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Date Event Presentation Speakers
May 18, 2015 Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Engineered Proteins for Signaling Jim Wells
April 12, 2015 Immunology of Diabetes Society 14th International Congress Immunology of Diabetes Society 14th International Congress Abul Abbas
September 29, 2013 Cytokines 2013 Concurrent Symposia Jason Cyster
Concurrent Symposia Averil Ma
January 31, 2013 11th Cytokines and Inflammation Coordinate Regulation of Lipid Metabolism and Inflammation by the Liver X Receptors Steven Bensinger
August 14, 2011 Gastrointestinal Tract XIV: Stem Cells, Adaptation, Inflammation and Cancer Adaptive Immunity and Tumor-Associated Macrophages Lisa M Coussens
February 26, 2011 Immunity in the Respiratory Tract: Challenges of the Lung Environment (X6) Navigating the Lung - The Ins and Outs of Adaptive Immune Responses | Short Talk: Lung Surveillance Revealed by Two-Photon Live Imaging Emily E. Thornton
February 26, 2011 Mucosal Biology: A Fine Balance between Tolerance and Immunity (X5) Immunity in Respiratory Tract (X6) | Short Talk: Lung Surveillance Revealed by Two-Photon Live Imaging Emily E. Thornton
January 7, 2011 TGF-beta in Immune Responses: From Bench to Bedside (A2) TGF-beta-Induced Smad and non-Smad Signaling Pathways | Ballroom 2-3 Rik Derynck
Regulation of T Cell Differentiation by the alpha-v beta-8 Integrin on Dendritic Cells | Ballroom 2-3 Dean , Sheppard
December 7, 2008 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MATRIX BIOLOGY 2008 Meeting SIG 1: Versican in Regulating Tumor Macrophages Michael Karin
Concurrent B: Hypertriglyceridemia caused by mutation of the basement membrane proteoglycan Type XVIII collagen Jeffrey D. Esko
Concurrent E: Control challenges in tissue growth and patterning Arthur Lander
Concurrent J: Integrin-mediated activation of TGFβ Dean Sheppard
Mutant COL4A1 triggers oxidative stress in a genetic model of AMD Yi-Chinn Weng,
Matrix Cross Linking, Mechanotransduction and Tumor Progression Valerie M Weaver
Concurrent M: Cell polarity regulated by a FAKp120RasGAP- p190RhoGAP complex Alok Tomar,
March 30, 2008 Inflammation, Microenvironment and Cancer Microenvironment R S Johnson
Animal Models Michael Karin, Lisa M Coussens
Therapeutics David A. Cheresh
March 25, 2008 THE STEM CELLS CONGRESS Challenges for Discoveries and Translation for Stem Cell Research Alan O Trounson
Mesenchyamal Stem Cells for Vascular Regeneration Song Li
Transplantation of CNS Progenitor Cells to the Mammalian Retina Henry Klassen
March 25, 2008 TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE Impact of Translational Methods on Drug Development Richard Sachse
March 25, 2008 CYTOKINE-BASED THERAPEUTICS Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors: Israel F Charo
February 12, 2008 AACR - The Role of Cancer Stem Cells in the Initiation and Propagation of Tumorigenesis Stem Cells and Prostate Cancer Owen Witte
Effects of Hyperactive Ras on Stem Cell Fates Kevin M Shannon
Mechanisms of Genetic and Epigenetic (tumor/stem) Cell Plasticity Thea D. Tlsty
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Catriona H. M. Jamieson
January 13, 2008 BIOMOLECULAR INTERACTIONS & METHODS Specific activation of procaspase-3 by small molecules Dennis Wolan
Folding and Binding in the NF-kB/IkB Interaction Elizabeth Komives
Discussion Michelle Arkin
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Membrane Dynamics Kit Pogliano
Remodeling Cellular Membranes during Bacillus subtilis Sporulation. K. Pogliano; University of California, San Diego, Kit Pogliano
