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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. Interesting MRI Cases Society of Breast Imaging 10th Postgraduate Course May, 2011
2. Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting Refresher Course, Chicago The Emerging Future of Digital Mammography November, 2010
3. Medicine Grand Rounds,Rose Medical Center, Denver Breast Imaging 101 June, 2010
4. Family Medicine Grand Rounds,Rose Medical Center, Denver Breast Imaging 101 February, 2010
5. In Bick U and Diekmann F, editors, Digital Mammography. Springer: Heidelberg Digital Mammography Clinical Trials – The North American Experience January, 2010
6. In Jacobs L and Finlayson C, editors, Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Breast Cancer. Saunders: Philadelphia Radiologic Techniques for Early Detection and Diagnosis January, 2010
7. In Hayat MA, editor, Cancer Imaging, Volume 1. Academic Press: Burlington MA Digital Mammography January, 2008
8. National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium, Orlando Optimizing Interpretation of Digital Mammography and Digital Mammography: Interesting Cases December, 2007
9. National Consortium of Breast Centers, 17th Annual National Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference.Las Vegas Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography and Clinical Trials in Digital Mammography February, 2007
10. Glueck DH, Lamb MM, Lewin JM, Pisano ED, Muller KE exploring parallel and combined testing strategies for mammography and other imaging tests January, 2007
11. Glueck DH, Lamb MM, Lewin JM, Pisano ED. Two-Modality Mammography May Confer an Advantage over Either Full-Field Digital Mammography or Screen-Film Mammography January, 2007
12. National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium, orlando Contrast-enhanced Digital Mammography and Digital Mammography: Interesting Cases December, 2006
13. Radiology Grand Rounds, New York Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical Center Digital Mammography October, 2006
14. Colorado Mammography Society, Boulder Digital Mammography, Blessing or Curse September, 2006
15. Annual Meeting of the Idaho Chapter of the ACR, Boise Digital Mammography – Overview, Cases and Advanced Applications April, 2006
16. Grand Rounds, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center,denver Breast Imaging Update (Including Digital Mammography) March, 2006
17. UCSF Breast Imaging,Kauai Digital Mammography Update January, 2006
18. Huo Z, Lewin J. Computer-aided detection (CAD) of breast cancer in screening mammography: earlier signs of breast cancer detected on prior mammograms January, 2006
19. Lowery J, Byers T, Kittelson J, Hokanson J, Mouchawar J, Lewin J, Singh M. Molecular characteristics of interval breast cancers in Colorado Women January, 2006
20. UCSF Breast Imaging,Palm Springs Digital Mammography Special Course November, 2005
21. World Class Breast Imaging, Atlanta Digital Mammography – Technical Aspects, Digital Mammography in Screening and Diagnosis and Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography May, 2005
22. 9th Annual Digital X-ray and PACS: An Educational Forum.,Scottsdale Digital Mammography – Clinical Overview and Digital Mammography: Rad-Path Correlation February, 2005
23. Bornefalk H, Lewin JM, Lundqvist M, Danielsson M. Improved dual-energy contrast imaging using an energy sensitive photon counting detector and spectrum splitting January, 2005
24. 31st National Conference on Breast Cancer, orlando Digital Clinical Trials and Problem Cases Workshop May, 2004
25. American Roentgen Ray Society 104th Annual Meeting, Miami "Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography" May, 2004
26. Management of Diseases of the Breast,denver Breast Imaging Update May, 2004
27. In Singletary E, editor, Advanced Therapy of Breast Disease, 2nd Ed. BC Decker: Hamilton ON Digital Mammography January, 2004
28. Colorado Radiological Society, denver Digital Mammography: Current Status and Future Applications November, 2003
29. 23rd Annual Breast Imaging Conference, New Orleans Basics of Digital Mammography and 2003 Visionary Lecture: The Future of Digital Mammography September, 2003
