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Year Title Citation Authors Review type Summary Keywords File filename File mime type
1. 2013 Abnormal phospholipids distribution in theprefrontal cortex from a patient withschizophrenia revealed by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization imaging mass spectrometry. Anal Bioanal Chem. in press, *; equally contribution
2. 2013 Chapter 16: Life Science Research, -Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) for biological application Applied Mass Spectrometry Handbook, John Wiley & Sons (in press)
3. 2011 Visualization of Spatiotemporal Energy Dynamics of Hippocampal Neurons by Mass Spectrometry during a Kainate-induced Seizure
 PLoS ONE. 6(3):e17952, 2011
4. 2010 Imaging Mass Spectrometry; Protocols for Mass Microscopy Chapter 2,4,5,6,10, Setou M eited., Springer-Japan
5. 2009 Imaging mass spectrometry for visualization of drug and endogenous metabolite distribution: toward in situ pharmacometabolomes J Neuroimmune Pharmacol., 1557-1890 (Print) 1557-1904, 2009
6. 2009 Chapter 9, Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization and nanoparticle-based imaging mass spectrometry for small metabolites: a practical protocol Methods in Molecular Biology, Rubakhin S., and Sweedler J.V. edited, Humana Press
7. 2009 Selective imaging of positively charged polar and nonpolar lipids by optimizing matrix solution composition Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 23(20), 3269-3278, 2009
8. 2009 Visualization of the cell-selective distribution of PUFA-containing phosphatidylcholines in mouse brain by imaging mass spectrometry Journal of Lipid Research, 50, 1776-1788, 2009
9. 2008 Nanoparticle-assisted laser desorption/ionization based mass imaging with cellular resolution Anal Chem., 80(12), 4761-4766, 2008. *; equally contribution
10. 2008 Mass imaging and identification of biomolecules with MALDI-QIT-TOF-based system Anal. Chem., 80(3), 875-885, 2008. *; equally contribution
11. 2008 Imaging mass spectrometry technology and the application on ganglioside study; visualization of age-dependent accumulation of C20-ganglioside molecular species in the mouse hippocampus PLoS ONE, 3(9), e3232, 2008
12. 2007 MALDI-based imaging mass spectrometry revealed abnormal distribution of phospholipids in colon cancer liver metastasis J. Chromatogr. B Analyt. Technol. Biomed. Life Sci., 855(1), 98-103, 2007. *; equally contribution
13. 2006 Two-step matrix application technique to improve ionization efficiency for matrix-assisted laser desorption/Ionization in imaging mass spectrometry Anal. Chem., 78, 8227-8235, 2006.
14. 2006 . Thin sectioning improves the peak intensity and signal-to-noise ratio in direct tissue mass spectrometry J. Mass Spectrom. Soc. Jpn., 54, 45-48, 2006

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