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Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. Sleep Spindles and General Anaesthesia: Signs of a Closed Thalamic Gate? MAA8 Conference June, 2011
2. The Mysterious Case of the Isolated Forearm Grand Round at the Faculty of Anesthesiology May, 2011
3. What is the brain telling us? Demystifying the raw EEG signal Workshop at the Faculty of Anesthesiology May, 2011
4. The Genetics of Awareness. Fourth Military Medical University, Xi an, China., May, 2011
5. Anaesthesia hysteresis: what are the implications in the real brain? Seminars in Anaesthesia Modelling 2 (SAM2) November, 2010
6. Modelling connectivity, network topology, & anesthesia MAC2010 June, 2010
7. How populations of stable neurons can induce brain instability MAC2010 June, 2010
8. Raw EEG: When To Believe The Magic BIS Number And When To Add A Little Balsamic Vinegar To Disguise The Taste ANZCA ASM May, 2010
9. EEG patterns brought alive NZSA ASM Rotorua November, 2009
10. The MAC of sleep, or why it takes drugs to cut American Society of Anesthesiologists October, 2009
11. The transition from slow-wave sleep to REM sleep: experiment and theory Organisation for Computational Neuroscience CNS2009 July, 2009
12. Modelling anaesthesia, burst suppression, and seizures Anaesthetists Annual research Meeting May, 2009
13. EEG, Dreams, Desflurane, & Propofol ANZCA Cairns May, 2009
14. Episodic EEG waveforms in general anaesthesia ARGONZ December, 2008
15. Biomarkers in sepsis. MedScinz Queenstown December, 2008
16. EEG Spindles: A Measure of Intra-Operative Nociception? ANZCA May, 2008
17. Permutation entropy of the EEG as a measure of anaesthetic drug effect MAA7 conference, March, 2008
18. Principles of EEG-based assessment of depth of anaesthesia – what the EEG can and cannot do MAA7 conference March, 2008
19. Ordinal analysis of the EEG: permutation entropy as a measure of anaesthetic drug effect NZSA-ASM November, 2007
20. Depth-of-anaesthesia monitoring: public service or lip service? NZSA-ASM November, 2007
21. PCR, sequencing, Bacteria, Inflammation ANZICS November, 2007
22. Is mean-field modelling a useful approach for understanding anaesthesia and seizures? Bernstein Seminar April, 2007
23. EEG and monitoring of depth-of-anesthesia and sleep IARS March, 2007
24. Mechanisms of General Anesthesia IARS March, 2007
25. The Dynamics Of The Transition From Slow-Wave Sleep To REM Sleep: (2)Theoretical Modelling. AWBCR August, 2006
26. Neurobiology of EEG and Level of Consciousness Starship EEG meeting June, 2006
27. How to use EEG monitoring of depth-of anaesthesia Whangerei Anaesthetists May, 2006
28. Mean-field modelling of cerebral cortical function: application to anaesthesia, sleep and seizures, NZ MedSCi Conference December, 2005
29. General Anesthetic-Induced Seizures Can Be Explained By A Mean-Field Model Of Cortical Dynamics 9th Tamagawa Brain Dynamics Forum. November, 2005
30. Enflurane Seizures : an explanation. ASA October, 2005
31. Advances and retreats in the clinical monitoring of general anaesthesia “depth”. UCSF October, 2005
32. Mean-field modelling of the Cerebral Cortex. UCSF October, 2005
33. The Anaesthetist: a Disease Vector? NZAEC September, 2005
34. 'It would be nice if treating sepsis was a simple matter of giving antibiotics’ an update of serious sepsis. NZAEC September, 2005
35. Identifying bugs the genomic way NZAEC September, 2005
36. What do EEG Monitors Measure? ANZCA-ANZICS May, 2005
37. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Seizures in ICU ANZCA-ANZICS May, 2005
38. Advances and retreats in the clinical monitoring of general anaesthesia “depth” Clinical Diagnosis and Imaging Workshop. April, 2005
39. What are EEG-entropies really measuring? Mechanisms of Anesthesia Conference March, 2005
40. The EEG and EEG-Derived Assessment of Sedation ANZICS October, 2004
41. Awareness Monitoring should not be routine? Tribute to Dr Hugh Spencer meeting October, 2004
42. High-density EEG mapping during general anaesthesia with Xenon and Propofol: a pilot study. ASA Sydney September, 2004
43. There is nothing so practical as a good theory” Modelling the cortical effects of general anaesthesia. Memory and Awareness in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 6th Conference. June, 2004
44. Paroxysmal Cortical Epileptiform Discharges: a Comparison of the effects of Desflurane, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane and Enflurane. World Congress of Anaesthesiologists. April, 2004
45. BIS: its anatomy and uses ASA/NZSA annual scientific meeting October, 2003
46. Prediction of outcome after brain injury Waikato Society of Neuropsychologists September, 2003
47. Cortical Entropy Changes With General Anaesthesia: Experiment And Theory. World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering August, 2003
48. Cytokine expression in sepsis ICEM July, 2003
49. What does entropy mean to you? ANZCA May, 2003
50. Excitatory phenomena during induction of general anaesthesia: a molecular or dynamic explanation? ANZCA May, 2003
51. The law of unintended consequences: does technology increase or decrease risk in anaesthesia? Whangarei CECANZ STM April, 2003
52. Magic Bullets - Failed metaphors? Inaugural lecture October, 2002
53. The Plague is still with us WMRF Annual Meeting September, 2002
