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August 8, 2016 Genomic Medicine Conference Dessert and Coffee Reception, Exhibits Open David Goldstein
January 24, 2016 10th PMWC 2016 Personalized Medicine World Conference TRACK 2 | Where Have All the Biomarkers Gone? Anna D Barker
September 17, 2014 Nature Genetics and the Wellcome Trust present: The Genomics of Common Diseases 2014 Nature Genetics and the Wellcome Trust present: The Genomics of Common Diseases 2014 David Goldstein
May 22, 2014 Drug Discovery Summit Drug Discovery Summit Reinhard Grisshammer
March 5, 2014 Targeted Anticancer Therapies Miscellaneous Drug Targets and Their Inhibitors/Modulators Christina Annunziata
Problems" in Early Drug Development, what can we learn? Len Neckers
March 5, 2014 4th ASM Conference on Enterococci Session 2 Metabolism and Ecology Clayton Huntley
October 31, 2013 (T1) Keystone Symposia: Advancing Vaccines in the Genomics Era Genetic Dissection of Immunity Meeting has ended...abstracts no longer viewable online. Purchase an Abstract Book from this meeting Mary Carrington, Daniel Kastner
Genomic and Structural Approaches to Antigen and Adjuvant Discovery, Design and Validation Meeting has ended...abstracts no longer viewable online. Purchase an Abstract Book from this meeting Peter D. Kwong
July 21, 2013 54th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics Monday, July 29 Genetics of Infectious Diseases Steven M. Holland
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Special Session Worta McCaskill-Stevens
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings BRAF Pathway Inhibitors in Melanoma: Where Do We Go from Here? Chairperson: Richard M. Marais, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Manchester, United Kingdom Deborah Morrison
The MICR Scientific Symposium: Why Are Aggressive Forms of Cancer More Common Among Certain Racial/Ethnic Groups? Co-Chairpersons: Christopher I. Li, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA, and A. William Blackstock, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC Curtis C. Harris
Lymphoid Malignancies Co-Chairpersons: Peter J. Campbell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom, and Louis M. Staudt, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD Louis M. Staudt
Novel Therapeutic Concepts with Kinases, Immuno-, and Radiotherapy Chairperson: Charles L. Sawyers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY W. Marston Linehan
Predictive Modeling of Cancer Treatment in Single Patients (N of 1) Moderator: Charles L. Sawyers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY James H. DOROSHOW
Rational Combination Therapies in Cancer Chairperson: Gordon B. Mills, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Louis M. Staudt
Immune Reconstitution Following Lymphodepleting Cancer Therapy: Does It Matter? Crystal L. Mackall, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD Crystal Mackall
November 12, 2012 International Conference on Clinical Microbiology & Microbial Genomics Track 5 : Diagnostics Zhi-Ming Zheng
August 24, 2012 21st Annual Short Course on Experimental Models of Human Cancer Systems Genetics of Metastasis Susceptibility Kent W. Hunter
May 7, 2012 Proteomics, Interactomes Single Cell Observation of Transcription and Implication for the Proteome Daniel R. Larson
March 25, 2012 ISA 2012 - XVI International Symposium on Atherosclerosis Concurrent Workshop 19 | Micro RNAs - A New Insight into Atherosclerosis | Bayside Auditorium A Kasey Vickers
January 15, 2012 Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites (J1) Drug Resistance II/Antifungal Strategies and Resistance Mechanisms (Joint) Thomas Wellems
December 13, 2011 New Horizons in Cancer Research: Biology to Prevention to Therapy Day in Review Curtis C. Harris
Inflammation and cancer: Interweaving microRNA, innate immune, and p53 networks Curtis C. Harris
Concurrent Session 4 | Cancer Genetics Curtis C. Harris
