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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2010 Michael J Fox Foindation for Parkinson’s Research Identification of alpha-synuclein Molecular Forms Correlating with Clinicopathology of Parkinson's Disease PI
2. 1993 1998 Stanley Research Foundation Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Antipsychotic Effects PI
3. 1993 1998 FIRST award from NINDS Basal Ganglia Gene Expression and Movement Disorders PI
4. 1991 1995 Scottish Rites Schizophrenia Research Program. Regulation of Neurotensin Gene Transcription in Brain: A Key to Understanding Antipsychotic Pathways in the CNS? CO-PI
5. 1990 1991 Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research & Training Neuroleptic-induced Regulation of Neurotensin mRNA in Rat Striatal Regions CO-PI

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