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January 24, 2016 10th PMWC 2016 Personalized Medicine World Conference TRACK 1 | Managing Health Using Personal Omics Profiling Mike Snyder
TRACK 1 | Opening words by co-host Euan A. Ashley
TRACK 2 | HiD Cell Barcoding & Imaging Garry P Nolan
TRACK 2 | Analysis of Circulating Tumor DNA for Personalized Cancer Detection and Monitoring Maximilian Diehn
TRACK 2 | Genomic Data, Migration Patterns & Disease Catherine A Ball
TRACK 1 | Opening words by session chair AMI S. BHATT
TRACK 2 | Implementing a Clinical Cancer Genomics Program James M. Ford
November 4, 2015 Festival of Genomics, California Editing Ethics Hank Greely
June 7, 2015 The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015) The 6th Congress of European Microbiologists (FEMS 2015) Pierre de Wit
Plant - fungal pathogens Pierre de Wit
October 20, 2014 2nd International Conference on Systems Biology Systems Genetics and Medicine Lars Steinmetz
June 24, 2014 Microbiology after the Genomics Revolution (Genomes 2014) Opening Session Lucy Shapiro
June 10, 2014 Clinical Genome Conference Translating a Trillion Points of Data into Therapies, Diagnostics and New Insights into Disease Atul J. Butte
November 21, 2013 Functional Genomics and Systems Biology 2013 Functional Genomics and Systems Biology 2013 Tuuli Lappalainen
November 14, 2013 2013 PQG Conference - Emerging Quantitative Issues in Disease Epigenetics Breaking Bad: Lysine Methyl Signaling in Chromatin and Disease Regulation Or Gozani
October 31, 2013 (T1) Keystone Symposia: Advancing Vaccines in the Genomics Era Genomics of T Cell Responses to Vaccination Meeting has ended...abstracts no longer viewable online. Purchase an Abstract Book from this meeting Scott D Boyd
Genomics of Antibody Responses to Vaccination Meeting has ended...abstracts no longer viewable online. Purchase an Abstract Book from this meeting Scott D Boyd, Mark M. Davis
October 7, 2013 Drug Discovery Week Europe (DDWE) Global Mapping of Allele-specific Expression to Map Epigenetic Causes of Complex Disease Tomas Babak
PharmGKB: From Pharmacogenomics Knowledge to Clinical Interpretation and Implementation - Part II Teri E. Klein
September 25, 2013 Nuclear Reprogramming and the Cancer Genome Ses sion 3 – Reprogramming: Induced P l uripotent Stem Cells Garry P Nolan
Session 4 – Reprogramming: Epigenetics Helen Blau
May 31, 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting 2013 Special Session George Segall, Andrei Iagaru
Education Sessions James M. Ford
April 6, 2013 AACR Annual Meetings Developmental Origins of Cancer Chairperson: Richard J. Gilbertson, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN Roel Nusse­
Imaging the Cancer Cell In Vivo Chairperson: Ralph Weissleder, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Sanjiv S. Gambhir
Emerging Single Cell Technologies in Cancer Research Chairperson: Garry P. Nolan, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA Garry P Nolan
Noncoding RNAs and Cancer Chairperson: Phillip A. Sharp, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, Cambridge, MA Howard Y. Chang
Prostate Cancer Screening: Now and In the Future Co-Chairpersons: William G. Nelson, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, and Mark A. Rubin, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY William G. Nelson
The Role of Stroma in Pancreatic Cancer Moderator: Kornelia Polyak, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA Philip A Beachy
The MICR Forum: Precision Medicine in Cancer: Will There Be Equitable Benefits? William G. Nelson
Noncoding RNAs in Cancer: From Pathogenesis to Therapeutics Chairperson: Elsa R. Flores, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Michael F. Clarke,
New Insights Into p53 From Genetics and Genomics Laura D. Attardi, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA L D Attardi,
New Approaches to Imaging Tumor Biology Sanjiv S. Gambhir
Techniques for Assessing Circulating Tumor Cells, Circulating DNA, and Exosomes: Pros and Cons Chairperson: Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, Stanford University, Stanford, CA Maximilian Diehn
Stem Cells, Enteroids, and Organoids: A New Era for In Vitro Models of the Intestine Calvin Kuo
February 20, 2012 Complex Traits: Genomics and Computational Approaches (B5) Integrative Genomics Methods for Elucidating the Complexity of Living Systems Atul J. Butte
Applications of Integrative Genomics Strategies to Match Patients to Treatments of Disease Euan A. Ashley
Technological Innovation Driving More Highly Accurate Models of Disease Garry P Nolan
Reconstructing Biological Networks Daphne Koller
August 7, 2011 Mobile DNA in Mammalian Genomes Cis-regulatory co-option in the mammalian genome Gill Bejerano
November 22, 2010 Cancer Pharmacogenetics: Personalising Medicine Pharmacogenetics databases Teri E. Klein
November 13, 2010 From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology Session II: Gene expression Howard Y. Chang
Session V: From genotype to phenotype Stuart Kim
Session IV: Protein interaction networks Mike Snyder
July 11, 2010 Translational Cancer Medicine 2010 (USA) Identification of subpopulations of circulating tumor cells by single cell molecular analyses Stefanie S. Jeffrey
June 12, 2010 Genetics 2010: Model Organisms to Human Biology Session 4: Cancer as a genetic disease Philip A Beachy
