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1. 2012 Intracerebral CpG Immunotherapy with Carbon Nanotubes Abrogates Growth of Subcutaneous Melanomas in Mice. Clin.Cancer Res., 18(20):5628-5638, 2012. PM:22904105
2. 2012 A Vaccine Based on the Rhesus Cytomegalovirus UL128 Complex Induces Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies in Rhesus Macaques J. Virol, 10/2012. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01669-12
3. 2012 Patterns of Acute Rhesus Cytomegalovirus (RhCMV) Infection Predict Long-Term RhCMV Infection. J. of Virology, 86: 6354-6357,2012. PM:22491451
4. 2012 Clinical Evaluation of Safety and Immunogenicity of PADRE-CMV and Tetanus-CMV fusion peptide vaccines with or without PF03512676 adjuvant Journal of Infectious Diseases, 205:1294-1304, 2012
5. 2012 A road less traveled paved by IDO silencing: Harnessing neutrophils for anti-tumor activity In Press, OncoImmunology, 12/2012
6. 2012 Systemic Delivery of Salmonella Typhimurium Transformed with IDO shRNA Enhances Intratumoral Vector Colonization and Suppresses Tumor Growth Cancer Research, 72:6447-6456, 2012. PM:23090116
7. 2012 The immune response to human cytomegalovirus Future Virology, 7(3): 279-293, 2012.
8. 2012 Survivin the Battle Against Immunosuppression: Author’s View OncoImmunology, 1(2): 240-241, 2012
9. 2011 CD154 expression correlates with neutralizing antibody titer against Influenza post- vaccination in stem cell transplant patients and healthy adults. BBMT, 17(4):524-533, 2011. PM:20457264
10. 2011 Vaccine-Induced Control of Viral Shedding following Rhesus Cytomegalovirus Challenge in Rhesus Macaques. J. Virology, 85(6):2878-2890, 2011. PM: 21191005
11. 2011 Recombinant Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) Expressing Wild Type Human p53 Induces Specific Anti-tumor CTL Expansion. Cancer Investigation, 29:501-510 2011. PM:21843052
12. 2011 Open reading frames carried on UL/b' are implicated in shedding and horizontal transmission of rhesus cytomegalovirus in rhesus monkeys J Virol. (10):5105-14, 2011
13. 2011 Primary response against CMV during antiviral prophylaxis with valganciclovir in solid organ transplant recipients Transplant International, 24(9):920-931, 2011. PM:21672050
14. 2011 Characterization of immunological properties of a second HLA-A2 epitope from a granule protease in CML patients and HLA-A2 transgenic mice. Blood, 118(8):2159-2169, 2011. PMID: 21719601
15. 2011 Enhancement of Cancer Vaccine Therapy by Systemic Delivery of a Tumor Targeting Salmonella-based STAT3 shRNA Suppresses the Growth of Established Melanoma Tumors Cancer Research, 71:4183-4191, 2011. PM: 21527558
16. 2011 Carbon nanotubes enhance CpG uptake and potentiate antiglioma immunity Clinical Cancer Research. 17 (4):771-782, 2011. PM: 21088258
17. 2011 Modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) expressing survivin combined with gemcitabine generates specific antitumor effects in a murine pancreatic carcinoma model. Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy, 60(1):99 -109, 2011. PM: 20960189
18. 2010 PD-1 and IL-10 in liver transplant recipients at high risk for late cytomegalovirus disease Transplant Infectious Disease. 12(4):363-70, 2010. PM:20070620
19. 2010 Heterologous prime/boost immunization with p53-based vaccines combined with toll-like receptor stimulation enhances tumor regression JIT, 33(6):609-617, 2010. PM:20551836
20. 2010 Intergenic region 3 of MVA is a stable site for insert gene expression and facilitates potent antigen-specific immune responses Virology, 403(2):155-162, 2010. PM:20471051
21. 2010 Predictors of reported influenza vaccination in HIV-infected women in the United States Preventive Medicine, 50(5-6):223-2299, 2010. PM:20303362
