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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 2013 Probiotic and enzyme supplemented bean products on the basic research and clinical trials Pulse Science Cluster and Bonduell Co. Grants, QC PI
2. 2010 2012 High resolution molecular identifications and bioactivity tests of probiotics in fermented milk AAFC PI
3. 2008 2012 Biocaptor generic template for the detection of pathogens, allergens and other proteins of food safety concerns AAFC Co-PI
4. 2007 2011 Production of recombinant enzymes: lactase, amylase, amino-& x-prolylpeptidases, and linoleate isomerase AAFC PI
5. 2009 Molecular tools for Bifidobacterium species NSERC Discovery Grant PI
6. 2008 2009 Cholesterol lowering effects in chickens by bile salt hydrolase active Bifidobacterium breve Poultry Industry Council PI
7. 2007 2009 Scale-up production of recombinant lipase from Rhizomucor miehei InnuScience/AAFC, QC PI
8. 2006 2009 Lactose and fructose feeding to lactose intolerant, IBD patients, and their microflora and biochemical indicators Danon projecT Co-PI
9. 2005 2008 Overexpression of alpha-amylase of Pyrococcus furiosus Korea Min. Sci. Technol-Seoul Nat U PI
10. 2003 2006 Overproduction of transgalactosyl lactases and galactooligosaccharides NSERC Strategic PI
11. 2002 2006 Molecular cloning and overexpression of aminopeptidase (pepN), x-prolylpeptidase (pepX), and lactase of probitoic bacteria AAFC/McGill PI
12. 2002 2006 Immunomodulation activity by Lactobacillus cells and peptidoglycans in chickens and milk cows Rosell Insitute, QC PI
13. 2004 2005 Overexpression of cunner fish trypsin in E. coli and P. pastoris NSERC PI
14. 2002 2005 Genetic overproduction of esterase and cholesterol reducing bile salt hydrolase from Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus AAFC/McGill PI
15. 2002 2003 Development of linoleate isomerase and bile salt hydrolase active probiotics Dairy Farmers of Canada/NSERC PI
16. 2001 2003 Biochemical and molecular characterization of bile salt hydrolases NSERC Operating PI
17. 2001 2002 Development of animal probiotic cultures NutriBios-IRAP PI
18. 1999 2001 Bioactive peptides by probiotic fermentations Dairy Farmers Canada PI
19. 1999 2000 Genetic identification of kefir starters Agropur/AAFC PI
20. 1998 2000 Cloning of hydroperoxide lyase in E. coli and Pichia pastoris McGill/AAFC PI
21. 1997 2000 Genetic characterization of fermented foods in VietNam AMPAQ Grant PI
22. 1997 2000 Cloning and overexpression of Lactobacillus casei esterases and Aspergillus niger lipase NSERC Strategic PI
23. 1996 2000 Fermented vegetables and genetic identification probes Caldwell Fermentation Co, Quebec PI
24. 1995 2000 Molecular cloning of ATPases of Oenocoocus oeni starter Quebec-France and FCAR PI
25. 1995 2000 Crystallography on recombinant Lactobacillus casei aminopeptidase Western Europe program and INRA-AAFC PI
26. 1998 1999 Immune milk by lactobacillus peptidoglycan Rolmex Inc-Agriculture Canada PI
27. 1998 1999 Cloning of cunner fish trypsin NSERC-CORPAQ Grant PI
28. 1997 1998 Genetic identification of dairy starters Agropur-AAFC PI
29. 1996 1998 Symbiotic probiotic cultures NutriBios-NRC-IRAP PI
30. 1994 1998 Bioingredients from Kluyveromyces fragilis grown on whey NSERC Strategic PI
31. 1993 1998 Production and characterization of a Micrococcus catalase Spanish Rosell PI
32. 1996 1997 Cloning of antifreeze proteins in lactic acid bacteria Unilever-U. Toronto PI
33. 1996 1997 Scale up studies of the recombinant aminopeptidase Company, MII , AAFC PI
34. 1996 1997 Novel lactases and galactooligosaccharides from cheese whey Nutraceuticals Research Ltd-AAFC PI
35. 1995 1997 Inhibition of proteolysis in Brie and Camembert Bongrain North America Co-AAFC PI
36. 1994 1997 Cloning and structure of glucoamylase from Lactobacillus amylovorus British Commonwealth PI
37. 1993 1997 Enzyme modified cheese NSERC Operating PI
38. 1994 1996 Cloning of collagen binding proteins of Lactobacillus reuteri U. Lund PI
39. 1993 1996 Galactooligosaccharides from cheese whey by enzymes and fermentation Entente Quebec-Canada PI
40. 1994 1995 Cheese ripening by recombinant enzymes Agropur PI
41. 1993 1994 Cheese flavor analyses by GC-Mass spectrometry NRC-IRAP PI
42. 1992 1994 Production of Lactobacillus casei biomass and down stream process of enzymes for cheese ripening NRC-IRAP PI
43. 1991 1992 Crystallization and 3-D structure of Lactobacillus casei aminopeptidase NSERC PI
44. 1990 1992 Direct vat inoculation starters Rosell Institute, QC PI
45. 1989 1990 Cheddar cheese ripening by Lactobacillus extrracts Agriculture Canada PI
46. 1988 1989 Production and immobilization of lactases from thermophilic and psychrotrophic bacteria AAFC PI
47. 1985 1987 Development of lactic starters for the manufacturing of Cheddar cheese Agropur-IRAP PI
48. 1985 1986 Silage fermentation by symbiosis Rosell Institute-Agriculture Canada PI

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