Session 7: Stem cell: the genetics of commitment Joanna Wysocka, Minx Fuller
Session 9: Analyzing genomes Stuart K Kim
May 17, 2010 Difficult to Express Proteins KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Breaking the Cell Wall Barrier for Difficult-to-Produce Natural and Supernatural Products James R. Swartz
May 10, 2010 The New Science of Ageing Genomics and Systems Physiology of Lifespan- Extension Stuart Kim
Ageing and stem cell dysfunction in tissue repair Thomas A. Rando
March 5, 2010 The Future of Genomic Medicine III Rapid Individual Sequencing Stephen QUAKE
Pharmacogenomics Network Russ B. Altman
November 6, 2009 Translating Scientific Advances Into Clinical Care for Cancer Myelodysplasia Beverly S. Mitchell
October 19, 2009 26th Annual Symposium Cardiology for the Practitioner Mind-Body Medicine vs. Atenolol | Day 2 Eva Weinlander
Panel Discussion: Thomas Burdon
The Role of Minimally Invasive Coronary Revascularization Procedures | Day 2 Thomas Burdon
Ventricular Assist Device and Cardiac Transplantation in Heart Failure | Day 3 Thomas Burdon
August 5, 2009 Targets in Context - Linking Targets to Diseases Agenda Computational Elucidation of Signaling Pathway Alterations in Disease States Karen Sachs
June 8, 2009 Genotyping Tools Genomic Profiles of DNA Copy Number Alteration in Human Cancer Jonathan R. Pollack
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Session Chair : Track 1-6 (I) Craig Levin
In Vivo Reporter Gene Imaging: Track 1-6 (I) Craig Levin
Title: TBD :Track 2-5 Rupshi Mitra
May 18, 2008 COMPUTATIONAL ASPECTS - BIOMOLECULAR NMR Dynamic Control of Ligand Binding Modes of the p53-Binding Cleft in MDM2 Scott Showalter
March 16, 2008 Advances in Cancer Research: From the Laboratory to the Clinic Regulation of Self Renewal in Normal Stem Cells and Cancer Michael F Clarke
February 24, 2008 GENES & BEHAVIOR Social regulation of the brain: From behavior to genes Russell D Fernald
February 19, 2008 Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics Epigenomics Alayne L Brown
February 10, 2008 Plant Innate Immunity Effectors (2) Mary Beth Mudgett
February 3, 2008 GRC - Molecular Evolution Polymorphisms with Radically Different Mutation Rates reveal changes in Migration Patterns Joanna Mountain
January 22, 2008 Ubiquitin and Cancer: From Molecular Targets and Mechanisms to the Clinic Acquisition of Long-term Hematopoietic Reconstitution Ability by Multipotent Progenitors in Mice Deficient of the Bmi1 Targets Tp53 and Ink4a/Arf loci Michael F Clarke
January 6, 2008 Structural Genomics and its Applications to Chemistry, Biology and Medicine Workshop 2: Advances in Methodologies/Tools for Structural Genomics and Structural Biology Ashley M. Deacon
Following Session is for Structural Biology (J1) Membrane Protein Structure William I. Weis
December 1, 2007 47TH American Socieity of Cell Biology STIM Proteins Function as Signaling Relays That Transmit Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Signals to the Plasma O Brandman, J Liou
An Atypical Receptor Kinase from Tomato Is Targeted by Xanthomonas campastris pathovar vesicotoria Effector XopN. X. Li, Mary Beth Mudgett
At the Limits: Optical Methods for Single Molecules, Cells, and Organisms Mark Schnitzer
Building the Cell (Room 140B) J. A. Theriot
Uncovering the Essential Cellular Substrates and Functions of Hsp90 with Genome-wide Screens Adam M Deutschbauer, R W Davis, J Frydman
UNC-6/netrin, UNC-5 and a Cyclin Target Presynaptic Components to Axons in C. elegans K Shen, V Y. N Poon
A New Functional Role for Keratin 18 Glycosylation in Protection from Injury in Epithelial Tissues N Ku, D Toivola, P Strnad, M Bishr Omary
Uncovering the Essential Cellular Substrates and Functions of Hsp90 with Genome-wide Screens. Adam M Deutschbauer, R W Davis, J Frydman
Keith R. Porter Lecture (Ballrooms A/B/C) Lucy Shapiro
Symposium V Ballrooms A/B/C Howard Y. Chang
Genomic Encoding of Positional Identity. Howard Y. Chang
How Does Thrombospondin Induce CNS Synaptogenesis? B A Barres, A. D. Huberman, R. Dolmetsch
Store-operated Ca2+ Entry Signaling at Endoplasmic Reticulum and Plasma Membrane Junctions. J Liou, Tobias Meyer
Genetic Analysis of Endothelial Wound Closure Reveals Distinct Signaling Modules Controlling Wound Dependent Tobias Meyer
Artifi cial Niches for High-throughput Dynamic Analyses of Single Adult Stem Cells. R Doyonnas, Helen Blau
Regulating the Polymerization of a Bacterial Actin Homolog, MreB, from Caulobacter crescentus J. A. Theriot, Lucy Shapiro
Keith R. Porter Lecture:Dynamic Cell Architecture: An Integral Component of Bacterial Cell Cycle Control Lucy Shapiro
November 4, 2007 AACR Centennial Conference: Translational Cancer Medicine Keynote Addresses Stephen QUAKE
Concurrent Session 2: Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Technologies: Towards Patient Genome Sequencing Stephen QUAKE
July 28, 2007 From Unfolded Proteins in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to Disease Identification and coordination of substrate-specific factors required for ERAD John C Christianson
The ER lectins OS-9 and XTP3-B interact with SEL1L and HRD1 to coordinate ER associated degradation Ron R Kopito
Temporal control of IRE1 signaling determines life/death cell fates after induction of the unfolded protein response Albert Koong
3D Tissue Models
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