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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2011 A Humanized Anti-CD47 MAB for Reducing Kidney IRI Vasculox, Inc Principal Investigator
2. 2009 2011 Treatment of Transplant Reperfusion Injury with an Anti-CD47 Antibody NIH Principal Investigator
3. 2009 2011 Hepatocellular Cancer Tumor Registry Pfizer Pharmaceutical Principal Investigator
4. 2009 2011 Human Hepatocyte Isolation Trial Pfizer Pharmaceutical Principal Investigator
5. 2008 2010 Hepatic Research Registry for Hepatocyte Isolation Trial Cellzdirect Local Principal Investigator
6. 2008 2010 A Phase 2, Open-Label, Multi-Center, Randomized Trial to Demonstrate the Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro Tablets Once Daily and Prograf Capsules Twice Daily in Adult De Novo Liver Transplant Patients LifeCycle Pharma Local Principal Investigator
7. 2004 2009 Immune Response to Hepatitis C in Liver Transplantation NIH Co-Investigator
8. 2008 A 24 month, multi-center, open-label, randomized, controlled study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of concentration-controlled everolimus to eliminate or to reduce tacrolimus compared to tacrolimus in de novo liver transplant recipients Novartis Local Principal Investigator
9. 2003 2007 Human Immune Response to Porcine Xenografts NIH Co-Investigator
10. 2002 2007 Clinical Application of Image-Guided Liver Surgery NIH Principal Investigator
11. 2002 2007 Liver-Lung Interactions in Lung Inflammation NIH Principal Investigator
12. 2003 2005 Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Positron Emission Tomography with 11 C-Acetate and 18 F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Siteman Cancer Center Research Award Principal Investigator
13. 2002 2005 Liver-Lung Interactions during Acute Pancreatitis Veterans Affairs HBCU Original Principal Investigator
14. 1999 2004 Mechanisms of Liver-Lung Interactions in Acute Lung Injury NIH Co-Investigator
15. 1999 2003 Research Experiences for Undergraduates for Technology-Guided Therapy NSF Co-Investigator
16. 2001 2002 Effect of Race, Socioeconomic Background, and Molecular Alterations on Long-Term Colorectal Cancer Outcomes Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Award Principal Investigator
17. 2001 A Phase III, Controlled, Multi-Center, Randomized, Parallel-Group, Single-Blind Study to Compare the Safety and Hemostatic Efficacy of the Fibrin Sealant, Beriplast P with Standard Care of Thrombin-Soaked Gelfoam in the Treatment of Bleeding from the liver in Subjects Undergoing Elective Liver Resection Surgery Aventis Behring Principal Investigator
18. 2000 2001 CoSeal Surgical Sealant for Biliary Reconstruction. Cohesion Technologies Principal Investigator
19. 1998 2001 Hepatic and Pulmonary Interactions Following Liver Surgery VA Merit II Award Principal Investigator
20. 1998 2000 A Controlled, Randomized Multicenter Study to Evaluate Safety and Effectiveness of Costasis Hemostatic Device in Controlling Diffuse Capillary Bleeding Cohesion Technologies Principal Investigator
21. 1997 2000 Integration of Endoscopic Imaging with Interactive, Image-Guided Surgery National Science Foundation Co-Investigator
22. 1997 1999 Prevention of Gallstone Formation in Morbidly Obese Patients Undergoing Rapid Weight Loss NIH Clinical Nutrition Research Unit Award Principal Investigator
23. 1995 1997 A Randomized, Double-Blind Study of Neoral vs. Sandimmune in Primary Liver Transplant Patients Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co-Investigator
24. 1995 1996 Renal Function Following Cadaveric Liver Transplantation in Patients Treated with Prograf, Neoral, and Cyclosporine Fujisawa USA, Inc Co-Investigator
25. 1994 1996 A Prospective, Randomized, Comparative, Multicenter Safety and Tolerability Study of Neoral vs. Sandimmune in Primary Liver Transplant Patients Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co-Investigator
26. 1993 1994 A Double Blind Placebo-Controlled Dose Ranging Multicenter Study To Determine The Safety and Efficacy of Perioperative Sandostatin (Octreotide Acetate) Treatment For Reduction In Duration and Severity of Postoperative Ileus Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co-Investigator

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