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Membership in Professional Societies

Professional association Start year End year Title Comments
1. Society of Anaesthetists of New Zealand 2012 Member
2. HRC grant: Traumatic brain injury burden in New Zealand: a population-based incidence & outcomes study 2012 Steering Committee
3. Waikato Academic Division 2012 Research group
4. Fellow of Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthestists 2012 Part One examiner
5. Fellow of the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care 2012
6. University of Auckland, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences - Waikato Representative 2012 Board of Research
7. Royal College of Anaesthetists of England 2012 Fellow
8. BALANCED Study 2011 Drug Safety Monitoring Committees
9. Chair Clinical - Faculty Research Development Committee 2011
10. BioAssets BDCISP2ENBREL study 2010 Drug Safety Monitoring Committees
11. Chair Clinical 2 - Faculty Research Development Committee 2009
12. CMAX METACV101 2007 Drug Safety Monitoring Committees

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