Surgery: The Mayo Clinic

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 13, 2016 16th Annual International Symposium On congenital heart disease PRIMARY PATHWAY | Surgical Management of Co arctation of the Aorta in Adults: Choosing Which Operation to Perform Joseph Dearani
September 8, 2015 70th Annual Meeting of the ASSH Fellows Precourse Lab: The Complete Hand Surgeon: Flaps You Should Know After Fellowship (SOLD OUT) Alexander Shin
PRE05: Distal Nerve Transfers for High Peripheral Nerve Injuries Alexander Shin
PRE03: Failed Surgery of the Upper Extremity - Salvaging an Acceptable Result Scott P Steinmann
PRE04: The Scaphoid: from Stem to Stern, the Entire Spectrum of Treatment (Demo) Allen Bishop, Alexander Shin
February 20, 2014 The Third International Meeting on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy Pregnancy in women with a systemic right ventricle Carole A. Warnes
Cardiac surgery during pregnancy Heidi M Connolly
December 12, 2013 38th Annual Northwestern Vascular Symposium Complex Supra-Aortic Trunk Revascularization: Surgical Tips Thomas C. Bower
Management of Infected AV Grafts Audra A. Duncan
Uncommon Upper Extremity Disorders Thom W. Rooke
Inflammatory Aortic Aneurysm— Open or EVAR William Stone
February 23, 2013 Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) 2013 Complex Coronary Interventions I | Keynote Lecture What Does the Future Hold for Appropriateness, Guidelines, Reimbursement and Credentialing? David R. Holmes
October 9, 2012 Medical Media Communications (MMC): Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: Holy Name Hospital and Hawaii Permanente Hospital GUSTAVO ODERICH
DEBATE: Hybrid Procedures Versus Total Endovascular Management: What’s Possible for Total Arch and Thoracoabdominal Aortic Repair Now and in the Future? Position 2: “Hold on a Minute,” Hybrid Aortic Surgery is No Safer than Traditional Operative Repair; Total Endovascular Branch Solutions are Feasible and Ultimately, the Best Solution for Most Patients GUSTAVO ODERICH
October 4, 2012 14th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium Session 1 | Supportive Oncology Lynn C Hartmann
Benign Breast Disease and Risk: What’s New? Lynn C Hartmann
September 13, 2012 International Society of Gastrointestinal Oncology Bevacizumab Axel Grothey
Screening for Colorectal Cancer with Emphasis on Stool DNA David A. Ahlquist
Session 5 | Localized/Adjuvant Colorectal Cancer Axel Grothey
Case 1: Elderly Patient with Stage III Colon Cancer Joleen M. Hubbard
Laparoscopic Surgery of Rectal Cancer: Are We There Yet? Heidi Nelson
Molecular Markers, Molecular Signatures and Treatment Decision in Stage II Colon Cancer Daniel J. Sargent
September 12, 2012 Internal Medicine Review for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Primary Care Physicians Geriatric Polypharmacy Christopher Arendt
Cardiovascular Cases from the Guidelines - Update Your Knowledge Jane Linderbaum
Imaging Pearls for the Clinician Adam Weisbrod
Complex Contraceptive Cases Petra Casey
Welcome and Introduction Jane Linderbaum
An Approach to Dizziness: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and Migraine Neil T. Shepard
PPI in Infants & Adults - Should I Stay or Should I Go Christopher Arendt
Keynote Speaker – Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy – An Ongoing Problem Daryl Chutka
Welcome/Introductions Jane Linderbaum, Daryl Chutka
Cardiovascular Cases from the Practice Danika Nelson
Adolescent Autonomic Dysfunction Philip R. Fischer, Shelley Ahrens
Bariatric Surgery: Lifelong Care in the Primary Care Setting Jamie Haraden
Basic ECG Overview Jane Linderbaum, Danika Nelson
To Screen or Not to Screen for Breast Cancer? That is NOT the Question Deborah Rhodes
Endocarditis Prophylaxis for Primary Care Clinicians Michael Cullen
Keynote Speaker – Healthy Heart For Life Martha Grogan
Hypercalcemia: When to Work Up, When to Worry Sara Oberhelman
Transcutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation Update Charanjit Rihal
Abnormal Liver Tests – Practical Interpretation Andrea Gossard, Karen Hanson
Breakout II: Diabetes Care Diabetes Managment, Insulin and Beyond Jennifer Horn
May 31, 2012 Mayo Clinic/Chang Gung University Symposium in Reconstructive Surgery Pre-Conference Skills Lab | training session Kai-Nan An, Allen Bishop, Uldis Bite, Brian Carlsen, Bassem Elhassan, Steven Jacobson, Craig Johnson, Salvatore Lettieri, Galen Perdikis, Paul Petty, Frederick Regennitter, Thomas Salinas, Alex Senchenkov, Alexander Shin, Joseph Duffy, Edythe Strand, Nho (Bill) Tran, Nicholas Wetjen