22. 2010 Modified H5 promoter improves stability of insert genes while maintaining immunogenicity during extended passage of genetically engineered MVA vaccines Vaccine, 28(6):1547-1557, 2010. PM:19969118
23. 2009 Impact of donor CMV status on viral infection and reconstitution of multifunction CMV-specific T cells in CMV-positive transplant recipients. Blood 113 (25):6465-6476, 2009. PM:19369230
24. 2009 Increased programmed death-1 molecule expression in CMV disease and acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation. BBMT, 15(7):872-880, 2009. PM:19539220
25. 2009 The effect of single and combined activating KIR genotypes on CMV infection and immunity after hematopoietic cell transplant BBMT, 15:315-325, 2009. PM:19203722
26. 2009 Mamu-A01/K(b) transgenic and MHC Class I knockout mice as a tool for HIV vaccine development Virology, 387(1):16-28, 2009. PM:19249807
27. 2008 PD-1 expression in liver transplant recipients as a prognostic indicator of CMV disease J Infect.Dis. 197 (1):25-33, 2008. PM:18171281
28. 2008 A novel approach to evaluate the immunogenicity of viral antigens of clinical importance in HLA transgenic murine models Immunology Letters, 120:108-116, 2008. PM:18706443
29. 2008 A fusion protein of HCMV IE1 exon4 and IE2 exon5 stimulates potent cellular immunity in an MVA vaccine vector Virology, 377(2): 379-390, 2008. PM:18538366
30. 2008 Evaluation of recombinant modified vaccinia Ankara virus-based rhesus CMV in rhesus macaques MMI, 197(2):117-123, 2008. PM:18196272
31. 2007 Longitudinal assessment of CMV-specific immune responses in liver transplant recipients at high risk for late CMV disease J. of Infectious Diseases, 195:633-644, 2007. Editorial Commentary by Boeckh and Riddell in same issue (195:615-617).
32. 2007 Functional characterization of BK virus-specific cytotoxic CD4+ T-cells in seropositive healthy adults Viral immunology, 20(3):379-388, 2007. PM:17931108
33. 2007 Oblimersen and α-interferon in metastatic renal cancer: a phase II study of the California Cancer Consortium J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol., 133(10):705-711, 2007. PM: 17508219
34. 2007 An MVA vaccine overcomes tolerance to human p53 in mouse and humans Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy, 56(8): 1193-1205, 2007
35. 2006 Attenuated poxvirus expressing three immunodominant CMV antigens as a vaccine strategy for CMV infection J. of Clinical Virology, 35(3):324-331, 2006. PM:16388983
36. 2006 Vaccine Properties of a Novel Marker Gene-Free Recombinant Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) Expressing Immunodominant CMV Antigens pp65 and IE1. Vaccine, 25(6):1132-1141, 2006. PM:17049414
37. 2006 Functional Comparison of T-Cells Recognizing CMV pp65 and IE1 Polypeptides in HSCT and SOT Recipients. J. of Infectious Diseases 194: 1410-1421, 2006. PM:17054071
38. 2006 Cross-reactive CTL recognizing two HLA-A*02-restricted epitopes within the BK virus and JC virus VP1 polypeptides are frequent in immunocompetent individuals Virology 350 (1):128-136, 2006. PM:16600320
39. 2006 In Vitro Expansion of Polyclonal T cells Subsets for Adoptive Immunotherapy by Recombinant Modified Vaccinia Ankara Experimental Hematology, 34(4):497-507, 2006. PM:16569596
40. 2006 Human cytomegalovirus vaccine: Time to look for alternative options. Trends in Molecular Medicine, 12(1):26-33, 2006. PM:16337831
41. 2005 Maria M. and Diamond DJ. Characterization of Host Immunity to CMV-pp150 (UL32). Human Immunology, 66 (2):115-125, 2005.
42. 2005 CMV Immune reconstitution occurs in recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation irrespective of detectable CMV infection. BBMT, 11(11):890-902, 2005. PM:16275592
43. 2005 Cross reactivity of T-lymphocytes recognizing a human cellular epitope within BK and JC virus VP1 polypeptides J.of Virology, 79 (17):11170-11178, 2005.
