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1. 2012 Newschaffer: Social Position and Chronic Conditions across the Lifespan and Risk of Stroke: A Life-Course Epidemiological Analysis of 22,847 Adult Americans Accepted for publication by International Journal of Stroke, June 5, 2012 (IMF: 3.125)
2. 2012 Use of Lipid Lowering Medications and the Likelihood of Achieving Optimal LDL-Cholesterol Goals in Coronary Artery Disease Patients Cholesterol, 2012(July) Article ID 861924, 1-7. (IMP: NA).
3. 2012 A Longitudinal Cohort Based Association Study between Uric Acid Level and Metabolic Syndrome in Han Chinese Urban Population BMC Public Health 2012, 12:419 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-12-419 (IMF: 2.36)
4. 2012 Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration and Mortality from Heart Failure and Cardiovascular Disease, and Premature Mortality from All-Cause in US Adults Epub ahead of print, June 1, 2012, in American Journal of Cardiology (IMF: 3.76)
5. 2012 Joint effects of obesity and vitamin D deficiency on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes: Results from the NHANES 2001-2006 Epub ahead of print, June 29, 2012, in Diabetes Care (IMF: 7.1. *Corresponding author)
6. 2012 Global Variability in Diabetes Mellitus and Its Association with Body Weight and Primary Healthcare Support in 49 Low- and Middle-Income Developing Countries Diabet. Med. 2012;29:995-1002. (IMF=3.036)
7. 2012 The Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Risk of Mortality from Cardiovascular Diseases and All-causes Among African Americans and White Americans Journal of Clinical Metabolism and Diabetes, 2012;3(1):1-8. (IMF: NA).
8. 2011 Global Variability in Angina Pectoris and Its Association With Body Mass Index and Poverty Am Journal of Cardiology, 2011 Mar 1;107(5):655-61, PMID: 21184998, (IMF=3.58)
9. 2011 Impact of social connections on risk of heart disease, cancer and all-cause mortality among elderly Americans: Findings from the second longitudinal study of aging (LSOA II). Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2011 Sep-Oct;53(2):168-7, PMID: 21067827 (IMF=1.36)
10. 2011 Changes in Cardiovascular Hospitalization and Comorbidity of Heart Failure in the United States: Findings from the National Hospital Discharge Surveys 1980-2006 International Journal of Cardiology, 2011 May 19;149(1):39-45. PMID 20060181, (IMF=3.47)
11. 2011 Linskey: Establishment of Prognostic Models for Astrocytic and Oligodendroglial Brain Tumors with Standardized Quantification of Marker Gene Expression and Clinical Variables Biomarker Insights. 2010; 5: 153–168. PMID: 21234290, (IMF: NA)
12. 2011 Infant mortality, cancer, and cardiovascular disease mortality: An ecological analysis for 47 prefectures of Japan International Journal of Cardiology, 2011, Jun 2;149(2):242-3. PMID: 21353320. (IF=3.48)
13. 2011 Social Connections, Diabetes Mellitus, and Risk of Mortality among White and African American Adults Aged 70 and Older: An Eight-Year Follow-up Study Annals of Epidemiology, 2011 Jan;21(1):26-33, PMID: 21130366, (IMF=2.95)
14. 2011 Achieving Optimal Lipid Goals in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease American Journal of Cardiology, 2011 Jan 17. [Epub ahead of print], PMID: 21247526, (IMF=3.58)
15. 2010 Cardiometabolic Syndrome and Its Association with Education, Smoking, Diet, Physical Activity, and Social Support: Findings from the Pennsylvania 2007 BRFSS Survey The Journal of Clinical Hypertension 2010;12(7):556-64. PMID: 20629821, (IMF=2.23)
16. 2010 Chapter 13: Cardiovascular Disease Patrick L Remington, Ross C. Brownson and Mark V. Wegner, eds. <<Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Control>>, 3rd edition, American Public Health Association, Washington DC, USA, 2010:383-428
17. 2010 Associations of Fibrinogen with Metabolic Syndrome in Rural Chinese Population J Atheroscler Thromb. 2010;17(5):486-92. PMID 20215704, (IMF=2.84)
18. 2009 Resting Heart Rate in Relation to Blood Pressure: Results from the World Health Organization - Cardiovascular Disease and Alimentary Comparison Study. International Journal of Cardiology, Mar 14, 2009 (Epub ahead of print), PMID 19446895, (IMF=3.47)
19. 2009 Taurine as the nutritional factor for the longevity of the Japanese revealed by a world-wide epidemiological survey Adv Exp Med Biol. 2009;643:13-25, PMID 19239132, (IMF=2.02)
20. 2009 Dietary Pattern, Metabolic Syndrome and Left Ventricular Mass and Systolic Function - The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 90:362-368, 2009. PMID19515735, (IMF=6.31)
21. 2009 Bundle branch block and other cardiovascular disease risk factors: US-Japan comparison. International J of Cardiology, (Epub ahead of print, Jan 19, 2009) 2010 Sep, 3;143(3):432-40, PMID 19157582, (IMF=3.47)
22. 2008 A New Epidemic of Heart Failure in the United States: Findings from the National Hospital Discharge Surveys, 1980-2006 Circulation 2008;118:S_1092 (in Abstract form, this work received national media attention and news reports)
23. 2007 Micronutrients, inflammatory and congestive heart failure in the elderly – Nutritional perspectives for primary prevention and clinical treatment Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 2007;34:S14-16, (IMF=1.94)
24. 2006 Male cardiovascular mortality and dietary markers in 25 population samples of 16 countries J Hypertension 2006;24:1499-1505. PMID 16877951, (IMF=4.99)
