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Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Topic Authors / presenters Event name Event date
1. RNA Modifications Li S and Mason CE Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics 15 (1). In press 2014. January, 2014
2. Epigenomes, Epitranscriptomes, and Integrative Genomics. Fudan University and East China Normal University, Shanghai, China July, 2013
3. Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Applications. Fudan University and East China Normal University, Shanghai, China July, 2013
4. Dynamic Epigenomes and Epitranscriptomes in Cancer and Development. Hospital For Special Surgery (HSS). New York ,NY June, 2013
5. Whole genome assembly with long reads, from NASA's protobacteria to HapMap humans. PacBio User Group Meeting (UGM). Baltimore, MD June, 2013
6. Expanding the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology to Understand the Human Genome IBM - Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA June, 2013
7. Synthetic and Systems Biology: Reinventing the Code of Life. The Helix Center Roundtable, New York, NY May, 2013
8. Massive Expansion of Human and Primate Transcriptomes From Ludicrously Deep RNA-Seq. National Institutes of Health RNA Special Interest Group. Washington, D.C. May, 2013
9. Teasing out the VOLS from the VOUS. Biology of Genomes meeting – Ingenuity session. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, NY May, 2013
10. Molecular Complexity & Genomic Liberty. SAGE Bionetworks Commons Congress. San Francisco, CA April, 2013
11. Dreams of a more perfect union: RNA-seq characterizations from the FDA’s SEQC and the ABRF-NGS group. ENCODE RNA Working Group webinar April, 2013
12. Tumor Evolution In The Transcriptome, Epigenome, and Epitranscritpome Revealed by Illumina Sequencing. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Washington, D.C. April, 2013
13. Challenges in Integrative Genomics. Planning Summit for the National Data Resource of the Protected Data Cloud. Chicago, IL April, 2013
14. A tale of two cytosines: methyl and hydroxy-methyl as master switches across the genome." ICB Speaker series, New York, NY. March, 2013
15. The ABRF-NGS Study – A Five-Platform, Cross-Site, Cross-Protocol Examination of RNASequencing. Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Meeting. Palm Springs, CA. March, 2013
16. Novel epigenetic and epitranscriptomic marks in cancer, MiSeq ghosts, and the hope/confusion dichotomy of personalized medicine. Illumina, Inc. Headquarters, San Diego, CA. March, 2013
17. Leveraging Qualitimetrics for Accurate Measurements in RNA-Seq. Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Meeting. Palm Springs, CA March, 2013
18. Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Epitranscriptome Reveal Novel Mechanisms of RNA Regulation. Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Meeting. Marco Island, FL February, 2013
19. Enabling Large-scale Next-generation Sequence Assembly With Blacklight. Cougar MB, Pipes L, Mason CE, Blood PD EXtreme Science and Engineering Data (XSEDE) Conference 2013. January, 2013
20. olecular methods for profiling the RNA world. Genome Analysis: Current Procedures and Applications. Zumbo P and Mason CE. Horizon Press. ISBN:978-1-908230-29-4. In press 2013 January, 2013
21. The Cacophony of Genome Interpretation in Personalized Medicine Cornell January, 2013
22. Intra-Patient Mutational Dynamics Reveal New Mediators of Leukemia NA January, 2013
23. Integrative Functional Genomics Mason Lab NA January, 2013
24. Genome, epigenome, and epitranscritpome dynamics reveal new layers of regulation in cancer. 6th Biennial Workshop on Clinical Translation of Epigenetics to Cancer Therapy. Asheville, NC January, 2013
25. Genome, epigenome, and epitranscritpome dynamics. Lunch series for 1st year students in the Program for Physiology, Biophysics, and Systems Biology. Cornell January, 2013
26. Using Semantic Workflows to Disseminate Best Practices and Accelerate Discoveries in Multi-Omic Data Analysis. Gil Y, McWeeney S, Mason CE. AAAI 2013 January, 2013
27. New discoveries of DNA, RNA, and histones expanded the central dogma of molecular biology and create many-layered epigenomes and epitranscriptomes 9th Curso de Varão Bioinformatica. University of São Paulo, Brazil. January, 2013
28. How epigenomics defines the lineage specification and regulatory landscape of cells and cancers. 9th Curso de Varão Bioinformatica. University of São Paulo, Brazil. January, 2013