44. 2005 Lack of association of CMV with human brain tumors. Modern Pathology, 18: 838-843, 2005
45. 2005 Reduced type 1 and type 2 cytokines in anti-viral memory T helper function among women co-infected with HIV and HCV J. Clinical Immunology, 25(2):134-41, 2005. PM:15821890
46. 2005 Novel Conjugates of Epitope Fusion Peptides with CpG-ODN Display Enhanced Immunogenicity and HIV Recognition. Vaccine, 23(26): 3453-68, 2005
47. 2005 Simultaneous Reconstitution of Multiple CMV-Specific CD8+ T–cell Populations with Divergent Functionality In Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients J. of Infectious Disease, 191 (6):977-84, 2005. PM:15717275
48. 2004 Attenuated Poxviruses Generate Clinically Relevant Frequencies of CMV-Specific T cells Blood, 104(3):847-856, 2004. PM:15090456
49. 2004 Human Cytomegalovirus Proteins pp65 and IE1 are Common Targets for CD8+ T cell Responses in Children with Congenital or Postnatal Human CMV infection. J. Immunol., 172(4): 2256-2264, 2004
50. 2004 Predominant type 1 CMV-Specific memory T-helper response in humans: evidence for gender differences in cytokine secretion. Hum.Immunol. 65 (5):476-485, 2004
51. 2004 Recombinant MVA expressing a soluble form of Glycoprotein B causes durable immunity and neutralizing antibodies against multiple strains of CMV J. of Virology, 78(8): 3965-3976, 2004. PM:15047812
52. 2004 Assessment of Cellular Immunity to Human Cytomegalovirus in Recipients of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants BBMT, 10(7):433-447, 2004. PM:15205665
53. 2004 Two Distinct Pathways of Immuno-modulation Improve Potency of p53 Immunization in Rejecting Established Tumors Cancer Research, 64 (15):5407-5414, 2004. PM:15289349
54. 2004 DNA and low titer, helper-free, recombinant AAV for CMV prime boost vaccination induces an immune response to CMV-pp65 and CMV-IE1 in transgenic HLA A*0201 mice Vaccine, 23 (6):819-826, 2004. PM:15542207
55. 2003 Immunization with TH-CTL Fusion Peptide and CpG DNA in Transgenic HLA A2 Mice Induces Recognition of HIV-infected T cells and Clears a Vaccinia Virus Challenge. J. Immunol. 171(8): 4028-39, 2003
56. 2003 Relevance of Peptide Avidity to the TCR for CMV-specific ex vivo CD8 T Cell Cytotoxicity. J. of Inf. Disease, 188(6): 908-918, 2003. PM:12964124
57. 2003 Relative dominance of HLA-B*07-Restricted CD8+ T-lymphocyte immune responses to human cytomegalovirus pp65 in persons sharing HLA-A*02 and HLA-B*07 alleles Human Immunology 64: 440-452, 2003
58. 2003 CTLA-4 blockade enhances the therapeutic effect of an attenuated poxvirus vaccine targeting p53 in a established murine tumor model J. Immunol. 170: 3401-3407, 2003
59. 2002 Intranasal administration of a synthetic lipopeptide without adjuvant induces systemic immune responses. Immunology 106:113-121, 2002.
60. 2002 Kinase-deficient CMVpp65 triggers a CMVpp65-specific T-cell immune response in HLA-A*0201 transgenic mice after DNA immunization Scan. Journal of Immunology 55: 592-598, 2002.
61. 2002 A Functional Recombinant Single-Chain T Cell Receptor Fragment Capable of Selectively Targeting Antigen-Presenting Cells. Cancer Immunol Immunother 51: 565-573, 2002.
62. 2002 Pre-clinical Development of an Adjuvant-Free Peptide Vaccine with Activity Against CMV pp65 in HLA Transgenic Mice. Blood 100(10):3681-3689, 2002.
63. 2002 Characterization of Cytotoxic Function of CMV-pp65-Specific CD8+ T-lymphocytes Identified by HLA Tetramers in Recipients and Donors of Stem Cell Transplants. Transplantation 74 (5):722-732, 2002.
