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Honors and Awards

Start year End year Honor Organization
1. 2012 Chairman IPCAVD Special Emphasis Panel, Washington DC
2. 2012 Member of Editorial Board Cancer Gene Therapy, Nature Publishing Group, New York, NY.
3. 2012 Tim Nesvig Fellowship Award, New York NA
4. 2011 Member Scientific Review Committee, Concern Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
5. 2008 The Saban Research Institute at Children’s Hospital Intramural Awards The Saban Research Institute
6. 2006 Editorial Board Member Recent Patents on Anti-infective Drug Discovery, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd
7. 2004 Chair HIVRAD/NIAID Review Panel
8. 2004 Moderator, Simultaneous Session “Infections” 2004 Annual Meeting, ASH, San Diego, CA
9. 2003 Ad-hoc Reviewer Experimental Hematology
10. 1995 2003 Vice Chair City of Hope “Institutional Biosafety Committee”
11. 2001 Review Panel Member NIH-NIAID
12. 2001 Ad-hoc Reviewer Journal of Infectious Diseases
13. 2001 Ad-hoc Reviewer BLOOD
14. 2001 Review Panel Member NCI-RAID
15. 2001 Review Panel Member “The Immunobiology of Marrow Allografts for Leukemia”, Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Center, R.O’Reilly, M.D., P.I.
16. 2000 Member DOD Prostate Cancer Immunol. Sciences Study Section
17. 1998 Special Review Panel “NCI/Innovative Technology for the Molecular Analysis of Cancer”, Rockville, MD
18. 1997 Ad-hoc Reviewer Cancer Research
19. 1997 Ad-hoc Reviewer Journal of Immunology
20. 1997 NIH-PO1 Review Panel “Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccines: Experimental and Clinical Studies” U. of Michigan Medical Center
21. 1994 Ad-Hoc Reviewer Grants in Aid, American Heart Association, Los Angeles Chapter
22. 1985 1987 Fellow Leukemia Society of America
23. 1977 Summa Cum Laude Thesis in Biology Laboratory of P. Doty

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