54. Anaesthesia with sevoflurane but not remifentanil causes bifrontal EEG synchronization ANZCA May, 2002
55. Procalcitonin: the troponin of sepsis? ANZICS March, 2002
56. Data acquisition: 'the long and winding road' ARGONZ November, 2001
57. Data acquisition: 'the long and winding road'. ARGONZ November, 2001
58. Randomized Control Trials = gambling with your patients. CECANZ November, 2001
59. Randomized Control Trials = gambling with your patients. CECANZ November, 2001
60. Transfer Function Analysis of changes in ICP, Arterial Pressure and Middle Cerebral Arterial Flow Velocity in Brain Trauma Patients 8th World Congress of Intensive Care Societies October, 2001
61. 5.Sleep patterns in intensive care unit patients: a study using the bispectral index. 8th World Congress of Intensive Care Societies October, 2001
62. Spatial distribution and generation of frontal slow waves in general anesthesia. Waikato Clinical School Research day. September, 2001
63. Entropies of the EEG. The effects of general anesthesia. 5th Conference on Memory, Anaesthesia and Consciousness. June, 2001
64. The effect of changes in input to cellular automata. Complex Systems November, 2000
65. Detection of bacteremia in critically ill patients using 16s rDNA PCR and DNA sequencing. ES of ICM Rome October, 2000
66. Explaining General Anaesthesia: molecules microstates and macrostates Department of Anaesthesia of Leiden University a series of seminars at departmental meetings August, 2000
67. The EEG Explained ANZCA May, 2000
68. PCR and ICU medicine ANZICS March, 2000
69. Equilibrium distribution function for the cortex: Anaesthetic‑induced phase transition. 10th World Congress of the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET99) January, 2000
70. Spatial Correlation of the EEG ARGONZ January, 2000
71. EEG measures of depth of anaesthesia: simple alternatives to the Bispectral Index. AOSIVA99 October, 1999
72. The cortical effects of general anaesthesia modelled as an order/disorder phase transition. ISBET99 October, 1999
73. Generic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) followed by DNA sequencing to identify bacteremia in critically ill patients. WAD September, 1999
74. Auditory recall and response to command during recovery from propofol anaesthesia. ANZCA May, 1999
75. EEG indices related to hypnosis and amnesia during propofol anaesthesia for cardioversion. ANZCA May, 1999
76. The EEG Explained ANZCA May, 1999
77. EEG and cardioversion WAD March, 1999
78. Biophysics Held in conjunction with The Asia‑Pacific Biosensor Group Lauren, Mira Petcu, Paul Gaastra Asia‑Pacific Biosensors, The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Australian Society for Biophysics Held in conjunction with The Asia‑Pacific Biosensor Group, January, 1999
79. The use of polymerase chain reaction to detect septicemia in critically ill patients. ANZICS October, 1998
80. Somatosensory evoked potentials in severe traumatic brain injury: a comparison with clinical acumen in the prediction of death. ANZICS, October, 1998
81. Induction of general anaesthesia is like melting jelly: a thermodynamic phase-transition model of general anaesthesia. ANZCA May, 1998
82. Prediction of social functioning after severe brain trauma. ANZICS April, 1998
83. SSEPs in severe traumatic brain injury. ANZICS April, 1998
84. The first time-derivative of the EEG: A possible Proxy for the Order-parameter for the cerebral cortex. Complex Systems January, 1998
85. A study of the relationship between respiration and heart rate based on an autoregressive moving average model. ACPSEMNZ November, 1997
86. n=1 trials ARGONZ October, 1997
87. Where is the best Compliance? ANZICS May, 1997
88. The prevention of perioperative atelectasis. All Africa Anaesthetic Congress April, 1997
89. The interaction of PEEP, expiratory time, and tidal volume in ICU patients. ANZICS January, 1996
90. Postoperative respiratory arrhythmias World Anaesthetic Congress January, 1996
91. Waikato Head injury study Neuroanaesthesia Meeting November, 1995
92. Heart rate variability: One step forward, 2 steps back ARGONZ January, 1995
93. 1/f Noise in physiology . What does it mean? ARGONZ January, 1994
94. Expiratory decay curves in ICU patients. ANZICS January, 1994
95. Measurement of oxygen uptake using the Datex Ultima. ARGONZ January, 1994
96. Modelling Complex Systems ARGONZ January, 1993
97. Measuring respiratory arrythmias CANZ January, 1993
98. Nonlinear forecasting. A nonparametric method of prediction. CANZ August, 1992
99. A Phase-space description of recovery from acute asthma ANZICS September, 1991
100. Postoperative respiratory chaos? ARGONZ August, 1991
101. APACHE African style ANZICS August, 1989
102. Post-operative nausea and vomiting: its relationship to motion sickness.Wessex Anaesthetists Soc. February, 1985
103. The use of atracurium for laparoscopy East Anglian anaesthetists society March, 1983

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Hall B | Anesthetics and Cognitive Function What does the EEG Tell Us Beyond the BIS The 22nd International Congress of the Society of Anesthesiologists September, 2011
Hall A | Practical Use of the EEG in Anaesthesia | A Tutorial The 22nd International Congress of the Society of Anesthesiologists September, 2011

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