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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. GTC 5th Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring Conference, January, 2013
2. ASGCT, Ann. Meeting May, 2012
3. Flu Symposium, Annual CME Workshop October, 2009
4. University of Wurzburg, Department of Hematology, Wurzburg, Germany June, 2009
5. Topics in Vaccine Development Citrus Valley Medical Center Grand Rounds October, 2008
6. CMV and Malignant Glioma Conference October, 2008
7. LABIOMED July, 2008
8. Novel Approaches to Vaccines Waldthausen Castle Symposium on Cytomegalovirus November, 2007
9. 12th Annual UCLA Human Gene Medicine Symposium May, 2007
10. Vaccines and Immune Monitoring 3rd Annual AlloStem Meeting March, 2007
11. Conference on Congenital CMV infection November, 2006
12. Nature Bench to Bedside Conference October, 2006
13. University of Minnesota School of Dentistry September, 2006
14. niversity of California (Davis), Center for Comparative Medicine June, 2006
15. Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Wellesley, MA May, 2006
16. Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Department of Adult Oncology May, 2006
17. Cancer Center Seminar Series, Comprehensive Cancer Center March, 2006
18. Development and Immunologic Characterization of Multi-Antigen Expressing Attenuated Poxviruses for Immunotherapy of CMV Infection in HSCT Recipients American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting December, 2005
19. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Emerging Pathogens, Division of Infectious Diseases May, 2005
20. Virginia Commonwealth University April, 2005
21. 10th Biennial Betaherpesviridae Workshop April, 2005
22. Mayo Clinic, Department of Medicine, TIB Program February, 2005
23. Cancer Center Grand Rounds at Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Southern California November, 2004
24. GMP manufacturing Strategy for p53-MVA Developmental Therapeutics Program of the National Cancer Institute on awarded RAID project October, 2004
25. Queensland Institute of Medical Research August, 2004
26. Attenuated Poxvirus Expressing Multiple CMV Antigens is a Highly Efficient Means to Elicit Human CD8 T Lymphocytes Suitable for Adoptive Immunotherapy or Donor Immunization American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting December, 2003
27. Biopharmaceutical Development Program Retreat 2003 NCI-Frederick August, 2003
28. Poxviruses as Tools in Herpesvirus, HIV, and Cancer Vaccine Development. LIAI, La Jolla, CA July, 2003
29. Recombinant MVA Expressing Soluble CMV-gB Induces Durable CMV-Neutralizing Antibodies 9th CMV workshop May, 2003
30. Advances in Vaccine Development Session ACS 224th Annual Meeting August, 2002
31. 5th ASGT Annual Meeting June, 2002
32. 8th CMV Workshop at Asilomar Conference Center May, 2001
33. Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center, sponsored by Dr. Edward Sausville, Developmental Therapeutics Program, NCI December, 2000
34. 42th Meeting of the American Society for Hematology December, 2000
35. University of Tubingen (Dr. Hermann Einsele) University of Mainz (Dr. Bobo Plachter) Max Planck, Berlin (Dr. Hans Lehrach). November, 2000
36. 3rd Annual Vaccine Conference at the CDC October, 2000
37. Induction of CTL Response by a Minimal Epitope Vaccine in HLA A*0201/DR1 Transgenic Mice: Dependence on HLA Class II Restricted TH Response American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting, December, 1999
38. Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center January, 1999
39. Development of an In Vitro Stimulation (IVS) Protocol to measure CMV Specific CTL Activity Using HLA-Restricted Specific CTL Epitopes American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting December, 1998
40. Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles November, 1998
41. Graduate Program in Immunology at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, September, 1998
42. L.A.C.+U.S.C. Medical Center, Division of Infectious Diseases March, 1998
43. American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting December, 1996
44. Darwin Molecular Corporation, sponsored by John A. Hansen, M.D July, 1996
45. Molecular Analysis of T-Cell Receptor Repertoire in Bone Marrow Transplant Recipients American Society for Hematology Annual Meeting December, 1995
46. axter Hyland Division, sponsored by Dr. William Landsberger June, 1995
47. Leukemia Society of America Annual Meeting April, 1987

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Therapeutic Delivery of Salmonella Typhimurium Expressing shRNA Strongly Attenuates Highly Malignant Tumors by a Combination of Innate and Adaptive Immune Mechanisms 5th Immunotherapeutics & Immunomonitoring February, 2013

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