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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. Keynote Address Victorian ANF Conference January, 2011
2. Keynote Address Queensland Nurses Union Conference January, 2011
3. Keynote Address Obstetric Malpractice Conference January, 2011
4. Keynote Address Australian Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Conference January, 2011
5. Facilitator Hypothetical International Council of Nurses Conference January, 2011
6. Keynote Address International Ophthalmic Nurses Conference January, 2011
7. Plenary Address Royal Hospital for Women January, 2011
8. Keynote Address Australasian Urology Conference January, 2011
9. Keynote Address National Workforce Conference January, 2010
10. Keynote Address CENA International Conference January, 2010
11. Plenary Address CONNO meeting January, 2010
12. Keynote Address Council of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses January, 2010
13. Keynote Address NSW TAFE Conference January, 2010
14. Keynote Address Hunter new England AHS Quality conference January, 2010
15. Interviewee “Parkinson interview” AAQHC Conference January, 2010
16. Facilitator, half day workshop on the evidence for accreditation AAQHC Conference January, 2010
17. Keynote Address Aged & Community Services Association of NSW & ACT Inc January, 2010
18. Keynote Address NSWNA Annual Conference January, 2010
19. Keynote Address Florence Nightingale School King’s College London England January, 2010
20. Keynote Address CAFHNA National Conference January, 2010
21. Plenary Address NSW ACAA Conference January, 2010
22. Keynote Address ACORN National Conference January, 2010
23. International Nurses Day Address Manly Hospital January, 2010
24. International Nurses Day Address Sydney University Nursing Students January, 2010
25. Plenary Address RPA Professional Day January, 2010
26. Convenor RPA Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, RPA Professional Day January, 2010
27. Keynote Address South Easter Sydney Illawarra AHS Professional Day January, 2010
28. Plenary Address NaMO Forum John Hunter Hospital Newcastle January, 2010
29. Keynote Address Operating Theatre Association of NSW January, 2010
30. Public Address Sydney University Series – Controversies in Public Health January, 2009
31. Keynote Address Concord 2020 Clinical Week January, 2009
32. Keynote Address Royal College of Nursing UK Primary Health Care Conference January, 2009
33. Keynote Address Queensland Association of Nurse Leaders January, 2009
34. Plenary Address Professional Boundaries Greek Medico-Legal Conference January, 2009
35. Keynote Address and Panel member Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners January, 2009
36. Roundtable Facilitator World Universities Network Nursing and Midwifery Policy Roundtable January, 2009
37. Plenary Address Joanna Briggs Institute National Conference January, 2009
38. Keynote Address International Community Nursing Conference January, 2009
39. ICN paper and workshop leader Complaints Handling ICN January, 2009
40. Plenary Address Operating Theatre of NSW Annual Conference January, 2009
41. Convenor of Advanced Practice Roles Panel and Hypothetical Australian Practice Nurses Association Inaugural Conference, Melbourne January, 2009
42. Conference Chair and Plenary Address IQPC Redesigning the health workforce conference January, 2009
43. Chair and rejoinder Garling Oration Centre for Health Law and Governance January, 2009
44. Plenary Address Medico-Legal Conference January, 2009
45. Grand Rounds speaker Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital January, 2009
46. Keynote Address Divisions of General Practice National Conference January, 2009
47. Symposium Address University of Sydney from Cell to Society Conference January, 2008
48. Keynote Address Australian Neonatal Nurses Association January, 2008
49. Keynote Address NSW Midwives Association January, 2008
50. Invited paper to “Sisters of Sisyphus” workshop, University of Sydney January, 2008
51. Keynote Address Royal College of Nursing Australia January, 2008
52. Keynote Address St John of God Professional Day January, 2008
53. Keynote Address Community Health Nurses National Conferen January, 2008
54. Keynote Address Renal Society of Australasia January, 2008
55. Keynote Presentation Roundtable with Nicola Roxon MP Parliament House January, 2008
56. Keynote Address Change Champions Conference January, 2007
57. Keynote Address Australian CNC AGM January, 2007
58. Plenary Address RPAH Clinical Celebration January, 2007
59. Keynote Address Kaleidoscope Conference January, 2007
60. Keynote Address Queensland Nurses Union Annual Conference January, 2007
61. Lecture tour, Modelling Care Tasmanian Department of Health January, 2007
62. Concurrent session International Council of Nurses January, 2007
63. Plenary Speaker NSW College of Laws Health Law Forum January, 2007
