Cancer Biology: Institute for Physiological Chemistry

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
June 9, 2009 Translating Genomic Knowledge Table 3: Genomic Predictive Marker in Drug Development Y Yao
April 28, 2008 Clinical Development of Therapeutic Antibodies How PK/PD Impacts Translational Research and Clinical Study Design for Oncology Protein Therapeutics Y Sun
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Intrafl agellar Transport Protein, IFT27, Is a Small Rab-like G Protein Involved in Ciliogenesis and in Control of the Cell Z Wang
The C-terminal Extension of hCenexin1 Is Critical for Proper Recruitment and Mitotic Functions of Mammalian Polo-like K S Lee
Altered Signaling but No Cell Fragility in Mice Lacking All Type II Keratin Genes. P Vijayaraj, C Kroeger, U Reuter, T Magin
The Function and Regulation of Dendritic Golgi Outposts Y Zhang
Positioning Endocytic Zones and AMPA Receptor Cycling in Dendritic Spines. J Lu
Structure Elements Necessary for Oligomerization, Traffi cking, and Cell Sorting Function of Paraxial Protocadherin L Liu
Mechanism of the Neurospora Circadian Negative Feedback Loop. G Huang
Probing Nucleosome Stability and Structure at the Single Molecule Level. M D Wang
A Requirement of Xenopus Nudel, a Dynein Regulator, for Assembly of Spindle Precursors Enriched for Lamin B Matrix Y Zheng, R Chen
How Does Thrombospondin Induce CNS Synaptogenesis? C Chakraborty
Remodeling of Interphase Chromatin Structure Caused by Ectopic Histone H3S10 Phosphorylation. W Cai, H Deng
Syndecan-1 Expressing Mammary Fibroblasts Produce an Extracellular Matrix with Tumor Promoting Properties. Y Yang
Binding of the HBV X Protein to hBubR1 Disturbs the Mitotic Checkpoint and Increases Chromosome Instability S Park
Systems Approaches to Understanding Peroxisome Biogenesis Y Wang, I Shmulevich
O-GlcNAc Transferase Modulates PI3K and MAPK Pathways to Resist Stress Q Wang
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