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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2012 Impact of Diet Composition During Infancy on Energy Balance, Satiety, and Growth NIH Co-Investigator
2. 2012 Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Obesity in Adolescents with Down Syndrome NIH Co-Investigator
3. 2012 Pediatric Obesity Prevention Program USDA Co-Investigator
4. 2008 2012 Bone Health of Obese Adolescents During Weight Loss NIH PI
5. 2007 2012 Bone Health of Obese Adolescents During Weight Loss NIH PI
6. 2005 2012 Obesity Prevention in the Primary Care Setting: One or Multiple Targets NIH PI
7. 2008 2011 Formative Research to Develop an Intervention to Prevent Adolescent Obesity in Botswana CHOP PI
8. 2006 2011 Primary Care Network for the Treatment of Adolescent Obesity PA Dept. of Health Co-Investigator
9. 1998 2011 Pre- and peri-natal predictors of childhood obesity NIH Consultant
10. 2009 2010 Diet, Genetic Factors, and the Gut Microbiome in Crohn’s Disease NIH Co-Investigator
11. 1997 2009 Clinical and Experimental Studies of Obesity NIH Co-Investigator
12. 2005 2008 USDA Scientific Cooperative Agreement: A Lifecourse Approach to Chronic Disease in African Americans USDA PI
13. 2002 2007 An EXPORT Center of Excellence for Inner City Children NIH Co-Investigator
14. 2001 2007 Mentored Patient Oriented Research Career Development Award NIH PI
15. 2002 2006 Weight Management Skills for African American Outpatients NIH Co-Investigator
16. 2004 2005 A Lifecourse Approach to Obesity and Related Cardiovascular Risk Factors in African Americans The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Ethel Brown Foerderer Fund PI
17. 2002 2004 Energy Balance in Non-obese Children with Down syndrome National Down Syndrome Society PI
18. 2000 2002 Obesity in Children from Seychelles University of Pennsylvania McCabe Foundation PI
19. 1997 1999 Early Risk Factors for Obesity in African American Subjects Followed from Birth to Young Adulthood The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nutrition Center PI

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