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October 12, 2014 15th European Congress of Neurosurgery - EANS 2014 15th European Congress of Neurosurgery - EANS 2014 Praveen Mummaneni
October 9, 2012 Medical Media Communications (MMC): Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) Minimally Invasive Open Approaches to Cardiac Valve Repair and Replacement: How and Why I Do It Nitish Badhwar
November 29, 2011 Monoclonal Antibodies Study Day Allergy Susan Chang
September 14, 2011 FDI Annual World Dental Congress New Horizons In Oral Health Care Looking to new paradigms of caries management and risk assessment | Caries symposium: caries free Communities John D.B Featherstone
Looking to new paradigms of caries management by risk assessment | Caries symposium: caries free Communities John D.B Featherstone
September 13, 2011 The 22nd International Congress of the Society of Anesthesiologists The Neurobiology of Pain and its Control Allan Basbaum
Hall B | From Discovery and Development to Market Penetration: A Case Study Dexmetetomadine Mervyn Maze
Hall B | Translational Pain Medicine 2 (LP9) Allan Basbaum
Hall B | Novel Approaches to Treating Neuropathic Pain based on Preclinical Studies Allan Basbaum
Hall C | Evolving Role of Anesthesiologist Mervyn Maze
Hall C | Yes Mervyn Maze
Hall B | Postoperative Delirium vs. Dysfunction: Whodunit? Mervyn Maze
March 9, 2011 28th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conferenceâ„¢ Addressing the Overdiagnosis Dilemma in DCIS: Prescription for Change Laura Esserman
Sessions 3 | "Meet the Professor" Sessions Laura Esserman
Accelerating Drug Development and Biomarker Discovery (ISPY) Laura Esserman
Session A | Surveillance Imaging of the Reconstructed Breast Laura Esserman
Roundtable Discussion With Audience Participation on Current Issues in Breast Cancer | Follow-up, Treatment Side Effects, Costs, End-of-Life Care, and "Burn-Out" Laura Esserman
When Should Clinical Trial Results Change Practice? Laura Esserman
March 2, 2011 6th Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit 2011 Panel Discussion: Various Models of Delivering Preoperative Care: Which Makes Sense? Alicia Gruber Kalamas
February 17, 2011 Austrauma 2011 SESSION 3A | Acute Post-Operative Burst Abdomen Andre Campbell
SESSION 2B | Abdomen Andre Campbell
SESSION 2B | Pancreatic Necrosis and Abscess Andre Campbell
January 12, 2011 Obesity (J2) JAK-STAT Signaling in Obesity | Regulation of energy balance and hepatic lipid metabolism by central Stat3 and PI3K signaling Allison Xu
December 8, 2010 33rd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Long term management of pain due to, and after, primary treatment of breast cancer Michael Rabow
July 29, 2010 Neurosurgery Update 2010 in the Wine Country Intracranial Arachnoid Cysts: Should Anything be Done? Nalin Gupta
Advanced Techniques for Resection of Cervical Spine Tumors Christopher Ames
Minimally Invasive Approaches to Spinal Deformity Surgery Praveen Mummaneni
Minimally Invasive Transpedicular Corpectomy Dean Chou
Syringomyelia Nicholas Barbaro
Welcome and Opening Statements Mitchel S. Berger
New Horizons in Neurotrauma Geoffrey Manley
Gunshot Injuries of the Head and Neck Shirley Stiver
Pediatric Head Injury Kurtis Auguste
Pituitary Surgery Sandeep Kunwar
Cushing’s Disease: Postoperative Assessment of Disease State Lewis S. Blevins
Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders Paul S. Larson
Brain Stimulation in Chronic Neuropathic Pain Philip A. Starr
Stem Cells in the Adult Brain: Clinical Applications Daniel A. Lim
Contemporary Management of Complex Skull Base Tumors Andrew T. Parsa
Aneurysms 101: Clipping Pcom, Acom, and MCA Aneurysms Michael T. Lawton
Extent of Resection for High Grade Gliomas and its Impact on Outcome Mitchel S. Berger
Neuro-oncology Update Susan Chang
Modern Day Results for Sphenoid Wing Meningiomas: Surgical Techniques Revisited Michael W. McDermott
May 7, 2010 Great Debates and Updates in Breast Cancer Debate: Should we recommend post mastectomy radiation to all patients with node positive breast cancer? Barbara L. Fowble
Debate: Should additional chemotherapy therapy be given for residual disease at the time of surgery following anthracycline and taxane based neoadjuvant chemotherapy? Pamela N. Munster
Didactic: Emerging therapies for targeting HER2-positive breast cancer: current and future directions Hope S. Rugo
Debate: Should trastuzumab be recommended for all women with stage I HER2+ breast cancer? Pamela N. Munster
Welcome and introduction Hope S. Rugo
Debate: Should bevacizumab be continued beyond disease progression? Hope S. Rugo
Introduction Hope S. Rugo
April 30, 2010 UCSF Radiation Oncology Update: Management of Recurrent Disease Surgical Salvage for Thoracic Recurrences Michael Mann
Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Thoracic and Soft Tissue Malignancies Alexander R. Gottschalk
GI/LUNG/SARCOMA TUMORS Alexander R. Gottschalk
Opening Remarks Mack Roach
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion Igor J. Barani
Biology of Radiation Induced Tumors Jean L. Nakamura
Surgical Management of Recurrent Spine Tumors Dean Chou
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion Penny K. Sneed
Molecular Predictors and Concurrent Biologic Therapies for Recurrent CNS Disease Daphne Haas-Kogan
Clinical Trials for Recurrent GBM Jennifer Clarke
Treatment of Recurrent Brain Metastases Penny K. Sneed
Imaging Techniques for Differential Diagnosis of Recurrent Brain Lesions Christopher P. Hess
Session Overview Igor J. Barani
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion CHRIS J. DEIDERICH
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion Catherine C. Park
The Role of the Cancer Associated Stroma in Predicting Local Recurrence Catherine C. Park
Chemotherapy for Isolated Recurrence: NSABP Trial Hope S. Rugo
Surgical Issues in Management of Local Recurrence: Sentinel Nodes, Reconstruction Eun-Sil (Shelley) Hwang
The Role of Radiation in the Treatment of Locally-regionally Recurrent Breast Cancer Barbara L. Fowble
BREAST TUMORS Catherine C. Park
Surgical Salvage for Ovarian Cancers Lee-may Chen
Management of Recurrent Cervical Cancer I-Chow Joe Hsu
Case Presentations and Panel Discussion Mack Roach
Systemic Management of Hormone Refractory Disease Charles Ryan
Salvage Radiation for Local Recurrence: HDR and Brachytherapy Mack Roach
Radiation after Post-operative Local Recurrence Alexander R. Gottschalk
PROSTATE TUMORS Alexander R. Gottschalk
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