25. 2005 Gender Differences of Cardiovascular Disease as a Clue for Healthier Ageing: Asian Food. UNECO Symposium Proceedings Oct, 2005. (IMF, NA)
26. 2005 Modeling prognosis for patients with malignant astrocytic gliomas using quantified expression of multiple marker genes and clinical variables Neuro-Oncology, 2005;7(4): 485-484. PMID 16212813, (IMF=2.75)
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31. 2003 Relationships between social demographic factors and survival within one year of hospital discharge in a cohort of elderly male patients Journal Epidemiology 2003:13(4):203-210. PMID 12934963, (IMF=1.64)
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33. 2002 Inverse relationship between urinary markers of animal protein intake and blood pressure in Chinese: results from the WHO Cardiovascular Diseases and Alimentary Comparison (CARDIAC) Study. International J Epidemiology 2002;31:227-233. PMID 11914325, (IMF=5.26)
34. 2002 Diet-related factors, educational levels and blood pressure in a Chinese population sample: Findings from the Japan-China Co-operative Research Hypertension Research, 2002; 25:559-564. PMID 12358141, (IMF=2.49)
35. 2002 Epidemiological evidence of the association between dietary protein intake and blood pressure: a meta-analysis of published data. Hypertension Research, 2002;25:689-695. PMID 12452320, (IMF=2.49)
36. 2001 Distribution of twenty-four urinary taurine excretion and association with ischemic heart disease mortality in 24 populations of 16 countries: results from the WHO-CARDIAC Study Hypertension Res. 2001;24:453-457. PMID11510759, (IMF=2.49)
37. 2001 Ethnic and Environmental differences in various markers of dietary intake and blood pressure among Chinese Han and three other minority peoples of China: results from the WHO cardiovascular diseases and alimentary comparison (CARDIAC) study. Hypertension Res. 2001;24:315-322. PMID11409657, (IMF=2.49)
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39. 2001 Cardiovascular risk factors in Tanzania: a revisit Acta Tropica 2001;79:231-239. PMID 11412807, (IMF=2.20)
40. 2001 Leisure-time physical activity and other factors in relation to blood pressure in Japanese-American people in Hawaii, USA Hypertension Res. 2001;24:145-151. PMID11325073, (IMF=2.49)
41. 2001 Different Associations of Blood Pressure with Twenty-four Urinary Sodium Excretion among Pre-menopausal and Post-menopausal Women Journal of Hypertension. 2001;19;535-538. PMID11327626, (IMF=4.99)
42. 2001 Changes in stroke mortality by age and sex between 1950 and 1995 in Japan. Stroke 2001;32:1745-1749. PMID 11486100, (IMF=7.04)
43. 2000 Twenty-four hour urinary sodium and 3- methylhistidine excretion in relation to blood pressure in Chinese: results from the China-Japan Cooperative Research for the WHO-CARDIAC Study. Hypertension Research 2000;(3)151-157. PMID 10770262, (IMF=2.49)
44. 2000 Comparative studies of dietary related factors and blood pressure among Chinese and Japanese: Results from the China-Japan Cooperative Research of the WHO-CARDIAC Study Hypertension Res, 2000;23:413-420. PMID 11016794, (IMF=2.49)
45. 2000 The prevalence of diabetes, association with cardiovascular risk factors and implications of diagnostic criteria (ADA 1997 and WHO 1998) in a 1996 community-based population study in Hong Kong Chinese Diabetic Medicine, 2000;17:741-745. PMID11110508, (IMF=2.87)
46. 2000 Fibrinogen, other cardiovascular risk factors and diabetes mellitus in Hong Kong: a community with high prevalence of non-insulin dependent diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetic Medicine, 2000;17:798-806. PMID 11131105, (IMF=2.87)
47. 2000 Body mass index, urinary sodium excretion and blood pressure in seven Chinese populations: results from the WHO cardiovascular disease and alimentary comparison study. CVD Prevention. 2000;3:11-17. (IMF, NA)
48. 2000 Assessment of in vivo oxidative stress in hypertensive rates and hypertensive subjects in Tanzania, Africa Hypertension Res 2000; 23:285-289. PMID10821140, (IMF=2.49)
49. 2000 Passive smoking and other factors at different periods of life and breast cancer risk in Chinese women who have never smoked - a case-control study in Chongqing, People's Republic of China. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2000;1:131-137. PMID12718680, (IMF=1.11)
50. 2000 Fibrinogen, angina and coronary heart disease in a Chinese Population Atherosclerosis. 2000;149:443-449. PMID10729396, (IMF=4.52)
51. 1999 The relationship between fibrinogen and other coronary heart disease risk factors in a Chinese population. Atherosclerosis. 1999;143:405-413. PMID 10217371, (IMF=4.52)
52. 1999 Changes in body mass index and its relationships to other cardiovascular risk factors: results from Japan 1980 and 1990 National Cardiovascular Surveys Journal of Epidemiology, 1999;9:163-174. PMID 10412249 , (IMF=1.64)
53. 1998 Differences in dietary habits and relative body weight according to smoking status: results from the 1990 National Cardiovascular Survey in Japan. CVD Prevention, 1998;1(4):282-289. (IMF, NA)
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57. 1989 Chapter 3: Methods of Sampling Survey. Xiao ZY, ed. <<Applied Statistics of Family Planning >>, Maternity and Press of North, China 1989:49-86

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