April 24, 2012 III NWAC World Anesthesia Convention 2012 PARALLEL SESSION 1 | Best Practices in Orthopedic Anesthesia: Hip Surgery (Techniques, Positions, Blood Pressure, Sedation,etc) Roy Greengrass
December 9, 2011 44th Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today Introductions David R. Holmes
November 16, 2011 19th Annual Symposium on Current Issues And New Techniques In Interventional Radiology And Endovascular Therapy Session 4 | CREST: Latest Summary From The PI And Future Implications Thomas G. Brott
November 11, 2011 IBD 2011: Progress and Future for Lifelong Management Session V Current therapeutic strategy depend on the treatment guidelines in USA, EU, Asia and Japan Edward V. Loftus
October 5, 2011 Shaping the Future of Cardiovascular Care Management of Atrial Fibrillation: What is the Role of Medical Therapy vs. Ablation? Douglas L. Packer
The Case for Mechanical Valves Hartzell V. Schaff
August 31, 2011 Pulmonary Medicine Board Review 2011 Environmental and Occupational Clayton T. Cowl
Vasculitis and Alveolar Hemorrhage Ulrich Specks
Unusual and Uncommon Pulmonary Disorders Jay H. Ryu
Mediastinal and Other Neoplasms Jay H. Ryu
August 25, 2011 ACCP Sleep Medicine Board Review 2011 Sleep, Genetics, and Immunology James M. Parish
Sleep and Respiratory Disease | Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome James M. Parish
Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Cognition Peter C. Gay
Snoring, Complex Sleep Apnea, Upper Airways Resistance Syndrome, and Non-CPAP Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Peter C. Gay
August 7, 2011 Success With Failure: New Strategies for the Evaluation and Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure Medical Management of Patients with Reduced Ejection Fraction Heart Failure, Outpatient vs. Inpatient | What’s the Same, What’s the Difference? Barry L. Karon
Heart Failure with Reduced Ventricular Function | Hemodynamics, Imaging, and Pathology Barry A. Borlaug, Barry L. Karon, Brooks S. Edwards
Epidemiology of Heart Failure Richard J. Rodeheffer
Integrating New Tools for the Diagnosis of Heart Failure | Metabolic Stress Testing, Neurohumoral Markers Grace Lin
Course Welcome Brooks S. Edwards
Early Bird Cases (Optional) Does the Patient Have Heart Failure? Farris K. Timimi
Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction | What Is It? Barry A. Borlaug
Managing the Heart Failure Reimbursement | Successful Strategic Partnering Michael A. Morrey
Surgical Adventures in Heart Failure Richard C. Daly, Joseph A. Dearani
Illustrative Cases: Tailored Outpatient Pharmacotherapy for the Patient with Systolic Dysfunction Farris K. Timimi, Barry A. Borlaug, Barry L. Karon, Richard J. Rodeheffer
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy | When Medications Aren’t Enough Grace Lin
Illustrative Cases | Management of Inpatients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Barry A. Borlaug, Brooks S. Edwards
Palliative Care and its Role in Heart Failure Keith M. Swetz
Cardiorenal Syndrome in the Patient with Diuretic Resistance Margaret M. Redfield
Evaluating the Patient with Newly Diagnosed Diastolic Heart Failure Margaret M. Redfield
Heart Failure with Reduced Ventricular Function: Hemodynamics, Imaging, and Pathology for Patient with Preserved Ejection Fraction Barry A. Borlaug, Barry L. Karon, Brooks S. Edwards
Echo Cases in Heart Failure Margaret M. Redfield
Surgical Adventures in Heart Failure Richard C. Daly, Joseph A. Dearani
Stage D Heart Failure | End of Life Considerations Keith M. Swetz
Arrhythmia Cases in Heart Failure Paul A. Friedman
Patient Centered Approach to Managing Heart Failure | Lessons from the Patient Family Council Farris K. Timimi
Update in Heart Failure Trials | What’s Coming? Margaret M. Redfield
Medical and Surgical Cases in Advanced Heart Failure Joseph A. Dearani, Brooks S. Edwards
Cardiac Transplantation | It’s Evolving Role in the Era of Mechanical Circulatory Support Brooks S. Edwards
Surgical Perspectives: Approaches to Revascularization for Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Congestive Heart Failure Joseph A. Dearani
Sudden Death in Heart Failure Patients Paul A. Friedman
