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Date Event Presentation Speakers
January 24, 2016 10th PMWC 2016 Personalized Medicine World Conference TRACK 2 | Unique Challenges to Discover and Develop Novel Therapeutics Albert B. Seymour
December 2, 2015 PERSONALISED MEDICINES & BIOMARKERS 2015 Precision Medicine: Are We There Yet? Claudio Carini
April 28, 2014 Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry Case Study: Xalkori Companion Diagnostic Hakan Sakul
March 19, 2014 3rd Neurological Biomarkers Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD): Regulatory Science Accelerates Drug Development and Biomarkers for Neurodegenerative Diseases Diane Stephenson
September 4, 2013 Partnerships in Clinical Trials Asia 2013 Taking Clinical Trials onto the Virtual Platform Miguel Orri
July 23, 2013 EpiCongress Boston Using Chemical Probes to Aid Epigenetic Target Validation - unpublished data Mark Bunnage
Chairman’s Opening Remarks Mark Bunnage
Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference Mark Bunnage
June 5, 2013 RNA Therapeutics SEQing the core functions of RNAi Sterghios Moschos
June 4, 2013 World Pharma Congress Luncheon Presentation I: Use of Micropatterned Cocultures (MPCC) to Detect Compounds That Cause Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Humans Yvonne Will
A More Holistic Approach to Drug Design Concepts in Minimizing Cell-Based Target Organ Toxicity Yvonne Will, Michael Aleo
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Yvonne Will
Plenary Keynote Panel Discussion: Advancing Pharma R&D through Communication & Collaborations: Bio-Connectivity at Work Karim Dabbagh
December 8, 2012 54th American Society of Haematology Annual Meeting and Exposition Career-Development Lunch Sessions David A. Roth
December 4, 2012 4th World Epigenetics Summit Epigenetic Protein Families: A New Frontier in Small Molecule Drug Discoverys Paul Fish
September 19, 2011 The Role of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials A core microRNA signature of lung inflammation in rat and man Sterghios Moschos
May 10, 2011 5th Annual Conference in Japan for Asian New Drug Development Insuring the Safety of the Patient | Effective Execution of Oncology Trials Patty Compton
January 12, 2011 Antibodies for the 21st Century Immunoconjugates for Oncology: Fewer Barriers to Delivering Cytotoxicity Now? Alejandro D. Ricart
October 25, 2010 4th European Cardiac Safety Conference Chairman Introduction Robert M. Wallis
Estimation of QT Prolongation using Concentration-effect Modelling Steve Riley
Concentration Effect Modelling of Non-Clinical Data as a Translational Tool Piet Van Der Graaf
How can we Redesign Non-Clinical Studies to meet the New Objective? Robert M. Wallis
Thorough QT Assessment for Non-Adjuvant Oncology Drugs - A sponsor's perspective Milton L. Pressler
A Clinical Perspective on Haemodynamic Indices: What is new? Milton L. Pressler
October 20, 2010 6th Annual Meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society Session III: Two Short (15 min) Abstract Talks Arthur M. Krieg
May 20, 2010 Bioanalytical Challenges for Optimizing Protein Therapeutics Free and Total Immunoassays for Monoclonal Antibodies to Soluble Targets and Target as Biomarker Lindsay King
Design of Experiments: Case Studies from a Bioanalytical Lab Franklin Spriggs
The Impact of Shed Target Antigen on the Quantitation of Therapeutic mAb and its Pharmacokinetics Implication Bing Kuang
May 20, 2010 Antibody Optimization Antibody-Drug Conjugates to Improve Therapeutic Index Wei Liao
Optimization of a Monoclonal Antibody for Improved Anti-Tumor Efficacy Gerald Casperson
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Gerald Casperson
May 4, 2010 Biomarker World Congress 2010 Pre-clinical Translational Biomarkers: Enabling Early Predictions Using PK/PD Mark Fidock
February 22, 2010 2010 PERSONALIZED MEDICINE PARTNERSHIPS CONFERENCE The Integration of Biomedical Technologies as a Requirement to Deliver Personalized Medicine David Lester
August 3, 2009 Oligonucleotide Therapeutics - From Concept to Implementation Agenda Strategies for Developing RNAi Therapeutics(tentative title) Satish Chandran
June 9, 2009 Third Annual Cardiotoxicity and Drug Safety Table Eight: New Insights Into Clinical Cardiac Safety Testing Sashi Nadanaciva