29. The Epitranscriptome Reveals Novel Mechanisms of RNA Regulation and Spatiotemporal Dynamics. NYU High Throughput Sequencing (HiTS) Seminar Series. New York University, New York, NY. January, 2013
30. Genome, epigenome, and epitranscritpome dynamics reveal new layers of regulation in neuroscience and cancer. Dana-Farber and Harvard Seminar Series for the Center for Computational and Cancer Biology (CCCB). December, 2012
31. Whole genome sequencing in NTD, UDP, and rare clinical cases. Webinar Series. December 11th, 2012. New York, NY. December, 2012
32. Sequencing Across the Tree of Life. American Museum of Natural History. New York, NY. December 11th, 2012. New York, NY December, 2012
33. The Epitranscriptome Reveals Novel Mechanisms of RNA Regulation and Spatiotemporal Dynamics American Society for Human Genetics Meeting. . San Francisco, CA November, 2012
34. The Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) Consortium Standards. 15th MAQC Meeting, SAS Institute, Cary, NC. November, 2012
35. Considerations for Processing, Analyzing and Interpreting Exome & Genome Sequence Data in Clinical Settings. World Genome Data Analysis Summit. . San Francisco, CA November, 2012
36. Genome and Transcriptome Standards for Clinical Use. World Genome Data Analysis Summit. San Francisco, CA November, 2012
37. FFPE Sample processing for RNA-Seq HESI Genomics Working Group. November 29th, 2012. Washington, D.C. November, 2012
38. The NGS technology perspective Boston, MA. November, 2012
39. Primates RNA-Seq, (Low input genomes) Brain Epitranscriptomes, and MiSeq Ghosts. Illumina East Coast User Group Meeting,New York, NY October, 2012
40. Miptec 2012 Opening Address – Genomics. Basel, Swtizerland September, 2012
41. Whole Genome Sequencing Data Analysis for Rare Clinical and Consanguineous Familial Cases Ingenuity Webinar Series, San Francisco, CA June, 2012
42. Integrated Genomics Approaches to Cancer & Evolution. PKI Revolutionaries in Global Health Summit, Boston, MA June, 2012
43. Whole Genome Sequencing for Rare Clinical and Consanguineous Familial Cases. Biology of Genomes Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, NY May, 2012
44. The Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) Consortium Standards 13th MAQC Meeting,Bethesda, MD May, 2012
45. Clinical and Familial Whole-Genome Sequencing and a MiSeq Genomic Ghost Story. Illumina User Group Meeting, Ithaca, NY May, 2012
46. The Non-Human Primate Reference Transcriptome Resource (NHPRTR). Primate Genomics Meeting, Baylor, TX. April, 2012
47. Massive Expansion of RNA Species in Tissues and in Circulation Revealed from RNASequencing. New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY April, 2012
48. ABRF-NGS Study Design and Preliminary Data. The ABRF 2012 Meeting. Orlando, FL March, 2012
49. Novel Epigenetic and Epitranscriptomic Signatures Re-Define the Cancer and Normal Genome. Mount Sinai School of Medicine. New York, NY March, 2012
50. Hybrid Genome Assemblies and New Extremophile Discovery with PacBio. Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT). Marco Island, FL. February, 2012
51. RNA epigenetics reveals a critical layer of post-transcriptional modification. Cornell February, 2012
52. RNA and modified DNA standards for clinical genome sequencing. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) meeting on Genomes in a Bottle (GIAB). Washington, D.C. January, 2012
53. Feature by Feature Reproducibility. SEQC Webinar series. Federal Drug Administration’s SEQC program. January, 2012
54. Ph.D. 2.0, Programming, and Genomics for Scientist. Nature Magazine’s SpotOn Series. New York Academy of Sciences January, 2012
55. The Epitranscriptome: A novel regulatory layer of biology. ICB Speaker series, New York, NY January, 2012
56. Gene Patents – where we stand today. Yale Law School Information Society Project Lunch Series, New York University Law School, New York, NY. January, 2012
57. Deep RNA-Sequencing and Rapid Genome Annotation for Non-Human Primates from the Non-Human Primate Reference Transcriptome Resource. Mason CE. American Society for Human Genetics (ASHG), Montreal, Canada. October, 2011
58. New RNA-Seq methods and standards. 13th MAQC/SEQC Project meeting. SAS Institute, Cary, NC September, 2011
59. Functional Organization of Genomics Data for Clinical Research and Synthetic Biology Perkin Elmer Scientific Advisory Board July, 2011
60. Transcriptome Standards and Massive Transcriptome Expansion with the SEQC Consortium. Genome Infomatics Alliance (GIA) meeting, Verona, Italy. June, 2011