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy | Medical and Surgical Perspectives Joseph A. Dearani, Barry L. Karon
Sleep Related Breathing Disorders in Heart Failure Farris K. Timimi
Challenging LVAD Cases Richard C. Daly, Brooks S. Edwards
Surgical Perspectives for Adult Patients with Congenital Heart Disease and Heart Failure Joseph A. Dearani
Perioperative Management of the Patient with Heart Failure Undergoing Non Cardiac Surgery Farris K. Timimi
Anemia, Uric Acid, and Nutraceuticals | What Does a Heart Failure Specialist Need to Know? Grace Lin
Device Programming in Heart Failure: What the Non Electrophysiologist Needs to Know Paul A. Friedman
Hemodynamic Cath Lab Assessments for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure Barry A. Borlaug
Early Bird Cases (Optional) Echo Characteristics of Heart Failure with Preserved EF: Is ECHO Friend or Foe? Barry L. Karon
August 3, 2011 21st Annual Mayo Clinic Hematology/Oncology Reviews What is New in the Treatment of Hepatobiliary Malignancies Steven R. Alberts
Role of Proton Therapy in GI Malignancies Jonathan Ashman
Management of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Beyond First-line Therapy George Kim
Recent Advances in the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors Michaela Banck
GI Cancers Steven R. Alberts
Update of the Oxford Meta-Analysis Adjuvant Data Edith A Perez
What is New on the Management of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Alvaro Moreno-Aspitia
Advances in Breast Cancer Surgery Sarah McLaughlin
Breast Cancer Alvaro Moreno-Aspitia
An Update on Thrombosis Aneel A. Ashrani
Management of ITP Pierre Noel
Benign Hematology Ruben A Mesa
What is New on the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Manish Kohli
Recent Developments in the Management of Sarcomas Gary Schwartz
What is New on the Management of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas Thomas Habermann
What is New on the Management of Myelodysplastic Syndromes David P Steensma
What is New on the Management of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia’s James Foran
What is New on the Management of Chronic Myeloproliferative DisordersMesa Ruben A Mesa
Hematological Malignancies Ruben A Mesa
June 30, 2011 2011 AHPBA Americas Post Graduate Course Session 5 | Minimally Invasive Techniques in Hepatobiliary Surgery | North and South Horacio Asbun
Session 6 | Interesting Case/Video Presentation Competition and Case Studies I-VI Horacio Asbun
April 28, 2011 Echo Fiesta: An In-Depth Review of Adult Echocardiography for Sonographers and Physicians Aortic Stenosis: Comprehensive 2-D and Doppler Assessment With Both Normal and Abnormal LV Function | Implications in the Emerging Era of TAVI Robert McCully
Aortic Regurgitation | 2-D Assessment of Etiology and Quantitation of Severity by Doppler (PISA, Continuity Equation) Kyle W. Klarich
Mitral Stenosis | Comprehensive 2-D and Doppler Assessment Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Mitral Regurgitation | 2-D Assessment of Etiology and Quantitation of Severity by Doppler (PISA, Continuity Equation) Fletcher A. Miller
Valvular Heart Disease | Regurgitation and Stenosis Fletcher A. Miller
Questions and Comments Fletcher A. Miller
Strain Imaging for Assessment of Left Ventricular Function Fletcher A. Miller
Questions and Comments Robert McCully, Fletcher A. Miller
Evaluation of Right Ventricular Function and Pressures: Implications for the Management of Pulmonary Hypertension Robert McCully
Echocardiographic Assessment of Diastolic Function Fletcher A. Miller
Echocardiographic Evaluation of Prosthetic Valve Dysfunction | Incorporation of the ASE Guidelines Fletcher A. Miller
Special Topics in Valvular Heart Disease Fletcher A. Miller
Questions and Comments Martha Grogan, Kyle W. Klarich, Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Case Reviews | Hemodynamic Calculations in Valvular Regurgitation Kyle W. Klarich, Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Valvular Disease | Uncommon Etiologies (Systemic Disease, Radiation & Drug-Induced) Martha Grogan
Tricuspid Regurgitation | 2-D Assessment of Etiology and Doppler Quantitation of Severity Prognostic Implications Kyle W. Klarich
Questions and Comments Robert McCully, Fletcher A. Miller, Kyle W. Klarich, Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Clinical and Surgical Approach to Congenital Coronary Anomalies Harold M. Burkhart