August 7, 2011 Mobile DNA in Mammalian Genomes Conserved repeats | a new outlook on early mammalian radiation Jerzy Jurka
July 30, 2011 MD Anderson Physicians Network Symposium Changing Paradigms in Cancer Treatment and Patient Management When Should We Use MRI in Breast Cancer Follow-Up? Wei Yang
Breast Cancer Screening and the Impact of Breast Density Wei Yang
April 12, 2011 New Insights into Normal versus Dysregulated B Cell Function (D6) Converging on the Achilles Heel of Lymphoma through Functional and Structural Genomics Louis M. Staudt
Seq-ing AID in B Cell Tumor Development R Casellas
Immunopathogenesis of B Cells in HIV Infection Susan Moir
March 27, 2011 Congress on Steroid Research Neonatal exposure to estrogens or environmental estrogens induces aberrant promoter methylation and expression of nucleosomal binding protein (Nsbp1) in later-life Mitchell Ho
March 27, 2011 Autophagy (D1) Workshop 1: Novel Techniques to Track Autophagy Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Roles of Parkin and Pink1 in Mitophagy Richard J Youle
Mechanisms of Macroautophagic Selectivity Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
March 20, 2011 HIV Evolution, Genomics, and Pathogenesis (X7) Genetics of HIV Entry into the Nucleus Vineet N. KewalRamani
Identification and Characterization of T Memory Stem Cells in Humans and NHP: Implication for Vaccine Design Mario Roederer
February 17, 2011 15th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies: Focus on Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Myeloma Comment Wyndham H. Wilson
Toward Optimal Initial Management of Mantle Cell Lymphoma Wyndham H. Wilson
Lymphoma Wyndham H. Wilson
November 18, 2010 IV Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics ISNN Emerging topics in nutrigenomics and cancer prevention John A. , Milner
September 12, 2010 Joint Metastasis Research Society-AACR Conference in Conjunction with the Tumor Microenvironment Working Group of the AACR Targeting TGF-beta to suppress metastasis Lalage M. Wakefield
A LPA1 inhibitor that functions as a metastasis suppressor Jean-Claude A. Marshall
Plenary Session 6: Translational Targets II Patricia Steeg
June 12, 2010 Genetics 2010: Model Organisms to Human Biology Keynote Address: Jeremy Berg
April 11, 2010 Molecular Targets for Control of Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Lab and Field Research (F2) * Systems Biology of the Immune Response | Big Horn B Peter D. Crompton
* Inducing Optimal Protective Responses with Vaccines | Big Horn B Joanna Kubler Kielb
February 11, 2010 Second Annual Conference The Sixth Vital Sign: What Every Oncologist Should Know About Molecular Oncology: Applications to Patient Care Tumor Genomics Carolyn C. Compton
November 6, 2009 Translating Scientific Advances Into Clinical Care for Cancer Genitourinary Cancer W. Marston Linehan
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Identification of Novel Modifier Genes of Sox10 Neurocristopathy by a Functional Genomic approach : Track 1-3 Ling Hou
Application of Advanced Technologies to Personalized Oncology: Track 1-7 Francis S Collins
Biological Comparison of Human Anti-AMA1 IgGs :Track 2-9 Kazutoyo Miura
Development of Lentiviral Vectors for Studying on Gene Function, Gene Discovery and Gene Therapy :Track 2-12 Zhennan , Lai
November 12, 2008 Concurrent Education and Social Issues Sessions I (1-4) SESSION 3 – Benefits and Risks: Assessing the Experience with Open Data Access Models for Genome-Wide Association Studies Introduction Francis S Collins
Questions and answers. Francis S Collins
November 6, 2008 The 2008 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer Introduction John A. , Milner
Dietary Supplements for Cancer Prevention: How Common and How Useful? Paul Coates
Split Session C: Diet, Supplements and UV Exposure: Defining Optimal Status of Vitamin D and How to Obtain It Mary Frances Picciano
Split Session D: Introduction Johanna T. Dwyer
Split Session D: Interventions to Lower Breast Cancer Risk: Domestic Perspectives Tanya Agurs-Collins