61. RNA-Seq: Applications and Statistics. NY/NJ Next-Generation Sequencing Regional Seminar Series. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center May, 2011
62. Using Deep Transcriptome Sequencing to Redefine the Human Genome Cornell February, 2011
63. Expansion and Refinement of the Human Genome Using Ultra-Deep Transcriptome Sequencing. Mason CE and the SEQC Consortium Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT), Marco Island, Florida February, 2011
64. Integrative Functional Genomics in Neurodevelopment and Cancer. Cornell February, 2011
65. The Secret Life of the "Epitranscriptome" and Advances in Single Molecule Technology Cornell February, 2011
66. Deep Transcriptome Sequencing to Define Human Diseases and Primate Lineages. Merck Inc. January, 2011
67. Using Deep Transcriptome Sequencing to Redefine the Human (and other Primate) Genomes. Systems Biology Speaker Series, STRIDE Center for Systems and Translational Research on Infectious Disease. Seattle, WA January, 2011
68. Using Deep Sequencing to Redefine the Human (and other Primate) Genomes. Cornell January, 2011
69. Completing the functional map of the human genome. 12th MAQC Project meeting. Bethesda, MD December, 2010
70. Ultra Deep Sequencing of the Human Transcriptome Expands the Human Genome and Defines the Molecular Basis of Cancers. Advances in Technology Seminar Series. Cornell University, New York, NY October, 2010
71. The Sequencing Quality Control (SeQC) Consortium: Redefining the human transcriptome & refining its measurements. Miptec Conference, Basel, Switzerland September, 2010
72. Lessons from SEQC: Redefining the human transcriptome & refining its measurements. Novartis Headquarters, Basel, Switzerland September, 2010
73. Patenting Genes: A Brief History and 2010 Update. DNA Day Public Outreach Forum at the Brooklyn Public Library, New York, NY. April, 2010
74. Sequencing Genetic Variants that Mediate Leukemia Progression Cornell April, 2010
75. Developmental changes in human neocortical transcriptome revealed by RNA-seq. Mason CE, Johnson MB, Bilguvar K, Marioni J, Kolb L, Shi L, Schroth G, Luo S, Khrebukova I, Gupta AR, Fielding-Singh V, Palejev D, Spencer DD, Louvi A, Mane S, Gunel M, Sestan N, Noonan JP, State MW. Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference (AGBT), Marco Island, FL February, 2010
76. Integrated Functional Annotation of the Human Genome and the Human Brain. Cornell December, 2009
77. Single-base Resolution of the Human Transcriptome." Institute for Systems Biology. Seattle,WA April, 2009
78. Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) Consortium positive and negative controls. Project meeting. Little Rock, AR March, 2009
79. 13th MAQC/SEQC Project meeting. SAS Institute, NA January, 2009
80. Genome, Transcriptome, and Proteome: The molecular genetics and biochemistry underlying the neurobiology of mental disorders. Mason CE, State MW, Moldin SO. Chapter 11, Book 1. Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins January, 2009
81. Guidelines and advances in synthetic biology and IP. Mason, CE. Synthetic Biology 4.0 Meeting. Hong Kong October, 2008
82. Complete sequencing of the human brain transcriptome. Poster at Days of Molecular Medicine, Cognitive Dysfunction in Disease: Mechanisms and Therapies Mason CE, Bulguvar K, Kolb L, Imamura Y, Johnson M, Marioni J, Carriero N, Gunel M, Sestan N, State MW. Stockholm April, 2008
83. Genome Evolution Between Drosophila Melanogaster and Drosophila Pseudoobscura. Mason CE. Yale University January, 2006
84. Systems biology and integrated computational frameworks for rapid characterization of multi-omic data.Systems Analysis of Human Multigene Disorders Mason CE, Porter S, and Smith T. NA January, 2006
85. A gene expression map for the euchromatic genome of Drosophila melanogaster. Mason CE, Gauhar Z, Stolc V, Halasz G, van Batenburg MF, Rifkin SA, Hua S, Herreman T, Tongprasit W, Barbano PE, Bussemaker HJ, White KP. Platform Presentation at the 45th Annual Drosophila research conference, Washington, D.C March, 2004

Site wide Speaking/Presenting-Abstract/Poster at Mtg

Presentation Event Month, Year
Multi-Platform and Cross-Methodological Reproducibility of Transcriptome Profiling by RNA-Seq in the ABRF Next-Generation Sequencing Study (ABRF-NGS) Clinical Genomics & Informatics Europe December, 2013
Workshop C: Improving & Standardizing Pipelines to Facilitate Implementation of Genomic Analysis in the Clinic NGS Translate May, 2013

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