Design Principles for Connecting the Genome to the World D. Drubin
Minisymposium 1A:Cell Biology Working Group: Challenges in Cell Biology—The Nature of Cytoplasm R. Dyche Mullins, Rob Phillips, Wallace F Marshall
Minisymposium 1B:Cell Biology Working Group: Challenges in Cell Biology—The Cell Biology of Alzheimer’s Disease R. Dyche Mullins, Lennart Mucke, Jonathan Weissman
Interphase and Mitotic CDKs Follow Kinetically Distinct Paths to Activation in Human Cells. K. A. Merrick, K M Shokat
Opening Plenary Elma Gonzalez
CLASPs Clutching Microtubule Networks (Room 209 B/C) Praveen Kumar
Building the Cell (Room 140B) Wallace F Marshall
Systems Biology of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Networks (Room 206) Anand R. Asthagiri
The NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: Creating Next Douglas Hanahan
The Function and Regulation of Dendritic Golgi Outposts B Ye, Y Zhang, L Y Jan, Y Jan
Structure Elements Necessary for Oligomerization, Traffi cking, and Cell Sorting Function of Paraxial Protocadherin X Chen
E. B. Wilson Medal Presentation and Address Zena Werb
Symposium V Ballrooms A/B/C Peter Bryant
Transformation: A Force to Resist. V M Weaver
Single Molecule Studies:Steve Kowalczykowski, University of California, Davis, Rob Phillips (Chair), California Institute of Technology, Rob Phillips
Visualization of DNA Motor Proteins and Nucleoprotein Filaments at the Single-Molecule Level. Stephen C Kowalczykowski
Cell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten YearsCell Biology in Ten Yearsv David Haussler
Decoding Genomes with Comparative Genomics. David Haussler
Workshop:Useful Databases for Cell Biologists David Haussler, Robert Kuhn
Characterization of a Novel Vertebrate Actin Nucleation Factor. J. Zuchero, R. Dyche Mullins
A Requirement of Xenopus Nudel, a Dynein Regulator, for Assembly of Spindle Precursors Enriched for Lamin B Matrix R Chen
Cell Biology of the Synapse: Graeme W Davis
Synapse Stability Versus Degeneration: The Presynaptic Spectrin/Ankyrin Skeleton and Downstream Neuroprotective Graeme W Davis, C M Massaro, J Pielage
The Third Dimension Drives N-CoR2-dependent Death Resistance. Valerie M Weaver, K K Tsai, J N Lakins, M E Werner
High-Tech Cell Biology Grant J Jensen
3-D Ultrastructure of Ostreococcus tauri: Electron Cryotomography of an Entire Eukaryotic Cell. L Gan, Gregory P Henderson, Grant J Jensen
Mitochondrial Morphology: Quantifying Topological Network Properties in 3 Dimensions. S Rafelski, Peter M Carlton, J W Sedat, Wallace F Marshall
Label-Free, Single-Molecule Detection of Cytokines in Serum Using Optical Microcavities. Andrea M Armani, S E Fraser, Kerry J. Vahala
Heterochromatin Formation in Fission Yeast. F. Li
Stem Cell Niches D Leanne Jones
Somatic Stem Cells Maintain the Niche in the Drosophila Testis. D Leanne Jones
Microtubule and Src Dynamics in Neuronal Growth Cones during Adhesion-mediated Guidance B Wu
Mallory Body Formation in the Livers of Drug-primed Mice Is Regulated by an Epigenetic Mechanism J. V. Oliva, F Amidi, Samuel W French, Barbara A French
High Rates of Aneuploidy Cause Cell Death and Tumor Suppression A. D Silk, Don W Cleveland
Binding of the HBV X Protein to hBubR1 Disturbs the Mitotic Checkpoint and Increases Chromosome Instability G Chan
In Vitro and In Silico Reconstitution of DNA Segregation: A 3 Component, Kinetically Self-contained Plasmid DNA Segregating Spindle Bruce Alberts, R. Dyche Mullins
Mammary Epithelial Morphogenesis Results from the Coordinate and Opposing Motility of Luminal and Myoepithelial cells J Ewald, B S Chan, M Duong, Zena Werb