64. 2001 Enhanced Immune Activity of CTL Epitope Analogues Derived from Positional Scanning Synthetic Combinatorial Libraries Blood 97(6):1776-1786, 2001
65. 2001 HIV patients undergoing HAART maintain activated CD8+ cell subsets as a strong adaptive immune response to CMV J. of Infectious Disease 184:256-267,2001
66. 2001 Infrequent Occurrence of Natural Mutations in the pp65 495-503 Epitope Sequence Presented by the HLA A*0201 Allele among Human Cytomegalovirus Isolates J. of Virology 75(5): 2472-2474, 2001
67. 2001 Site-directed mutation in a conserved kinase domain of human cytomegalovirus-pp65 with preservation of cytotoxic T lymphocyte targeting Vaccine 19 (13-14):1628-1635, 2001.
68. 2001 Population coverage by HLA class-I restricted cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes Immunogenetics 52 (3-4):165-173, 2001. PM:11220618
69. 2000 CTL response to human cytomegalovirus minimal epitope vaccination in HLA-A2.1/HLA-DR1 transgenic mice: Dependence of class I MHC-restricted immune response on TH epitope interaction with MHC CLASS II. Human Immunology, 61(8):764-779, 2000.
70. 2000 Status of CMV prevention and treatment in 2000. Hematology 2000, pp 339-356, 2000
71. 2000 Targeting of Human p53- overexpessing Tumor Cells by an HLA A*0201-restricted Murine T-Cell Receptor Expressed in Jurkat T cells Cancer Research, 60:693-701, 2000. PM:10676655
72. 1999 Immunotherapy of bladder cancer by targeting p53 Journal of Urology, 162(5):1806-11, 1999. PM:10524939
73. 1999 An orthotopic in vivo model of human pancreatic cancer Surgery, 126 (3): 562-567, 1999. PM:10486610
74. 1998 An HLA-restricted p53 specific immune response from HLA transgenic p53 knockout mice. Ann. Surg. Oncol. 5(1):93-99, 1998
75. 1998 Targeting p53 for adoptive T Cell immunotherapy McCartyTM, Liu X, Sun J, Peralta EA, Diamond DJ, and Ellenhorn JDI
76. 1997 Targeting p53 for adoptive T cell immunotherapy Owen H. Wangensteen Surgical Forum, 48,783-785, 1997
77. 1997 Development of an Candidate HLA A*0201 restricted peptide-based vaccine against human CMV infection. Blood (Rapid Communication), 90: 1751-1767, 1997.
78. 1997 The use of transgenic mice to generate p53 specific and HLA restricted cytolytic T cells (CTL). Journal of Surgical Research, 69: 337-343, 1997.
79. 1997 Lipid anchored and soluble forms of TCR molecules The Human Antigen T Cell Receptor: Selected Protocols and Applications. Georgetown, TX: R. G. Landes Company 1997, pp 546-631.
80. 1997 Methods for determining expression and oligoclonality of TCRs in GVHD lesions from allogeneic BMT recipients In:Oksenberg, J. R. (ed). The Human Antigen T Cell Receptor: Selected Protocols and Applications. Georgetown, TX: R. G. Landes Company 1997, pp 432- 459.
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83. 1995 Immunohistochemical analysis of T cell phenotypes in patients with graft versus host disease following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation Transplantation, 59: 1436-1444
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86. 1992 Activation and inhibition of human T cell receptor transfectants by defined soluble antigen arrays J. of Expt. Med. 176: 1421-1430 (1992).
87. 1991 The human Interferon-gene contains an inducible promoter that can be transactivated by Tax I and II European J. of Immunology, 21: 1879-1885
88. 1991 MHC independent T cell receptor-antigen interaction: Functional analysis using fluorescein derivatives J.Exp.Med., 174:229-241(1991)
89. 1989 Lineage-Specific Expression of a T-Cell Receptor Variable Gene Promoter Controlled By Upstream Sequences J. of Exp. Med., 169:1213-1231
90. 1988 The gene for T11 (CD2) maps to chromosome 1 in humans and to chromosome 3 in Mice J. of Immunol. 140:361-367
91. 1988 Exon-intron organization and sequence comparison of human and murine T11 (CD2) genes Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 85:1615-1619
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93. 1985 Effects of rat growth hormone releasing factor and somatostatin on the release and synthesis of rGH in dispersed pituitarycells. Endocrin, 117: 457-467 (1985)
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99. 1973 Studies at the scute locus of Drosophila melanogaster Seccan News Magazine, 4: 1-4 (1973)

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