Nutrition: University of Texas, MD Anderson

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
November 1, 2012 10th Annual World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (WCIRDC) Treating the Untreated Half of Diabetes Roger Unger
November 15, 2011 Cosa 38th Annual Scientific Meeting Management of Ta and T1 bladder cancer Michael Wallace
July 10, 2011 Nutritional Immunology: Role in Health and Disease Omega-3 fatty acid regulation of T-lymphocytes Christopher Jolly
Lipid rafts and immune function Robert S. Chapkin
Session 4 | PUFA, lipid rafts and immune function Robert S. Chapkin
May 2, 2011 LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2011: Lipidomics Impact on Cell Biology, Cancer, and Metabolic Diseases Characterization of new post-transcriptional regulators of fatty acid synthesis Jay Horton
April 1, 2011 Metabolic Responses to Extreme Conditions (D4) Immune Function and Calorie Restriction Christopher Jolly
February 19, 2010 Eighth International Symposium on Supportive Care in Oncology: Cancer Management in the Era of Targeted Agents Nutrition and Supplements Maria Petzel
Management of Toxicities Associated With Antivascular Agents Michael S Ewer
January 21, 2010 7th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update A. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: An Integrative Approach Victor Sierpina
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Application of New Proteomics Technologies to Drug Discovery : Track 1-3 Yingming Zhao
Title: TBD:Track 2-2 Dihua Yu
Feedstock and Enzyme Improvement for Bioenergy : Track 5-1 Joshua S. Yuan
November 20, 2008 SPECIAL CONCURRENT SESSION ON QUALITY OF LIFE IN PERSONS WITH BRAIN TUMORS: STATE OF THE SCIENCE Addressing Brain Tumor QOL Measurement Challenges: Practical Strategies Terri Armstrong
November 6, 2008 The 2008 Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cancer Prevention Robert S. Chapkin
March 30, 2008 Metabolic Pathways of Longevity The Role of Nutrient Sensing in Aging II: Caloric Restriction Arlan G Richardson
Oxidative Stress, Aging, & Insulin/IGF1 Signaling Arlan G Richardson
September 26, 2007 Cardiometabolic Health Congress 2007 Breakfast Symposia | Expert Roundtable: Emerging Concepts in Cardiometabolic Risk Management Steven M Haffner
Expert Roundtable: Evaluating Clinical Trial Evidence Steven M Haffner
July 28, 2007 Nutritional Immunology: Its Role in Health and Disease Inhibition of autoimmunity and bone loss by n-3 fatty acids Gabriel Fernandes
Mechanisms of omega-3 fatty acid regulation of T-lymphocytes Christopher Jolly
N-3 PUFA, T-Cell inflammation and colon cancer David N McMurray
June 9, 2007 Transport ATPases: Structure, Mechanisms, Genomics and Disease The mechanochemistry of ABC Transporters Philip J Thomas
V-ATPases in cancer and angiogenesis Raul Martinez Zaguilan
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