Systems Approaches to Understanding Peroxisome Biogenesis Y Wang
A Conserved Network of Human MAPK Interactions M Gersten, S Bandyopadhyay, T Ideker
Transcriptome and Interaction Analyses of the Giardia lamblia Basal Body Proteome. T Lauwaet, D Reiner, B Davids, F D Gillin
An E-MAP of Kinase and Phosphatase Signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae D Fiedler, S R Collins, Y Nijati, K M Shokat, Nevan J. Krogan
Capping Protein Controls the Rate of Actin Filament Nucleation by the Arp2/3 Complex R. Dyche Mullins, Orkun Akin
Challenges and Opportunities for NIH Peer Review Keith Yamamoto
November 7, 2007 Srial II: Advances and Challenges Toward Major Diseases: Extension on New Hope Nov (07-13) Session 2: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part I) (13:30-17:30) Dr. Xiaohong Zhang
session 2: Deacetylation of cortactin by SIRT1 promotes ovarian and breast cancer cell migration (16:45-17:05) Dr. Xiaohong Zhang
Session 4: (Part One) Anti-Infectious Drug Discovery & Development (I) (Part Two) RNAi & Gene: Applications in Drug Discovery and Therapeutics (13:30-17:05) Dr. Victoria V. Lunyak
Session 4: Diving into the DNA Dumpster: SINE B2 Repeat Transcription is Responsible for the Organization of the Growth Hormone Gene Locus in Mouse Development (16:20-16:40) Dr. Victoria V. Lunyak
Session 5: Liver Disease Drug Discovery & Development and Innovative Therapeutics (09:00-12:10) Dr. Bangyan Stiles
Session 5: Discovery of New Therapeutic Targets Using Liver Pten Deletion Animal Model (10:40-11:00) Dr. Bangyan Stiles
Session 7: Anti-Cancer/Tumors Drug Discovery & Development and Current Status of the Innovative Therapeutics (Part II) (09:00-12:00) Jianyu Rao
Session 7: Cancer Chemoprevention and Biomarkers (10:40-11:00) Jianyu Rao
Session 14: Cardiovascular and Heart Disease Drug Discovery & Development to Innovative Therapeutics (13:30-17:30) Ernst R. Schwarz
Session 14: A Novel Aqueous Alprostadil Formulation with Excellent Superficial Skin Penetration but without Hypersensitivity or Skin Irritation for the Treatment of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (14:45-15:10) Ernst R. Schwarz
September 26, 2007 Cardiometabolic Health Congress 2007 Breakfast Symposium | Beyond Hypertension Control: The Role of ARBs in the Management of Cardiometabolic Risk Willa Hsueh
July 28, 2007 From Unfolded Proteins in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to Disease The GET complex forms a Conserved Pathway for Insertion of Tail Anchored Proteins into the Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Jonathan S Weissman
Role of ER Stress Singaling Pathway During Cytokinesis Maho Niwa, Julie Hollien
“Physiological regulation by the HRD pathway Randy Hampton
Temporal control of IRE1 signaling determines life/death cell fates after induction of the unfolded protein response Jonathan Lin
June 23, 2007 Signal Transduction in the Immune System Regulation, structure and function of ZAP-70 Arthur Weiss
Convergence of integrin and immunoreceptor signaling pathways Clifford Lowell
June 14, 2007 Autoimmunity Mammalian N-Glycan Branching Protects Against Innate Immune Self-Recognition and Inflammation in Autoimmune Disease Pathogenesis Erica L Stone
Kv1.3 channels in T cells as therapeutic targets for autoimmune diseases George Chandy
A novel role for Id2 in the regulation of CD8+ T cell immunity Ananda Goldrath
Tolerance and Autoimmunity: Balancing Aggressive Effector Cells and Protective Regulatory Cells Abul Abbas
3D Tissue Models
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