Congenital Coronary Arterial Anomalies | Imaging Strategies Patrick W. O’Leary
Detecting Undiagnosed/Untreated Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult | The Top 5 Diagnoses That Should Not Be Missed Martha Grogan
Overview of the Mayo Clinic Center for Congenital Heart Disease Patrick W. O’Leary
Congenital Heart Disease Patrick W. O’Leary
Questions and Comments Harold M. Burkhart, Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Tricuspid Valve Surgery | Indications, Techniques, and New Developments Harold M. Burkhart
Intraoperative Echocardiography Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Harold M. Burkhart
Questions and Comments Fletcher A. Miller, Vuyisile T. Nkomo, Brian D. Powell
Percutaneous Interventions for Valvular Heart Disease | The Utility of Echo Brian D. Powell
Valvular Heart Disease | When Symptoms and Findings Don’t Correlate – What More Can Echo Offer? Vuyisile T. Nkomo
Concurrent Sessions | Practical Imaging Workshop for Sonographers Martha Grogan, Kyle W. Klarich
Concurrent Sessions | Interesting Case Studies Robert McCully
Concurrent Sessions | Assessment of Diastolic Function Fletcher A. Miller
Concurrent Sessions | Valve Hemodynamics Vuyisile T. Nkomo, Brian D. Powell
Concurrent Sessions | Case Studies in Congenital Heart Disease Harold M. Burkhart, Patrick W. O’Leary
Concurrent Sessions | Practical Imaging Workshop for Sonographers Martha Grogan, Kyle W. Klarich
Concurrent Sessions | Interesting Case Studies Robert McCully
Concurrent Sessions | Assessment of Diastolic Function Fletcher A. Miller
Concurrent Sessions | Valve Hemodynamics Vuyisile T. Nkomo, Brian D. Powell
Questions and Comments Harold M. Burkhart, Martha Grogan, Patrick W. O’Leary
Recognizing and Evaluating Common Postoperative Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult Patrick W. O’Leary
Concurrent Sessions | Case Studies in Congenital Heart Disease Harold M. Burkhart, Patrick W. O’Leary
Special Topics in Echocardiography Fletcher A. Miller
Case Studies in Stress Echocardiography Robert McCully
Mechanical Complications of Myocardial Infarction Martha Grogan
Stress Echocardiography | RWMA Interpretation, Applications, and Prognostication; The Role of Contrast Imaging Robert McCully
Questions and Comments Fletcher A. Miller, Martha Grogan, Brian D. Powell
Constrictive Pericarditis | Evaluation by Echocardiography and Other Diagnostic Modalities Fletcher A. Miller
Restrictive Cardiomyopathy and Other Unusual Causes of Heart Failure Martha Grogan
Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Echo Evaluation and Role in Device Intervention (CRT and LVAD) Brian D. Powell
Echocardiographic Assessment of Intracardiac and Paracardiac Masses and Thrombus Kyle W. Klarich
Cardiac Tamponade and Echo-Directed Pericardiocentesis Fletcher A. Miller
Atrial Fibrillation | Role of Echocardiography in Cardioversion, Pulmonary Vein Isolation, and Evaluation of Left Atrial Function Brian D. Powell
February 17, 2011 Mayo Clinic World Robotics Symposium in Gynecology Robotic Parametrial Ureteral Dissection, Ureterolysis and Reimplantation Javier F. Magrina
Why Robotics? Applications of Robotics in Gynecology Rosanne M.C. Kho
Welcome and Introductions Javier F. Magrina
Robotics in Benign Gynecology Javier F. Magrina
Videos | Robotic Techniques for Endometriosis Javier F. Magrina
Robotic Vaginal Cuff Closure, Management of Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence Rosanne M.C. Kho
Pre-Recorded Live Robotic Surgery | Infrarenal Aortic Lymphadenectomy Javier F. Magrina
Avoiding Complications Unique to Robotics Rosanne M.C. Kho
Bladder and Ureteral Injuries in Robotics: Prevention and Management Jeffrey L. Cornella
Pre-Recorded Live Robotic Sacrocolpopexy | Standard and Barbed Suture Techniques Rosanne M.C. Kho
Robotics in Urogynecology | Pros and Cons, Techniques Jeffrey L. Cornella
Announcements Rosanne M.C. Kho
Robotics in Complex Pelvic Surgery Rosanne M.C. Kho
Robotic Modified Posterior Pelvic Exenteration for Ovarian Cancer: Technique and Results Javier F. Magrina
Pre-Recorded Live Robotic Surgery | Endometrial Cancer Paul M. Magtibay
Nerve-Sparing Radical Hysterectomy | Applied Anatomy of the Pelvic Autonomic Nerves, Technique Javier F. Magrina
Announcements Javier F. Magrina
Robotics in Gynecologic Oncology Javier F. Magrina
