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Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 1994 1998 Pathogenic role of anti-endothelial cell antibodies (AECA) and vasculitis Academy of Sciences, Israel
2. 1996 1997 Experimental model for mixed connective tissue disease MCTD - an autoantibody spread phenomenon Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Health Israel
3. 1995 1997 Mutant of b2GPI and APS Binational JAPAN-ISRAEL
4. 1995 1997 Anti-endothelial autoantibodies Ministry of Science, Israel
5. 1994 Silicone and autoimmunity Tel-Aviv University
6. 1994 Induction of experimental Wegener's granulomatosis by idiotypic immunization Chief Scientist, Ministry of Health, Israel
7. 1993 Induction of experimental Wegener's granulomatosis Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Health
8. 1991 1993 The importance of pathogenic anti-DNA Id in experimental SLE Binational Science Foundation (BSF) Israel-USA
9. 1991 1993 Induction of primary biliary cirrhosis by anti-idiotypic antibodies to anti-mitochondrial antibodies. Ministry of Sciences
10. 1991 1992 Induction of anti-phospholipid syndrome Israeli Academy of Sciences
11. 1989 1990 Immunoregulation of SLE induced pathogenic anti-DNA idiotypes, The Chief Scientist of Ministry of Health
12. 1989 1990 The production of human anti-MMTV monoclonal antibodies by in vitro immunization of peripheral blood lymphocytes with anti-idiotypic antibodies Israel Cancer Society
13. 1989 The production of human hybridomas from patients with various autoimmune conditions Mifal Hapais
14. 1988 1989 Autoimmune finding in patients with schizophrenia Society of Psychobiological Research
15. 1987 1988 Immunodetection of breast cancer with monoclonal antibodies Israel Cancer Association
16. 1987 1988 Production of human MAb anti-MMTV and anti-HuMTV antibodies and utilization of anti-idiotype for vaccination against cancer Ministry of Health, Chief Scientist's Office
17. 1987 1988 . Survey of autoantibodies in healthy populations of the Negev Ministry of Health, Chief Scientist's Office
18. 1984 1985 The production of human monoclonal antibodies reactive with mammary carcinoma cells Ministry of Health, Chief Scientist's Office
19. 1984 The detection of 16/6 idiotype of anti-DNA antibodies in patients with SLE Gershon Meirbaum Grant
20. 1984 The detection of dominant idiotypes of anti-DNA antibodies in the sera of first degree healthy relatives of patients with SLE Bat-Sheva de Rothschild Fund for the Advancement of Science and Technology
21. 1982 Monoclonal antibodies reactive with human mammary carcinoma cells produced by human-human hybridomas Israel Cancer Research Fund
22. 1979 A computer evaluation of the inter-relationships among the different coronary risk factors in 10,000 healthy subjects The Ben-Gurion Grant of the General Federation of Labour in Israel
23. 1977 A computer study of 500 patients with monoclonal gammopathies Yahel Foundation, Discount Bank Lts
24. 1976 1977 The value of AFP assay in the serum (Quantitative) in the early diagnosis, differential diagnosis, evaluation of treatment success (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) and prognosis in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma of the liver (Hepatoma) American Physicians Fellowship for the Israel Medical Association
25. 1976 Aerobic Work Capacity of High School Students Ministry of Education
26. 1976 Physical Fitness in Israel Population Zahal

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