64. After dinner speaker Sydney Children’s Hospital IND January, 2007
65. Plenary speaker NSW Nursing and Midwifery Office Peak Nursing Forum January, 2007
66. Keynote speaker North Coast AHS International Nurses Day January, 2007
67. Keynote Speaker NSWNA Nursing Futures Forum January, 2007
68. Keynote speaker Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses International Conference January, 2007
69. Keynote speaker St Barnabas’ Hospice January, 2007
70. Keynote Speaker Centre for Law & Social Studies January, 2007
71. Breakfast speaker Northern Sydney Central Coast Nurse Managers January, 2007
72. Summation speaker NSW Practice Development Forum January, 2007
73. Plenary speaker WHO WPR.SEAR Nursing and Midwifery Summit January, 2006
74. Invited speaker NSW Law Reform Commission seminar on Minor’s consent to treatment January, 2006
75. Keynote address Australian Military Medicine Association January, 2006
76. Plenary speaker Australian Rehabilitation Nurses Asssociation January, 2006
77. Workshop convenor SEARO/WPRO Nurse Regulators Conference January, 2006
78. Keynote address r Australian Psychogeriatric Nurses’ Association January, 2006
79. After dinner speaker Australian Nurse Teachers’ Association January, 2006
80. Keynote speaker International Stroke Conference January, 2006
81. Masterclass Speaker Council for the Professional Development of Nursing & Midwifery January, 2006
82. Keynote address Hornsby Hospital International Nurses Day January, 2006
83. Breakfast speaker Sydney West Nursing & Midwifery Forum January, 2006
84. Keynote address Ethics refresher January, 2006
85. Keynote address Follow-up workshop for WA Health workforce forum January, 2006
86. Keynote address WA Health Workforce Forum January, 2006
87. Joondalup Campus Motivation and empowerment workshop January, 2006
88. Models of Care workshop Chamber of Commerce & Industry January, 2006
89. After dinner speaker Mercy Hospital Annual Nurses Dinner January, 2005
90. Concurrent session International Nursing Research Conference January, 2005
91. Keynote address workshop facilitator Irish Nursing and Midwifery Council Professional Conference January, 2005
92. Keynote address Speaking the language of success NUMs Conference January, 2005
93. Keynote address Models of Care workshop – St George Practice Development Day January, 2005
94. Keynote address Celebrating partnerships Hunter Nurse Symposium January, 2005
95. Keynote address International Congress of Emergency Nurses January, 2005
96. The changing roles of leaders St Vincent’s/ Mater Health Leadership Program January, 2005
97. POW Management Seminar Managing systems: the big picture January, 2005
98. Concurrent session models of care and enrolled nurses January, 2005
99. Plenary address Dying with Dignity Seminar NSW Health January, 2005
100. Keynote Address Australian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Forum January, 2005
101. Summation Address South Easter Illawarra Health Service International Nurses Day Conference January, 2005
102. St Vincents & Mater Health International Nurses’ Day Address January, 2005
103. Keynote address Australian Nursing Awards January, 2005
104. The John Ludbrook lecture Faculty of Surgery Conference January, 2005
105. Postgraduate Clinical Nursing School Hypothetical 10th Anniversary Celebrations January, 2005
106. Children’s Hospital Westmead Panellist NSW Health Advanced Care Planning seminar January, 2005
107. Keynote address Australian Defence Force Conference January, 2004
108. Keynote address Celebrating nursing in the Asia Pacific Region Asia-Pacific Nurses Forum January, 2004
109. Breakfast address Professional Freedom AIHLE/ABA Conference January, 2004
110. Summation address Nurse Practitioner symposium January, 2004
111. Summation address 2nd Australasian Conference on Safety & Quality in Health Care January, 2004
112. Policy and legislation for nurse practitioners 4th World Congress on Medical Law January, 2004
113. Leadership in Uncertain Times UTS Library Markets Forum speaker January, 2004
114. Keynote address NSW Nurses Association AGM/ Council of Delegates January, 2004
115. Developing and sustaining clinical leaders Invited address Sigma Theta Tau Leadership Conference January, 2004
116. Three Lessons I have learnt Keynote address Premiers Spokewomen’s Forum January, 2004
117. A celebration of 100 years Keynote address Australian Child and Family Health Nurses Association January, 2004
118. Dinner address International Nurses Day Ball, Childrens Hospital January, 2004
119. Workshop and Keynote Address Values and Pragmatics in Nursing Practice “Policing Virtue” – Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine January, 2004
120. Nursing – What is Hot and What is Not Joan Durdin Annual Oration January, 2004
121. Dinner address Asia-Pacific Chief Nursing Officers Forum January, 2004
122. Professional Boundaries Keynote address Corrections Health January, 2004