February 11, 2011 Optimal Treatment Strategies for Advanced Heart Failure The Impact of Cardio-Renal Syndrome Anantharam V. Kalya
Pushing the Limits of Biventricular Pacing in Heart Failure Win K. Shen
Heart Failure in Special Populations Robert L. Scott
The Role of the PharmD in Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation James Garnick
Patient Selection for Cardiac Transplantation Brooks S. Edwards
Quality Measures in Heart Failure D. Eric Steidley
High Risk Surgical Revascularization: Timing of Coronary Intervention Stenting versus Surgery Francisco A. Arabia
The Role of Echo in Placement of Mechanical Circulatory Support Krishaswamy Chandrasekaran
Nightmare Cases in Heart Failure: What Would You Do? Brooks S. Edwards
Pearls and Pitfalls of Outpatient DT Clinic Linda L. Staley
Patient Selection for Mechanical Circulatory Support Francisco A. Arabia
Surgical Approach to Shock: Mayo Extreme CPR Approach Dawn E. Jaroszewski
Vasodilators in Heart Failure: Friend or Foe? Radha Gopalan
Pulmonary Hypertension for the Cardiologist D. Eric Steidley
Surgical Management of Heart Failure: Where Have We Come Patrick A. DeValeria
February 3, 2011 A Case Based Approach to Controversies in Cardiovascular Medicine Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement at the Time of CABG is Needed Rakesh Suri
Session I | Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Is There a Case for Surgical Intervention? Joseph Maalouf
Current Criteria Are Inadequate for Proper Patient Selection Robert Frantz
Modern PCI Should Be the First Option for Revascularization
1. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis Joseph Maalouf
3. Asymptomatic Severe Mitra Regurgitation Joseph Maalouf
PCI is Better than Medical Management
Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Not Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy Naser M. Ammash
Session XII | STEMI: Choice of Stent for Primary PCI
Workshop 2: 1. Coronary Artery Disease Cases and Management Options
HCM: Heterogeneity of Phenotypes and Management Naser M. Ammash
Right Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension: What Is a Clinician to Do? Robert Frantz
Workshop 3: Bring a Case From Home ECG, Echo, Nuclear, CT and MRI Naser M. Ammash
Percutaneous Valve Repair/Replacement Hybrid Procedures
Interventional Echo: Role of 3D Joseph Maalouf
Robotic Surgery is Superior to Conventional Surgery for MV Repair Rakesh Suri
January 21, 2011 7th Annual Optimizing Minimal Access Gynecology A3 Pelvic Organ Prolapse Rosanne M.C. Kho
B3 Pelvic Organ Prolapse Rosanne M.C. Kho
B2 Laparoscopic Suturing Rosanne M.C. Kho
Managing Bowel and Urinary Complications of Laparoscopy Rosanne M.C. Kho
Master Surgeon’s Tutorial: TLH Rosanne M.C. Kho
January 12, 2011 Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Dysfunction (J1) Insulin Resistance, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Lipotoxicity in Humans | Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Muscle Insulin Resistance in Diabetes Sreekumaran Nair
January 12, 2011 Obesity (J2) Diabetes (J1) | Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Muscle Insulin Resistance in Diabetes Sreekumaran Nair
December 10, 2010 43rd Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today State-of-the-art Management of IHSS: Systolic and Diastolic Pharmacological Approach Septal Reduction (Alcohol, Myectomy) Steve R. Ommen
October 21, 2010 21st Century Treatment of Heart Failure Session V: Update on the Medical and Surgical Management of Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Soon J Park
October 21, 2010 Acute Care Psychiatry Clinical Review Cluster B Personality Disorder J. Michael Bostwick
Adult ADHD Daniel K. Hall-Flavin
Bipolar Depression & Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder Mark A. Frye
Monitoring & Managing Antidepressants J. Michael Bostwick
Augmentation Agents in Unipolar Depression Simon Kung
Treating Unipolar Depression Mark A. Frye
Bipolar vs. Unipolar Depression Timothy W. Lineberry
Obesity Treatment Approaches James R. Rundell
PTSD Timothy W. Lineberry
Managing Suicide Risk Timothy W. Lineberry
Substance Use Disorders in Psychosis & Mania Daniel K. Hall-Flavin
Acute Mania Treatment Mark A. Frye
Evaluating Psychosis in the ED Timothy W. Lineberry
Dementia Update | PSYCHIATRY TRACK James R. Rundell
Managing Sleep Problems in Patients w/Psychiatric Illness | PSYCHIATRY TRACK Lois E. Krahn
