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Membership in Professional Societies

Professional association Start year End year Title Comments
1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) neutron scattering facilities 2012 Member of the Science Review Committee (SRC)
2. IMAGO 2012 Member of the Technical Advisory Board
3. Nanosource, LLC, LUMINOF, LLC and Sens4, LLC 2012 Chief Technology Officer
4. University of South Carolina 2012 Member of the Research Advisory Council
5. African University for Science & Technology, Abuja, Nigeria 2012 Member of the Faculty
6. Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute 2012 Member of the Executive Committee
7. (Universities of Yonsei, University of South Carolina & Brookhaven National Laboratory) 2012 Co‐Pi on Global Research Laboratory grant by Korean Ministry of Science & Technology
8. University of South Carolina 2012 Member of the Research Advisory Council of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Education
9. Center of Economic Excellence in Nanoenvironmental Research and Risk Assessment proposal 2010 2012 Principal Investigator
10. University of South Carolina 2009 Head of Search Committee for Endowed Chair and Head of Center of Economic Excellence in Polymer Nanocomposites
11. University of South Carolina Research Foundation 2009 Member of the Board of Directors
12. University of South Carolina 2009 Member of Research Equipment Program Committee
13. Materials Research Society Symposium 2008 Past Organizer
14. St. Petersburg, Florida 2007 2008 Speaker at Tradeline Conference Series
15. American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Materials Research Society 2003 2008 Member
16. SPIE symposium 2007 Program Committee Member
17. Vienna Spring 2006 2007 Member of Program Advisory Committee and co‐editor of foresight report based on NMI3
18. State University of New York Stony Brook 2005 Past Head of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Department of Materials Science & Engineering
19. Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization in Sydney, Australia 2005 Past Member of the International Advisory Team for the Neutron Powder Diffraction at the Replacement Research Reactor Projec
20. University of South Carolina 2005 Member of the Industrial Mathematics Institute
21. University of South Carolina 2004 Adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy

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