May 18, 2008 COMPUTATIONAL ASPECTS - BIOMOLECULAR NMR Chemical Shifts, Dipolar Couplings, and What to Do With It All Adriaan Bax
April 27, 2008 Difficult to Express Proteins Development of a High-Throughput ENaC Ionworks Horst Werner Korf
March 16, 2008 Advances in Cancer Research: From the Laboratory to the Clinic SESSION A: GRANT WRITING AND INTERNATIONAL FUNDING SOURCES Suresh Mohla
Grant Writing and Funding Opportunities at the NCI Suresh Mohla
A Rose between Two Thorns: Selecting the Right Journal Margaret A. Tucker
Title to be announced Michael Birrer
Molecular Profiling of Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities Paul Meltzer
The Promise of Genome-wide Association Studies Margaret A. Tucker
March 9, 2008 Biology OF Acute Respiratory Infection Animal models of SARS Kanta Subbarao
VACCINATION Kanta Subbarao
Staphylococcus resistance to immune defenses Michael Otto
March 4, 2008 Maintenance of Genome Stability Conference 2008 Session 6: The DDR as a barrier to cancer (Chair: Dan Gottschling) Andre Nussenzweig
February 3, 2008 Biomarker Discovery, Validation and Applications Imaging Biomarkers 2 Gary J. Kelloff
Translational Medicine and the Critical Path 1 Richard Levine
January 7, 2008 Eicosanoids and Other Mediators of Chronic Inflammation (A1) Signaling Networks that Intersect with Eicosanoids Grzegorz Woszczek
January 6, 2008 Structural Genomics and its Applications to Chemistry, Biology and Medicine Following Session is for Structural Biology (J1) Membrane Protein Structure Alasdair C. Steven
Following Session is for Structural Biology (J1) Virus Structure and Assembly Alasdair C. Steven
December 6, 2007 RAT GENOMICS & MODELS Tumor Biology Toshikazu Ushijima
Workshop on Databases Susan Old
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology Membrane Dynamics Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
The C-terminal Extension of hCenexin1 Is Critical for Proper Recruitment and Mitotic Functions of Mammalian Polo-like L. Yu, T. Veenstra
Adhesions and Myosins (Room 204 A/B) Robert S Adelstein
Cell Matrix Interactions (Room 140A) Kenneth. M. Yamada
Advances in Bone Cell Molecular Biology: Epigenetic Control Michael Bustin, Gordon L. Hager
Cellular Biology of Gap Junction Channels (Room 103A) Richard Francis
High Performance Image Analysis and Photomanipulative Techniques for Gordon L. Hager
Dynamics of Rafts, Stabilized Rafts, and Other Non-Raft Domains of Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
The NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: Creating Next Piotr Grodzinski
Seeing in The Dark: How Fluorescent Proteins Are Shaping Biology Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Lamin A-dependent Misregulation of Adult Stem Cells Associated with Accelerated Aging. T Misteli
The Arf1 GAP Centaurin Gamma-2/AGAP1 Modulates Neuronal Differentiation. P Randazzo
VEGF Controls Endothelial Cell Permeability by the Endocytosis of VE-cadherin J. Silvio Gutkind,
Understanding the Cell Migration Engine Using High-Resolution Quantitative Light Microscopy Clare M Waterman
A Molecular Mechanism for Aging-related Loss of Heterochromatin and DNA Damage. G Pegoraro, T Misteli
NSBP1: A Novel Protein Which Binds Specifi cally to Nucleosome in Euchromatin and Affects Cellular Differentiation. M Rochman, Michael Bustin
Global Interactions of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Require Extensive Chromatin Remodeling. M Sung, S. John, T A Johnson, P S Meltzer, J Stamatoyannopoulos, Gordon L. Hager
Supported by Merck Research Laboratories:RNA Silencing Mechanisms Natasha J Caplen
Applications of RNAi Screens in the Study of Cancer-associated Processes John N Weinstein, Natasha J Caplen, K Huppi
Intercellular Transfer as a Mechanism of Cell Communication within the Hematopoietic Progenitor Niche. Jennifer M Gillette, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Role of Mitochondrial Remodeling in Programmed Cell Death in Drosophila melanogaster Richard Youle, B Fell
