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Grant Support

Start year End year Title Source Position
1. 2013 2014 Supression of inflammatory responses by cell extract derived from specific Arabidopsis thaliana antioxidant mutants: Modulation by human APOE in vitro and in vivo OVCR Ignite Award Principal Investigator
2. 2013 2014 Translating genetics into biomarkers and therapies: apoE/A and apoJ/A complex levels and lipidation state as AD biomarkers modulated by VPA AD Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) renewable pilot grant Principal Investigator
3. 2009 2014 Apolipoprotein E receptor biology and neurodegeneration NIH PO1AG030128 Program Director; Principal Investigator of Project 1:“Regulation of apoE metabolism by apoE receptors and A in Neurons
4. 2012 2013 Modulation of human apoE isoform levels as a therapeutic target using a new Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mouse model. AD Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) renewable pilot grant Principal Investigator
5. 2010 2012 Human Alzheimer’s disease pathology in a new transgenic mouse model UIC-CCTS Pilot Award (CCTS0510-04), Principal Investigator
6. 2010 2012 The effect of apoE on dendritic spine and synapse viability NIH PO1AG030128 Minority supplement for pre-doctoral fellowship
7. 2008 2011 The effect of apoE isoform on intraneuronal apoE/A42 interactions Alzheimer’s Association Zenith Award Principal Investigator
8. 2008 2010 Visualizing Changes in Synaptic Morphology of ApoE-TR/5xFAD Mice by AT Anonymous Foundation Principal Investigator
9. 2007 2010 The role of apoE:A interactions in intraneuronal A accumulation NIH 1F32AG030256-01 NRSA Post Doctoral Fellowship
10. 2006 2009 Effect of apoE isoform on hippocampal microstructure and function Alzheimer’s Association IIRG Co-Principal Investigator
11. 2005 2008 ApoE targeted replacement mice crossed with APP-5XFAD mice NIH 3 P01 AG021184-03S1 Principal Investigator of Project 3
12. 2003 2008 Regulation of neuroinflammation by apoE and apoE receptors NIH P01 AG021184 Principal Investigator of Project 3
13. 2004 2007 Monoclonal antibodies to specific A conformations NIH R21 AG023940 Principal Investigator
14. 2002 2007 Proteolysis of apoE and Alzheimer’s pathology NIH R01 AG20249 Principal Investigator
15. 2000 2005 Apolipoprotein E and amyloid- interactions: effects on neurotoxicity NIH R01 AG19121-06 Principal Investigator
16. 2001 2004 ApoE targeted replacement mice as an in vitro model for neural cell function NIH RO1 Principal Investigator
17. 2002 2003 Antibodies specific for toxic A oligomers Northwestern University Alzheimer’s Disease Center Co-principal Investigator with L. Binder
18. 2001 2003 Effect of apoE on structure and activity of oligomeric and fibrillar species of A42 Alzheimer’s Association IIRG Principal Investigator
19. 2001 2003 Effects of apoE on A-induced changes in synaptic plasticity Alzheimer’s Association IIRG Co-principal Investigator with B. Trommer
20. 2000 2002 Supramolecular A Structure and Glial-Neuronal Responses NIH/NIA P01 Principal Investigator
21. 1997 2002 Apolipoprotein E and neurite outgrowth NIH/NIA RO1 Co-Principal Investigator with G.S. Getz
22. 2000 2001 Effect of apolipoprotein E on -amyloid(1-42) soluble and fibrillar species Northwestern University Alzheimer’s Disease Center Principal Investigator
23. 2000 2001 Structure and function of Alzheimer’s amyloid-b aggregates NIH/NIA R01 Principal Investigator
24. 1997 2000 The intracellular role of apolipoprotein E on neurite outgrowth Alzheimer’s Association Co-Principal Investigator with G.S. Getz
25. 1997 1999 Physiologic relevance of apolipoprotein E association with -amyloid American Health Assistance Foundation Co-Principal Investigator with G.S. Getz
26. 1993 1997 Interactions between apoE isoforms and amyloid- peptides NIH Individual NRSA Mentor

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