ECT Update | PSYCHIATRY TRACK Teresa A. Rummans
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation | PSYCHIATRY TRACK Simon Kung
Role of Pharmacogenomics | PSYCHIATRY TRACK Mark A. Frye, Timothy W. Lineberry
ABFM Maintenance of Certification Self Assessment Module: Depression | FAMILY MEDICINE TRACK Kurt B. Angstman, John M. Wilkinson
SPECIAL ADDITIONAL OFFERING | Bipolar Disorder Masters Class Mark A. Frye
October 7, 2010 13th Annual Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Update: Sedona 2010 Update on Oral Antiplatelet Drugs Howard R. Lee
Integrative Approaches to Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Paul D. Snyder
Case Studies in Hypertension Michael J. Hogan
Case-Based Approach to Noninvasive Testing for Coronary Artery Disease Howard R. Lee
A Pragmatic Approach to Hypercalcemia Michael D. Whitaker
Fibromyalgia: Therapeutic Considerations Cynthia M. Stonnington
Update in Rheumatology Catherine E. Harmon
Welcome and Introductions Paul D. Snyder
Gliomas: Evaluation and Management Alyx B. Porter
Infectious Diseases Update 2010 Jerry D. Smilack
Update in Women’s Health Julia A. Files
Headache Management Update Robert L. Rogers
Management of High Altitude Illness Jan Stepanek
Integrative Medicine Larry R. Bergstrom
Update in Preventive Medicine Jan Stepanek
Medical Ethics Case Presentations Helene Labonte
Vesiculobullous Eruptions Susan Laman
Geriatrics: Growing Old is Not for Sissies Helene Labonte
Lipids 2010 Sydney A. Westphal
Multiple Sclerosis: The Next Decade Jonathan L. Carter
What Every Internist Needs to Know about Hospital Medicine Joseph Charles
Hematology Pearls for Internists Joseph R. Mikhael
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) Usha Tatini
Screening Mammogram Guideline Controversy Roxanne Lorans
Indications for Bariatric Surgery: Surgical Considerations James A. Madura
Perioperative Medical Evaluation David B. Wisinger
Pulmonary Update Richard A. Helmers
October 1, 2010 Stroke & Cerebrovascular Disease Review Acute Ischemia Stroke Thrombolysis: Beyond 3 Hours Alejandro A. Rabinstein
Cerebrovascular Pathology Update: New Insights into White Matter Disease Dennis Dickson
Neuroimaging of Acute Ischemia David A. Miller
Bedside Use and Cost Efficacy of Antithrombotics and Thrombolytics Alden V. Patel
Fundamentals of Clinical Trial Methodology James F. Meschia
Stroke Pathophysiology W. David Freeman
Case-Based Vascular Neuroanatomy Kelly D. Fleming
Epidemology of Stroke and its Risk Factors Kevin M. Barrett
Pre-Course Workshop: Hitting the Mark with Bedside Nursing in Stroke Care Terri-Ellen J. Kiernan, Lesia H. Mooney
Metabolic and Genetic Causes of Stroke James F. Meschia
Vasculitis and Inflammatory Causes of Stroke James F. Meschia
Hypercoaguable Causes of Stroke and Lupus Anticoagulant Robert D. McBane
Cardioembolic Stroke: Causes, Treatment and Controversies George W. Petty
Stroke Telemedicine Bart M. Demaerschalk
Sleep Disorders and Stroke Pablo R. Castillo
Secondary Prevention of Ischemic Stroke Kelly D. Fleming
Commonly Asked Questions in the Management of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Robert D. Brown
Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation and Brain Plasticity in 2010 Allen W. Brown
Interventional Management of Ischemic Stroke Ricardo A. Hanel
Cerebral Edema, Elevated Intracranial Pressure, Herniation and Hemicraniectomy Ricardo A. Hanel
Brain Monitoring Techniques in the Neuro ICU W. David Freeman
Neurointensive Care Managment Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Alejandro A. Rabinstein
Surgical and Endovascular Management of Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Ricardo A. Hanel
Intracerebral Hemorrhage Maria I. Aguilar
Cranial and Spinal Cord Arteriovenous Malformations Giuseppe Lanzino
Thrombolysis for Intraventricular Hemorrhage W. David Freeman
Prevention and Management of Stroke Complications Maria I. Aguilar
September 11, 2010 New Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Q&A / Panel Discussion William J. Tremaine
Prebiotics, Biotics and Probiotics: Is There a Role in the Treatment of IBD? William J. Tremaine
July 23, 2010 Radioactive Seed Localized Breast Surgery Workshop Placement of Radioactive Seeds | Mayo Clinic Department of Radiology Gonda Building, 2nd Floor Robert W. Maxwell
Considerations for Surgeons James W. Jakub
Considerations for Radiologists Robert W. Maxwell