G1 to S Phase Cell Cycle Progression Requires a Single Electrically-coupled Mitochondrial Network with a Continuous Kasturi Mitra, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Analysis of Myosin II-induced Maturation of Focal Adhesions. Clare M Waterman
Vesicular Traffi cking and Protein Synthesis Are Required for Streaming during Chemotaxis Carole A Parent, Guofeng Zhang, Paul W Kriebel, Valarie A Barr
Mechanisms of Membrane Traffi cking Juan S Bonifacino
The Complexity of Phosphorylated H2AX Foci and DNA Repair Protein Assembly at DNA Double-stranded Breaks William M Bonner
Structural Analysis of Dynamin Family Members Offers Insight into Membrane Fission Jason A Mears
The AP4 Complex Mediates Sorting of the Amyloid Precursor Protein at the trans-Golgi Network Juan S Bonifacino
Actin Dynamics Regulate a Biophysical Maturation Switch in Focal Adhesions. Clare M Waterman
Effects of O-GlcNAcase on Insulin Signaling in Adipocytes D. Love
November 15, 2007 Genostem 2007 Mesenchymal Stem Cells Plasticity and transdifferentiation Rocky S. Tuan
November 4, 2007 AACR Centennial Conference: Translational Cancer Medicine Plenary Session 3: Animal Systems and Imaging in Cancer Research Huynh HUNG
Plenary Session 4: New Trials and Genomic-based Design James H. DOROSHOW
Plenary Session 6: Clinical Intervention and Populations Outcomes: Global Strategies Douglas R LOWY
October 15, 2007 2nd Annual Innovations in Clinical Trials: Implementations of Biomarkers (Oct15-16) Colorectal Adenomas: A Prototype for the Use of Surrogate End Points in the Development of Cancer Prevention Drugs (10:00-10:30) Gary J. Kelloff
ADDRESSING THE VALIDATION BOTTLENECK (Featured Speaker) Proteomic Technologies for Cancer Research: A Strategic Plan for Translating Discoveries to the Clinic (11:15-11:45) Henry Rodriguez
September 17, 2007 Biomarker Discovery Summit: Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Discovery & Validation (Sep17-19) Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS: Decipher and Select the Genomic Biomarkers with the DAVID Bioinformatics Resources (17:30-18:00) Richard A. Lempicki
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS (16:00-18:00) Richard A. Lempicki, Brian Luke
Third annual Genomic Biomarkers: BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS: Comparing Fingerprint-based and Biomarker-based Classifiers (16:00-16:30) Brian Luke
Fifth Annual Protein Biomarkers; BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS: Comparing Fingerprint-based and Biomarker-based Classifiers (16:00-16:30) Brian Luke
Fifth Annual Protein Biomarkers; BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS (16:00-18:00) Richard A. Lempicki, Brian Luke
Fifth Annual Protein Biomarkers; BIOMARKER DATA ANALYSIS: Decipher and Select the Genomic Biomarkers with the DAVID Bioinformatics Resources (17:30-18:00) Richard A. Lempicki
July 28, 2007 From Unfolded Proteins in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to Disease Regulation and mis-regulation of protein translocation into the ER Ramanujan S Hegde
Role of ubiquitination in ER-associated protein degradation Yihong Ye
July 7, 2007 CHROMATIN AND TRANSCRIPTION Chromatin remodeling by Brg1 regulates gene expression and chromatin structure during T cell differentiation Mike Pazin
Activation of the yeast HIS3 gene results in a highly dynamic chromatin structure David Clark
Biochemistry of histone variant deposition in S. cerevisiae Carl Wu
Genome wide interaction of nuclear receptors with chromatin Gordon L. Hager
Mechanism of barrier insulation Gary Felsenfeld
Cell cycle control of centromeric repeat transcription Ee Sin Chen
June 9, 2007 Transport ATPases: Structure, Mechanisms, Genomics and Disease ABC Transporters-Evolution, Variation and Human Disease Michael Dean
Synonymous mutations affect function of the multidrug transporter Suresh Ambudkar
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