April 7, 2009 Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry - Charting the Chemical Space Topic 1: discussing pre-clinical challenges Stephan K. Grant
From HTS to Clinical Compound: Discovery of Potent and Exquisitely Selective C-Met Inhibitor PF-4217903 Jingrong Jean Cui
Discovery and Preclinical Development of Novel Protein Kinase C Inhibitors Stefan Grant
April 6, 2009 Inaugural THE IMPACT OF OUTSOURCING CHEMISTRY AT THE PROJECT LEVEL Panel Session: A Day in the Life of an Outsourcing Project Manager Sylvie K. Sakata
January 28, 2009 Clinical Trials for Special Populations Successfully navigating the ethics committee Adrian Liepins
January 26, 2009 Pre-Conference Short Course* Jean W Lee
January 26, 2009 Biomarker Assay Development Assessment of Free-and Total- Drug Concentration in the Development of Biotherapeutic Agents - Analytical and Biological Considerations Scott Fountain
Quantification of “Total” and/or “Free” Target Protein Biomarker: Approaches and Applications Jean W Lee
Low Abundance Protein Biomarker Quantitation Using Immunoaffinity Enrichment And Nanoflow LC-MS/MS Hendrik Neubert
Validating Cell-Based Biomarker Assays Iman Jilani
January 26, 2009 Translational Cancer Medicine Pre-Conference Short Course* : Fit-for-Purpose Biomarker Assay Development and Validation Jean W Lee
SUNITINIB : Guidance Toward Sunitinib Clinical Development Strategy through Translational Research Approaches James Christensen
January 26, 2009 7th Annual Partnering with Central Labs B2 : Personalized Medicine and Its Impact on Drug development and Commercialization David Lester
Technical Hot Topics David Lester
Track B : Utility of Imaging in Clinical Trials- Strategies for Success Craig Lipset
Track B : Metrics Champion Consortium Imaging Performance Metrics Announcement Craig Lipset
January 5, 2009 High Content Analysis Use of Label-Free Cell Based Assays in Drug Discovery Frank Stuhmeier
December 4, 2008 BIT Life Sciences 2nd Annual World Congress of Gene-2008 (WCG 2008) Title: TBD :Track 2-3 Yuan-Hua Ding
November 26, 2008 1. Veterinary Vaccines | 2. Veterinary Clinical Trials | 3. Companion Animal Products Dog obesity and medical treatment: is there a need for a medical treatment or is Pfizer Animal Health just dreaming? Patrick Loiseau,
May 4, 2008 Impact China IV: Pharmaceutical R&D Global Summit Elective: Track A: Collaborations & Partnerships: Developing an Effective Partnership with Chinese Companies Steve Q. Yang
March 25, 2008 R&D Risk Mitigation Adapting to a Shifting Industry: How Are Deals Evolving? Stefanie A Hansen
March 25, 2008 Clinical Trials Asia Clinical Research Landscape in India Chandrashekhar Potkar
Recent Regulatory Changes in India Chandrashekhar Potkar
March 25, 2008 Preclinical Development Development of an in Vitro Cytokine Release Assay and its Predicative Value Jing Min
March 25, 2008 TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE Challenges and Opportunities in Translational Oncology Dominic Spinella
Chairperson’s Remarks Dominic Spinella
March 25, 2008 TRENDS IN DRUG SAFETY Development of an in Vitro Cytokine Release Assay and its Predicative Value Jing Min
November 5, 2007 Second Annual Biomarkers Europe Nov (05-06) BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS (08:00-12:15) Mark Fidock, Karthik Venkatakrishnan
BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Biomarker-Based Quantitative Risk Assessment for CYP3A Induction DDI in Early Clinical Development (11:30-12:00) Karthik Venkatakrishnan
BIOMARKERS FOR EARLY CLINICAL TRIALS: Lost in Translation (10:30-11:00) Mark Fidock
BIOMARKER QUALIFICATION AND VALIDATION: A Cost Effectiveness Approach to the Qualification and Acceptance of Biomarkers (16:45-17:15) David E. Slavin
November 5, 2007 15th Annual Biotech Investing Conference (Nov 5-6) SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Big Biotech & Pharma to Access External Innovation(11:30- 12:30) Alex Polinsky
October 16, 2007 Second Annual Putting Theory into Practice: Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs (Oct 16-17 CASE STUDIES (11:15-14:45) Edie Owens
New Presentation Edie Owens
October 16, 2007 Inaugural HDAC inhibitors: Meeting the Challenges of Chemical Development of HDAC Inhibitors Oct (16 -17) Keynote Session: Executive Panel: Delivering Drugs for Difficult Targets(08:40-09:40) Alexander Rod MacKenzie
3D Tissue Models
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