Coding and Billing James W. Jakub
How to Begin a Seed Program at Your Institution Amy C. Degnim
Radiation Safety Issues and Protocols Jeffrey J. Brunette
Surgical Excision of Seeds | Stabile Building, 9th Floor Classroom James W. Jakub, Amy C. Degnim, Sylvester Sterioff
April 17, 2010 3rd Annual Sudden Cardiac Arrest: From Awareness to Prevention Distinguishing the Vanilla Faint from a Sudden Death Warning Sign Michael Ackerman
State of Pre- and Post-Mortem Genetic Testing for Sudden Death Predisposing Genetic Heart Disease Michael Ackerman
March 18, 2010 Neuromuscular Directions 2010: Current Concepts in Electrodiagnosis, Neurology/Orthopedics Interface, and Neuromuscular Medicine Immune Mediated Neuropathy and Lumbosacral Plexopathy as a Cause of Post Operative Weakness: A Clinical and Pathological Study P. James B. Dyck
March 4, 2010 The 30th Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium Conference (CREF) Meeting Certification for Extracorporeal-Related Therapies: Where It Is, Should Be, and Likely Will End Up Jeffrey B. Riley
Anesthesia and Perfusion Interactions during CPB Jeffrey B. Riley
Value: What Is It and How Can We Maximize It in CT Surgery? Katherine Casey
1: Emergency Circulatory Suppor Jeffrey B. Riley
February 26, 2010 Third Annual Western Atrial Fibrillation Symposium Electrical Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation Hon-Chi Lee
To Ablate or Not to Ablate: The Awaited Trials Douglas L. Packer
January 22, 2010 2010 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium Oral Abstract Session: Cancers of the Esophagus and Stomach Michael G Haddock
FISH Analysis to Diagnose Biliary Cancers Gregory J. Gores
Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches to Colorectal Cancer Heidi Nelson
New Screening Models: Blood, Stool, Capsule Endoscopy David A. Ahlquist
January 22, 2010 6th Annual Optimizing Minimally Invasive Gynecology Simplifying the Difficult Vaginal Hysterectomy Rosanne M.C. Kho
Applications of Robotics in Benign Gynecologic Surgery Rosanne M.C. Kho
December 11, 2009 Santa Fe Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference Hepatocarcinogenesis of HCC Lewis R. Roberts
The Role of Liver Transplantation in Treating HCC Lewis R. Roberts
November 19, 2009 1st Annual Update on Treatment Decisions for Gastrointestinal Diseases: Surgical and Medical Approaches Autoimmune Pancreatitis: State of the Art Suresh T Chari
November 14, 2009 Updates in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Panel: William Sandborn, Keith D. Lindor
The Liver and IBD: Associated Disorders and Complications of Medical Therapy Keith D. Lindor
The Changing Treatment Paradigm for Crohn’s Disease – Early Intervention, Mucosal Healing, Sustained Remission William Sandborn
Panel: William Sandborn, Keith D. Lindor
Medical/Surgical Case Presentations Questions to the Panel William Sandborn
Advances in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis William Sandborn
October 19, 2009 Coronary Artery Disease: Prevention, Detection & Treatment PET and Nuclear Imaging in the Assessment of CAD Panithaya Chareonthaitawee
Perspective: CTA is Not Ready for Prime Time Malcolm R. Bell
Detection: Imaging for Coronary Artery Disease
Keynote Address: Denis A. Cortese
Case Presentations Bernard Gersh, Gerald T. Gau
Coronary Artery Disease in Women: Lessons from WISE Amir Lerman
Panel Discussion Bernard Gersh, Gerald T. Gau
State-of-the-Art Lipid Evaluation: Role of NMR Fra Gerald T. Gau
The Global Burden of CAD Bernard Gersh
Early Atherosclerosis and Prevention Amir Lerman
Welcome and Course Overview
Illustrative Cases: Body Surface Mapping for the Diagnosis of Ischemia Abhiram Prasad
Echocardiography in Chest Pain and STEMI Management Guy S. Reeder
Physiologic Assessment of CAD: A Case Based Approach Amir Lerman
Panel Discussion Henry H. Ting, Malcolm R. Bell
Treatment of Cardiogenic Shock in 2009 Malcolm R. Bell
Practical Strategies for Reducing Door to Balloon Time Henry H. Ting
Panel Discussion Henry H. Ting, Abhiram Prasad, Malcolm R. Bell
Reperfusion Strategies for STEMI: What’s Next? Henry H. Ting
Use and Abuse of Biomarkers in Clinical Practice Abhiram Prasad
Antithrombins and Antiplatelet Therapy in 2009 Malcolm R. Bell
Treatment: Acute Coronary Syndromes Malcolm R. Bell
Course Overview Amir Lerman
Panel Discussion Bernard Gersh, , Gerald T. Gau, Richard C. Daly