123. Keynote address Operating Theatre Association of NSW January, 2004
124. Graduation Address University of Western Sydney * Westmead Hospital January, 2004
125. Clinical Information: Knowledge, Visibility and the Comfort Zone Keynote address 4th National Knowledge Forum January, 2003
126. Keynote Address Nurse Practitioners: we make the road by walking ARCHI Toolkit Seminar January, 2003
127. Keynote Address Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing Conference January, 2003
128. Keynote address Women’s and Sexual Health Nursing Conference January, 2003
129. Clinical Leadership in Nursing Keynote address Clinical Nurse Consultants Conference January, 2003
130. Keynote address Australian Nurse Unit Managers’ Society January, 2003
131. Graduation address NSW TAFE January, 2003
132. Keynote address Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia/ Australian Association of Rural Nurses January, 2003
133. Keynote address 2nd Far West Remote Nursing Conference January, 2003
134. Professional Issues for Rural Health Clinicians Keynote address Rural Critical Care Conference January, 2003
135. Keynote address Enrolled Nurses Professional Association January, 2003
136. Dinner speaker NSW Midwives Association January, 2003
137. Keynote address NSW Nurses Association AGM/ Council of Delegates January, 2003
138. Aged care – strategies for retention Keynote address ANHECA Conference January, 2003
139. Community Nursing-more than a bandage Keynote address SESAHS Community Nurses Forum January, 2003
140. Summation Address IAHS IND Conference January, 2003
141. Nursing Leadership, Past, Present and Future After Dinner Address IAHS January, 2003
142. The future of nursing Keynote Address WSAHS Big Breakfast January, 2003
143. The nursing shortage: strategies and solutions in critical care Keynote address Australian College of Critical Care Nurses January, 2003
144. A fortunate life Keynote address Premiers Spokeswomen’s Conference January, 2003
145. Hypothetical ACORN Conference January, 2003
146. Practice Boundaries ACHSE Breakfast Forum January, 2003
147. In pursuit of charity Keynote Address Nurses and Midwives Conference January, 2003
148. Such stuff as dreams are made on…Keynote Address St Vincent’s Private Hospital January, 2003
149. Nurse Practitioners –the way forward Teleconference Address to Premer/Tambar Springs January, 2003
150. Graduation Address Faculty of Nursing, January, 2003
151. Career Paths Senior Women in Government Executive Network January, 2003
152. Revolutions behind bars: achieving cultural change in a Correctional setting Keynote Address ARCHI Change seminar January, 2002
153. Developing a research culture in Corrections Health Nursing CHS Research Symposium January, 2002
154. The registration process Keynote Address Australian Institute of Radiographers annual conference January, 2002
155. Oh that God the gift would gie’ us… NZ College of Nurses Conference January, 2001
156. Ethical problems arising from the legal and professional status of the registered nurse Keynote Address Rozelle Winter Symposium January, 2001
157. Models of Care Implementation Working Group Keynote Address Central Coast AHS Surgical Conference January, 2001
158. From doctor’s handmaiden to autonomous profession: stories of nurses from Australia Faculty of Medicine January, 2001
159. Such stuff as dreams are made on Keynote Address College of Australian Critical Care Nurses January, 2001
160. Legal issues for neonatal nurses. Keynote Address Australian Neonatal Nurses Association Annual Conference January, 2001
161. Hypothetical, International Nurses Day Royal Prince Alfred Hospital January, 2001
162. Can doctors and nurses be trusted? World Congress of Critical Care Medicine January, 2001
163. The public face of a private profession Keynote Address NZ College of Nurses Conference January, 2001
164. What are the prerequisites for nursing to embrace proactively the Greenfield site of 2020? ARCHI workforce planning conference January, 2000
165. Travelling Together Summation Address South Pacific Nurses Forum January, 2000
166. Multidisciplinary Panel on Ethical and Legal Issues in Wound Care Concord Hospital January, 2000
167. Silence in Court: the devaluation of the stories of nurses in the narratives of health law Paper presented to 5th World Congress on Medical Law January, 2000
168. Professional Doctorates –Unwise Indulgence or Professional Coming of Age Paper presented to WHO Conference on Nursing & Midwifery January, 2000
169. How did values get into the law? seminar “Talking Values Values Talking, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine January, 2000
170. Evidence-based midwifery Mid West Midwifery Conference January, 2000
171. Legal dilemmas in paediatric nursing Keynote Address 5th International Paediatric Nursing Conference January, 2000
172. Hypothetical Food for Thought 5th International Paediatric Nursing Conference January, 2000
