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Pre/Non Reviewed Papers, Proceedings

Year Title Authors
1. 2010 An immune-based approach to allow antibodies in the plasma of HIV-1-infected individuals to regain their activity of antibody-dependent complement-mediated lysis
2. 2010 Complement regulator CD59 protects against angiotensin II-induced abdominal aortic aneurysms in mice
3. 2010 A high affinity inhibitor of human CD59 enhances complement-mediated virolysis of HIV-1: Implications for treatment of HIV-1/AIDS
4. 2010 Regaining of the functions of antibodies in HIV-1-infected individuals. Indiana Univ. Sch. Of Med. and Harvard Med. Sch
5. 2008 A Unique Model and Mechanisms of Hemolysis-associated Pulmonary Hypertension
6. 2008 Atherogenic role of the complement membrane attack complex
7. 2008 Domain 4 of ILY sensitizes antibody therapy on cancer and HIV through abrogating human CD59 function
8. 2007 Protective Role of Complement Regulator CD59 in the Development of Atherosclerosis
9. 2007 Complement-mediated hemolytic anemia and platelet activation in mCd59a and mCd59b double knockout mice
10. 2006 Analysis of the promoters and 5'-UTR of mouse Cd59 genes, and of their functional activity in erythrocytes
11. 2004 Towards Better Understanding of the Role of Complement in the Pathogenesis of Human Diseases: A Mouse Model Deficient of the Complement Regulatory Protein CD59
12. 2004 Progressive loss of fertility in mCd59b knockout male mice: a potential new function of mCd59 in male reproduction
13. 2004 Generation of mCd59a amd mCd59b (mCd59ab-/-) double knockout mice.
14. 2003 Qin X, Dobarro M, Bedford SJ, Ferris S, Halperin JA
15. 2002 Glycation-inativation of the complement regulatory protein CD59 links complement to the pahogenesis of diabetic vascular complications
16. 2001 Genomic Structure, Functional Comparison, Tissue Distribution and Promoter Analysis of Mouse Cd59a and Cd59b

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