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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2012 Correlation of heart rate variability and EEG. UARF Investigator
2. 2010 A genome-wide association study on the genetics of anaesthetic awareness ANZCA Investigator
3. 2010 Intra-operative fentanyl & post-operative pain UoA Foundation Investigator
4. 2010 Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation control of epileptic seizures National Science Foundation Investigator
5. 2010 The effect of mimetic peptides in blocking gap junctions WMRF Investigator
6. 2010 Pharmacogenomics and Opioid Response: beyond the mu opioid receptor NHMRC Project Primary Investigator
7. 2010 Brain connections via Turing structures NA Primary Investigator
8. 2010 Does anaesthesia steal time? NA Primary Investigator
9. 2010 Contract with Hort Research Hort Research Investigator
10. 2009 Testing the effect of temperature and polyethylene glycol on neocortical slice viability WMRF Investigator
11. 2009 The genetics of the analgesic response to opioids in the PACU ANZCA Investigator
12. 2008 Dreaming and EEG changes during anaesthesia ANZCA Investigator
13. 2008 Effects of extended active warming, high-dose perioperative oxygen, and ilomedin on tissue oxygenation and wound healing. Faculty Research Development Funds Investigator
14. 2008 Are gap junctions important in neocortical seizures? WMRF Investigator
15. 2008 Intraoperative titratability of opioids – Can electroencephalographic (EEG) monitoring help us predict how much to give? ANZCA Investigator
16. 2008 Role of Supplemental High Dose Peri-Operative Oxygen and Surgical Wound Healing Nathaniel Chiang PhD support Investigator
17. 2007 Mean-field modelling of anaesthesia and seizures Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Investigator
18. 2006 FRST subcontract with Hort Research Respiratory Markers of Inflammation Investigator
19. 2004 2006 The Physics of Sleep Cycles. Marsden Fund Investigator
20. 2005 Riboflavin, Selenium, Metoclopramide as treatment in severe infection. WMRF Investigator
21. 2005 Pyramidal cell- inhibitory cell spike correlations during NREM-REM transitions. WMRF Investigator
22. 2004 Cytokine and alpha adrenergic expression in patients post cardiac surgery Heart Foundation. Investigator
23. 2004 Brain natriuretic peptide in the cardiac intensive care Heart Foundation. Investigator
24. 2002 2004 Hort Research NERF Investigator
25. 2003 The molecular footprint of sepsis WMRF Investigator
26. 2002 Academic Enhancement Grant ANZCA Investigator
27. 2002 Set up grant. DV Bryant Investigator
28. 2001 The profile of cytokine and chemokine mRNA expression in septic ICU patients WMRF Investigator
29. 2001 The neurophysiological mechanisms by which general anaesthesia can cause seizures Neurological Foundation Investigator
30. 1999 Sleep in ICU patients WMRF Investigator
31. 1996 Cardiovascular stability after cardio-pulmonary bypass WMRF Investigator

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