173. Managing professional boundaries Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Centre January, 1999
174. What happens when nurses and doctors disagree? Joint seminar to Australian Wound Management Conference with Dr Craig Lilienthal January, 1999
175. Relinquishing the defence of reciprocal reliance: Letting go of the coat tails and untying the apron strings Plenary Address 5th Nursing Practice Conference January, 1999
176. Something(s) beginning with ‘I’ Keynote Address Westmead Midwifery Conference January, 1999
177. Supporting the Dying: where do we stand? Driving Health Care Reform Conference January, 1999
178. Of pledges, oaths and codes: is forsworn forewarned? Core Group of the University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Centre for Values, Law and Ethics in Medicine January, 1999
179. Silence in Court Plenary Address NSWCN/RCNA 50th January, 1999
180. Nurse Practitioners: Where to from here? Symposium of NSWCN/RCNA 50th Birthday Conference January, 1999
181. The relationship between Law & Ethics: “out there” or “in here”? Ethics fatigue: the fracturing of medical ethics. Conference January, 1998
182. Nurse practitioners: competition or collaboration? Australian Medical Writers Association Conference January, 1998
183. Finding the evidence for evidence based practice Aging and Raging Conference January, 1998
184. Keynote Address Nursing your career to success Ausmed Conference “Your Brilliant Career” January, 1998
185. Nurse practitioners: where to from here? Professional evening for NSW College of Nursing January, 1998
186. Summation Address Professional and ethical issues facing nurses in the 21st Century NSWNA Professional Day January, 1998
187. Convenor of Hypothetical International Nurses Day January, 1998
188. Maximising the Use of the Nursing Workforce Yarran and Baxter Conference Holiday Inn January, 1998
189. Hypothetical Intensive Care Specialists Conference January, 1998
190. Keynote Address Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses Annual Conference January, 1998
191. Dying with Dignity Evening Seminar Australian Nursing Federation January, 1997
192. Balancing Your Budget and Your Code of Ethics Breakfast Seminar Australian Nursing Federation January, 1997
193. Not for resuscitation: a better way to die? Australian Rehabilitation Nurses Annual Conference January, 1997
194. The consent form: a plea for consistency Australian Law Teachers Association Annual Conference January, 1997
195. Victimised, Venerated or Vituperated: the Law’s View of Medicine 2nd Conference of the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine “Humane Values in Medical Education and Practice” January, 1997
196. Hypothetical After Dinner Address Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses North Coast Branch Seminar January, 1997
197. Legal perspectives on ethical dilemmas New Children’s Hospital, Twilight seminar January, 1997
198. Professionalism in nursing Police Association Biannual Conference January, 1996
199. Keynote Address Liability for Nurses Ausmed Conference January, 1996
200. Collaboration v Turf Battles Australian Institute of Health, Law and Ethics 1st Annual Conference January, 1996
201. Implications of the Northern Territory Legislation for Nurses St George Clinical Nurse Specialists Conference, Clinical Oncological Society of Australia January, 1996
202. Nurse Practitioner Stage Three Report NSW Nurses Association Clinical Oncological Society of Australia January, 1996
203. Consent - the threshold to surgery Darling Harbour Operating Theatre of NSW Annual Sydney Conference January, 1996
204. Medical emergencies in small country hospitals Heartbeat `96 National Conference Holiday January, 1996
205. Of death, dying and killing Central Taree Coast Palliative Care Nurses Group January, 1996
206. Legal aspects of wound management-what happens when doctors and nurses disagree Australian Wound Management Association National Conference January, 1996
207. Case law concerning Operating Room Nurses 1904 - 1994 Post-graduate research seminar January, 1996
208. Frontiers Down Under - Political and Professional Issues in Australian Nursing International Seminar University of Wolverhampton January, 1996
209. From Witches and Warriors to Workers and Wonderers NSWNA Annual Conference January, 1995
210. Dilemmas and Difficulties in Operating Room Nursing - Perils, Pitfalls and Possibilities Surgical Success Conference January, 1995
211. Research into documentation in legal cases concerning health care Lawyers Group NSW College of Nursing January, 1995
212. Legal Implications of Standards Documents ANZICS/CACCN Conference January, 1995
213. Keynote Address: Politics and Advocacy in Nursing Third year students conference University of Western Sydney January, 1995
214. Community Nursing in the Community of nursing: Behind the lace curtains After dinner speech: Narooma Community Nursing Conference January, 1995
215. Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion Nurses and Medications: a Pandora's Box, Quality Use of Medicines Conference January, 1994
216. Keynote Address: Converts, Conquests, Compromises, Choices and Courage: Survival at the Frontier Frontiers in Nursing Royal College of Nursing Australia National Forum January, 1994
217. Recent developments in the law relating to consent National. Ethics Conference January, 1993
218. Abstract preparation and public speaking Radiology Nurse's Group Concord January, 1993
219. The use of standards in the maintenance of safe practice - a double edged sword? NSW Nurse' Association Annual Conference January, 1993
220. The NSW College of Nursing's response to health care developments SHAPE North Head Quarantine Station January, 1993
221. Legal Issues in Nursing Research Nursing Research Interest Group NSW January, 1992
222. Graduation Address Renal Course (Northern AHS) Royal North Shore Hospital January, 1992
223. Should the nurse be the patient's advocate? National Ethics Conference St Vincent's Private Hospital January, 1992
224. Is there such a thing as defensive nursing? Australian Bioethics Association Annual Conference Women's College January, 1992
225. Legal Issues in Nursing Practice in the 90s St. Vincent’s Hospital Annual General Meeting Public Address January, 1992
226. Summation Address Collegiality - Institute of Nurse Administrators of NSW ACT Annual Conference Gazebo Hotel January, 1992
227. Nurse Practitioners. Endocrine Nurse Society of Australia Annual Conference January, 1992
228. Overview of Nurse Practitioner Stage One document to Northern. Sydney Area Health Service Macquarie Hospital January, 1992
229. When does good communication end and Advocacy begin? Joint debate with Craig Lillienthal, Australasian MDU January, 1992
230. Hypothetical - Successful Ageing Geriaction Annual Conference January, 1992
231. Graduation Address Faculty of Nursing Great Hall January, 1992
232. Informed Consent - Mis-statement or Misunderstanding RCNA 1st National Nursing Forum Adelaide Convention Centre January, 1992
233. Changing Times for Nurse Practitioners Australian Visiting Nurses Association Annual Conference January, 1992
234. Ethical Decision Making in Clinical Practice Geriaction Annual Conference Gazebo Hotel January, 1992
235. Nursing's Role in Ethical Decision Making and Nursing Aspects of Litigation Joint ANZICS / CACCN Conference Convention Centre January, 1991
236. Bridging the Gap -Reality & Responsibility in Clinical Practice University of Newcastle Faculty of Nursing & John Hunter Hospital Gala Dinner January, 1991
237. The Nurse as an Independent Practitioner Private Hospitals Association Annual Conference January, 1991
238. Appropriate nurse-patient relationships University of Sydney Institute of Psychiatry Refresher Week January, 1991
239. Graduation Address Operating Theatre Course Royal Prince Alfred Hospital January, 1991
240. Legal Issues Creating Stress in Nursing Practice ANF (Tasmanian Branch) Conference Convention Centre Hobart January, 1991
241. Writing a Research Question Clinical Lactation Consultants Collaroy Centre January, 1991
242. Liability in Nursing Practice Clinical Nurse Specialists of Australia Fairmont Resort January, 1990
243. Keynote Address Imaging Nursing: Reflecting and Projecting Institute of Nurse Administrators of NSW & ACT Conference Wynyard January, 1990
244. Honesty in Nursing Practice Australian Orthopaedic Nurses Annual Conference Australian Orthopaedic Nurses Annual Conference NSW College of Nursing January, 1990
245. Legal and Ethical Issues in Euthanasia Clinical Oncological Society of Australia January, 1989
246. The Legal and Ethical Implications of the Nurses Registration Board Code of Conduct Institute of Australian Nurse Administrators Conference January, 1989
247. Legal Aspects of Nursing Care Merseyside Regional Nursing Process Interest Group,Warrington Hospital; National Midwifery Refresher Course January, 1988
248. Developing the Credibility of Continuing Education International Nursing Education Conference January, 1988
249. Attitudes of Permanent Staff on Care of the Elderly Wards to Continuing Education presentation with Dr. G. Humphris Institute of Human Ageing January, 1987
250. Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation of Nursing Process Merseyside Research Interest Group, Warrington and West Midlands Regional Hospital & Senior Nurses' Nursing Process Group Arthur Thompson House January, 1984
251. The Role of the Anaesthetic Nurse NSW Operating Theatre Association Annual Conference January, 1977

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
The Politics of Professional Regulation: An Australian Case Study The Eighth Greek Legal and Medical Conference September, 2011

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