregenz, Austria July, 2004
186. Nuclear receptors as signal sensors Environmental and Endocrine Signaling, A Satellite Symposium preceding the annual Society of Endocrinology Meeting, New Orleans, USA June, 2004
187. Recent excitements in estrogen signaling Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, Illinois, USA June, 2004
188. New vistas in estrogen signaling Breast Cancer Meeting, New Orleans, USA June, 2004
189. A new look at estrogen signaling Nuclear receptors, transcription, and cancer symposium, University of Virginia, Virginia, USA May, 2004
190. Estrogen receptor beta regulates epithelial cell differentiation in the mouse ventral prostate 15th Symposium on Growth Hormone and Endocrinology, Malta April, 2004
191. Estrogen signaling and the cardiovascular system – some new angles European Atherosclerosis Society, 74th EAS Congress, Seville, Spain April, 2004
192. On the role of estrogen receptors and liver X receptors in lipid metabolism 55. Mosbacher Kolloquium: How nutrients influence gene activity, Mosbach, Baden, Germany April, 2004
193. Estrogen signaling and the immune system – new excitements Hormones and the Genome, HLSC 3rd event, Endocrine malignancies and autoimmunity, Molecular biological events and targets for clinical application, Ulm, Germany April, 2004
194. ERb - A multifunctional regulator of women’s health 5th International Symposium on Women’s Health and Menopause, Florence, Italy April, 2004
195. Estrogen signaling – an area of rapid development and relevance Umeå University March, 2004
196. New roles of estrogen receptor b Keystone Symposia on Nuclear Receptors: Orphan Brothers, Keystone Resort, Colorado: February, 2004
197. Novel functions of estrogen receptor beta Updates in Infertility Treatment, Marco Island, Florida, USA January, 2004
198. New paradigms in estrogen signaling open up novel pharmaceutical approaches for several diseases Biomedicum Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland January, 2004
199. : Keynote lecture “Estrogen signaling and cancer prevention Inaugural COST 926 Conf. Eur. Workshop on Cellular Responses to bioactive plant compounds – implications for human health, Budapest, Hungary January, 2004
200. Effects of ERb on the CNS ERPM 2004, Stéroïdes sexuels: le point sur l’action des estrogènes et des progestatifs. Montpellier, France January, 2004
201. A new look upon estrogen signaling A. I. Virtanen Institute Research Seminars, Kuopio, Finland January, 2004
202. Estrogen receptor-beta – a multifunctional transcription factor Workshop Nuclear Receptors, Leiden, Netherlands January, 2004
203. Academy-industry interactions at the Novum Campus in Stockholm Boosting Innovation from Research to Market, Bryssel, Belgium December, 2003
204. Yin-yang of estrogen signaling Rui Jin Hospital, Shanghai, China December, 2003
205. Nuclear Receptors – From Academia to Commercial Application The Biotechnology, the Capital and the Brain – The Mixing Chemistry of Bioeconomy, Beijing, China December, 2003
206. Estrogens and diseases of brain and the immune system Jensen Symposium, Nuclear Receptors and Endocrine Disorders, Cincinnati, USA December, 2003
207. “Metabolism Bengt E Gustafsson Symposium, Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease, Born germfree – microbial dependent, Stockholm November, 2003
208. ERbeta in the nervous system The 6th U.S.- Taiwan Neuroscience Symposium, Estrogen actions in the brain, New Orleans, USA November, 2003
209. New paradigms of estrogen signalling – genderaspects The 2nd International Symposium of Gender Related Medicine at Centre of Gender Related Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden October, 2003
210. Estrogen signaling – a case of yin and yang 13th Annual Meeting of the Dutch Society for Calcium and Bone Metabolism, Zeist, The Netherlands October, 2003
211. Novel views on estrogen signaling Eleventh Annual Nuclear Receptor Symposium, Nuclear Receptors: Discovery, Biology, and Therapy, Stevenage, U.K October, 2003
212. Estrogen Receptor Beta in Development and Cancer”. International School of Medical Science, 117th Advanced Course on Signal Transduction and Communication in Cancer Cells, Erice, Italy October, 2003
213. “Steroid receptors” and “Specific alpha and beta ER-ligands”. Maturitas Master Class, Lisbon, Portugal October, 2003
214. Estrogens and the Immune System: Novel Lessons from ERalfa and ERbeta KO Mice The Endocrine Society: The Role of Nuclear Receptors in Cardiovascular Disease, San Diego October, 2003
215. New views on estrogen signaling Lecture at the University of Mainz, Institute of Toxicology, Mainz, Germany September, 2003
216. Mechanisms of estrogen action” and “Insight into the biology of estrogen and Liver X receptors by studying knock-out mice FEBS Advanced Study Institute, International Summer School, From transcription to physiology: Regulation of gene expression and protein function in an integrated context, Spetses, Greece September, 2003
217. New understanding of estrogen action Rudbeck seminars, Uppsala University September, 2003
218. Development and an overview of ERb 8th Nottingham International Breast Cancer Conference, Nottingham, U.K September, 2003
219. LXR and control of lipid homeostasis Nobel Conference No 40, Transcriptional control of lipid homeostasis, Stockholm, Sweden August, 2003
220. Some phenotypes of LXR KO mice HLSC 2nd event, Hormones and Genome, Molecular Mechanisms in Metabolic Diseases: Obesity, Diabetes Type 2, Lipid disorders and Atherosclerosis – Basic Science towards Clinical Application, Ulm, Germany July, 2003
221. Estrogen receptors and metabolic syndrome Summer School on Endocrinology, Bregenz, Austria July, 2003
222. Some phenotypes of LXR KO mice 19th Ernst Klenk Symposium, Transcriptional and other regulatory mechanisms of lipid metabolism, Cologne, Germany July, 2003
223. Datta Lecture “Update on estrogen signaling Special FEBS 2003 Meeting on Signal Transduction; Signal transduction: from membrane to gene expression, from structure to disease, Brussels, Belgium July, 2003
224. New paradigms in estrogen signaling Utrecht Graduate School of Developmental Biology, Utrecht, The Netherlands June, 2003
225. A novel mechanism for control of prostate growth Fourth International Symposium on Hormonal Carcinogenesis, Valencia, Spain: June, 2003
226. Oestrogen signaling and cancer European Code against cancer, Clinical Cancer Research in Europe, Milan, Italy: June, 2003
227. Estrogen signaling – importance of conformational changes in estrogen receptor action Allosteric Mechanisms of Signal Transduction, Paris, France June, 2003
228. Estrogen receptor-beta – A paradigm shift in understanding estrogen signaling Special Symposium on estrogen receptors, Los Angeles, USA June, 2003
229. Antiproliferative actions of estrogen receptor b”. EMBO Conference, Biology of Nuclear Receptors, Villefranche-sur-Mer (Nice), France June, 2003
230. Marius Tausk Lecture, “New paradigms in estrogen signaling 2nd Dutch Endo-Neuro-Psycho meeting, Doorwerth, The Netherlands June, 2003
231. Elucidation of ERb function in breast cancer Novel approaches to treatment in hormone-sensitive breast cancer, London, U.K May, 2003
232. Plenary Lecture, “Modulation of estrogen action by ER isoforms Calcified Tissue International, Rome, Italy May, 2003
233. Chairman at the 7th Annual Frontiers in Estrogen Action The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia April, 2003
234. Plenary Lecture, “Role of estrogen receptors: lessons from knock-out mice 6th European Congress of Endocrinology, Lyon, France: April, 2003
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