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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2012 Phase Ib trial for active lupus Medi 545 Medimmune PI
2. 2012 SLE Criteria Revision Project (AROSE) #NIH 1RO1-AR49125-01 subcontract SI
3. 2012 Pregnancy Outcome in Lupus and APS #NIH R01- AR049772-01 subcontract SI
4. 2012 Apheresis for Active Lupus PHASE I STUDY Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Site PI
5. 2012 #Belimumab for SLE PHASE II and III Studies and longterm followup Human Genome Sci PI
6. 2012 BAFF antagonist Phase Ia and Ib pharmacokinetic study in SLE Amgen PI
7. 2012 Rituximab for SLE Genentech-Biogen/IDEC PI
8. 2012 Orencia for non renal SLE Bristol Myers Squibb PI
9. 2012 Rituximab for nephritis in SLE Genentech-Biogen/IDEC PI
10. 2012 Phase I trial of IFN alpha antagonist for mild SLE Medimmune Lead Investigator
11. 2012 #Biologic Markers of Plasmapheresis Bio-Rad PI
12. 2012 Phase Ib trial for active lupus Medi 545 Medimmune Lead Investigator
13. 2012 Investigator-initiated study of Cellcept for lupus arthritis Aspreva PI
14. 2012 Phase I trial for INF alpha inhibitor Genentech PI
15. 2012 CTLA4Ig in Lupus Nephritis Immune Tolerance Network ITN034A1 PI
16. 2012 LCTC database of SLE #Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium PI
17. 2012 Ancillary Clinical Studies Addressing Outcomes Measures Research PI
18. 2012 Rontilizumab for SLE Genentech Phase II and open label extension ROSE study PI
19. 2012 Anti-BLyS/BAFF agent for SLE Anthera Phase II PEARL study PI
20. 2012 Epratuzumab for SLE (anti-CE22) UCB Phase III Embody Trial PI
21. 2012 Anti-BLyS/Baff for SLE Lilly Phase III study Illluminate study PI
22. 2012 Validation of the Lupus QOL: GSK # Patient Reported Outcomes in SLE PI
23. 2012 validation of SLE flare criteria/outcome measures EULAR grant Co PI
24. 2012 DHEA in prednisone-dependent SLE, and mild-moderate SLE Genelabs Inc. SI
25. 2012 DHEA in mild-moderate SLE Genelabs Inc SI
26. 2012 WinRhoD in SLE thrombocytopenia NABI Inc PI
27. 2012 LJP 394 in patients with SLE and history of nephritis Abbott/ La Jolla Pharmaceuticals SI
28. 2012 Safety of OCP in SLE NIH RO1 subcontract PI
29. 2012 Safety of HRT in SLE NIH RO1 subcontract PI
30. 2012 DHEA for men with SLE Genelabs Inc PI
31. 2012 LJP 394 in patients with SLE and dsDNA antibodies Abbott/La Jolla Pharmaceuticals PI
32. 2012 DMP777 Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor for lupus Dupont Inc PI
33. 2012 Complement split products in SLE NIH R01 subcontract: quality assurance monitor.
34. 2012 BG9588 Anti-CD40 Ligand for active lupus Biogen Inc PI
35. 2012 IDEC 131 for patients with active lupus IDEC Inc. PI
36. 2012 CellCept vs. Cyclophosphamide for Lupus Nephritis FDA orphan drug trial PI
37. 2012 LJP 394 second trial for patients with SLE, nephritis history La Jolla Pharmaceuticals PI
38. 2012 #Systemic Lupus International Collab Clinics Atherosclerosis Study SLICC consortium: PI
39. 2012 #Registry for Patients with the Antiphospholipid Syndrome supported by small pharma/biotech contracts PI
40. 2012 LJP 1082 for the Antiphospholipid Syndrome PHASE I STUDY La Jolla Pharmaceuticals PI
41. 2012 Anti-Blys for Lupus PHASE I STUDY Human Genome Sci. PI
42. 2010 2012 B Cell Biology in Patients with SLE Morphotech
43. 2009 2012 Pfizer Medication Effects on Biomarkers Biomarkers of Lupus Disease PI
44. 2002 2012 Pheresis studies in patients with auto-antibodies Bio-Rad PI
45. 2006 2011 Basic Research Linked to study of Rituximab in RA Genentech SI
46. 2005 2008 Genetics of Platelet Dysfunction in APS OCAST Health Research PI
47. 2002 2007 Linked to Apheresis Trial below Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Basic Research PI
48. 2002 2007 Polymorphisms of APS Antigens (basic genetics research ) NIH NIAMS RO1 PI
49. 2001 2006 Effects of Oral Contraceptives on protein S in lupus patients (basic research subcontract linked to a clinical trial) NIH NIAMS RO1 subcontract PI
50. 2001 2003 Functional significance of APS antigen polymorphisms SLE Foundation Inc PI
51. 2000 2003 Pathologic Epitopes of ApoA1 Antibodies The SLE Foundation Inc PI
52. 1998 2003 Sporadic Mechanism of APLS NIH NIAID RO1 AI42110-01A1 PI
53. 2001 2002 Thrombotic risk of polymorphisms in APLS OCAST Health Research PI
54. 2000 2001 Pathologic coagulation effects of anti-CD40 Ligand IDEC, Inc
55. 1997 2000 Protein S Function in APLS The SLE Foundation Inc PI
56. 1996 1997 Colchicine-Mechanism in RA NY Arthritis Foundation PI
57. 1994 1997 Integrin Responses to Mtb NIH K08 award PI
58. 1994 1996 Complement Activation in APLS The SLE Foundation Inc PI
59. 1993 1995 Integrin Function in RA NY Arthritis Foundation PI
60. 1992 1994 #U19 AI082714 Autoimmunity Centers of Excellence NIH PI
61. 1992 1994 Integrin Responses to Mtb Stony Wold Herbert Fund PI
62. 1991 1992 NIH P20 RR015577 COBRE grant NIH PI
63. 1991 1992 Integrin Activation NY Arthritis Foundation Fellowship

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