30. American Roentgen Ray Society 103rd Annual Meeting, san diego "Digital Mammography: Initial Results and New Frontiers" May, 2003
31. Micromedex Corporation, Grand Rounds, Greenwood Village, CO Controversies in Breast Cancer November, 2002
32. Ikeda DM, Hylton NM, Morris EA, Lewis RS, Weinreb JC, Hochman MG, Kuhl CK, Kaiser WA, Lewin JM, Viehweg, Schnall MD Refinement and Testing of a Lexicon for Reporting Contrast-enhanced Breast Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging Studies January, 2002
33. Colorado Radiological Society, monthly meeting, Denver Digital Mammography October, 2001
34. Society for Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR) 2001 Meeting, Salt Lake City Clinical Trials in Full- Field Digital Mammography – Past, Present and Future May, 2001
35. Society of Breast Imaging 5th Postgraduate Course and Meeting ,San Diego Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography May, 2001
36. University of Florida Interdisciplinary Breast Conference,Amelia Island FL Digital Mammography and Interventional Breast Ultrasound February, 2001
37. American College of Radiology Investigative Network (ACRIN) Semi-Annual Meeting,Tempe AZ Results of the Army Digital Mammography Screening Trial February, 2001
38. Lewin JM, Isaacs PK. Full-field digital mammography: one-year clinical audit January, 2001
39. Lewin JM, Larke F, Hendrick RE Dual-energy contrast-enhanced digital subtraction mammography: development and clinical results of a new technique for breast cancer detection January, 2001
40. Hendrick RE, Lewin JM, D’Orsi CJ, Kopans DB, et al. A multi-reader non-inferiority study of full field digital mammography in an enriched diagnostic cohort. January, 2001
41. Horizons in Surgery, UCHSC Dept. of Surgery, Breckinridge CO Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Care March, 2000
42. Daniel BL, Betts BJ, Ikeda DM, Herfkens RJ, Birdwell RL and Lesion Diagnosis Working Group. Interobserver variability in classification of time-signal intensity curves from contrast-enhanced breast MRI January, 2000
43. Lewin JM, Hendrick RE, D’Orsi CJ, et al. Clinical evaluation of full-field digital mammography in a screening population January, 2000
44. Lewin JM, D’Orsi CJ, Hendrick RE, et al Causes of differences between full-field digital mammography and screen-film mammography interpretations in the Colorado/Massachusetts fullfield digital mammography screening trial January, 2000
45. Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio QC issues in Mammography and Diagnostic Mammography December, 1999
46. Society of Breast Imaging 4th Postgraduate Course and Meeting, boston Myths and Realities in Digital Mammography May, 1999
47. Colorado Society of Radiologic Technologists / Colorado Mammography Society Annual Course Digital Mammography May, 1999
48. Grand Rounds, Department of Family Medicine, UCHSC Digital Mammography June, 1998
49. Lewin JM, Hendrick RE, D’Orsi CJ, Moss LJ, Sisney GA, et al Clinical evaluation of a full-field digital mammography prototype for cancer detection in a screening setting-- work in progress January, 1998
50. Gruener G, Lewin JM, Lawrence DA, Thieme GT. Haptic Communication for Remote Ultrasound Diagnosis. January, 1998
51. Hendrick RE, Berns E, Chorbajian B, Choi K, Lewin JM, Sisney GS Low contrast lesion detection: comparison of screen-film and full-field digital mammography. January, 1997
52. Lewin JM, Kilcoyne RF, Levinsohn, EM. Evaluation of the glenoid labrum using iodinated contrast MR arthrography January, 1996
53. Sisney GA, Lewin JM, Kilcoyne RF. Computerized breast ultrasound reporting system using the ACR lexicon January, 1995
54. Lewin JM, Lynch DA, et. al. Discrimination of fibrotic lung disease from normal lung parenchyma with fractals. January, 1992
55. Lewin JM, Telljohann MA Digital filter design using linear programming January, 1984

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Challenging Cases MRI (Audience Response System) SBI 10th Postgraduate Course May, 2011

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