Treatment: Chronic Coronary Artery Disease Bernard Gersh
The Surgical Perspective Richard C. Daly
SPECIAL CASE PRESENTATION Left Main and Multivessel Disease Bernard Gersh
The Interventional Perspective
Illustrative Cases F. David Fortuin
Panel Discussion , F. David Fortuin, Richard C. Daly
Apical Ballooning Syndrome: A New Acute Cardiac Syndrome
New Surgical Approaches to CAD: Total Arterial, Off-Pump, Minimally Invasive, Robotics, and Hybrid Approaches Richard C. Daly
What To Do With Incidentally Found Coronary Anomalies? F. David Fortuin
Ischemic Cardiomyopathy: The Late Sequelae of CAD Bernard Gersh
What To Do With the Stent Patient Needing Non-Cardiac Surgery
What To Do With the Non-Revascularizable Patient Guy S. Reeder
October 16, 2009 Eighth Annual Controversies in Breast Cancer: Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy HER2 Dependence Edith A Perez
October 8, 2009 Endoscopy Live 2009 C. Obscure GI Bleeding Jonathan A. Leighton
A. Barrett’s Esophagus Herbert C. Wolfsen
Eosinophilic Esophagitis Sami R. Achem
Screening for Esophageal Cancer: Beyond the (z-line) Border David E. Fleischer
Best Video Cases: Esophagus and Small Bowel Kenneth K Wang, Herbert C. Wolfsen
Barrett's Ablation: Cut, Freeze, Burn, etc. Herbert C. Wolfsen
What's New in Barrett's Imaging Kenneth K Wang
Lumps and Bumps in the GI Tract Massimo Raimondo
Balloon-Assisted Endoscopy Mark E. Stark
New Capsules and Smart Pills Virender K. Sharma
Best Video Cases: Colon and Pancreato-biliary Massimo Raimondo
IBD Surveillance: The End of the Random Biopsy? Michael F. Picco
Flat Polyps and EMR Michael B. Wallace
Managing Efficiencies in the Ambulatory Surgery Center David S. Loeb
Quality in Endoscopy - What to Measure? Dawn L. Francis
Feeding Tubes from A to Z James S. Scolapio
What's new in Endoscopic Hemostasis? Louis M. Wong Kee Song
Endoscopic Management of Pancreatic Cysts Ferga C. Gleeson
October 8, 2009 Progress in Internal Medicine Melanoma 2009 Susan Laman
Case Presentation 2: Metastatic But Potentially Curable Axel Grothey
Case Presentation 3: Stage Iva After Primary Surgery for Synchronous Liver Metastases- Previously Untreated Axel Grothey
September 29, 2009 14th Annual Mayo Clinic Conference on Quality, Safety and Service, A focus on Human Fa ctors and Medical Error Quality & Safety Viewed Through the Prism of Professionalism Michael D. Brennan, Paul S. Mueller
Opening Remarks & Introductions Shirley A. Weis
Safety at the Sharp End – How Human Factors Has Changed My Life Thoralf M M Sundt
Mayo & Medical Specialty Boards: Pioneers to Transform Health Care Education to Continuous Professional Development Richard A Berger, Henry H. Ting
Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC): The Power of Harmony. What is it & why have a PFAC? : Patient-Family Centered Care Farris K. Timimi, Mark Lamkin, Ann Gosack, Jennifer Fisher, Robert O. Bender
Teamwork is REAL: Reflective Listening J. Alan Fleischmann, Nickijo L. Hager
Understanding & Implementing Patient Satisfaction: PRC Laurie L. Wilshusen
Learning from Every Death Jeanne Huddleston
Get the Results You Need and Outcomes Your Patients Deserve Anantha Kollengode, Molly B. Cain, Tonia M. Lauer
Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC): Building the Choir – How to Begin & Sustain a PFAC Farris K. Timimi, G. Richard Locke, Lorraine D. Uthke, Gary Harmon, Guy Havelick, Lori Kirkland, Shalini Prabhakar
Mayo Clinic Service Collaborative: Collaborating to Excel Kimberly K. Illg, Patricia E. Dahl
Team Steps: Implementation in Emergency Medicine Nicola E. Schiebel
Using Simulation to Make a Complex Team Task Safer Harold M. Burkhart, James J. Lynch
MCB CT Efficiency in Arizona Shirley Loprino
Austin Medical Center Lab Gets LEAN to Increase Productivity Justin A. Sherman
Impact on Door-to-Balloon Time : Integrating Pre-Hospital ECG’s into Systems of Care M. Chris Bjerke
Transition from Intravenous to Subcutaneous Insulin in Cardiovascular Surgery Patients Sarah A. Reiland
Improving Compliance with Isolation Precautions Debra K. Apenhorst
Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC): The Power of Harmony. What is it & why have a PFAC? David L. Hayes, Farris K. Timimi, Mark Lamkin, Ann Gosack, Robert O. Bender
Transparency: Through Their Eyes Luanne Lentz
Optimizing Prenatal Care Delivery in Low-Risk Obstetrics Patients Travis C. Paul
Provider-Patient Communications Program: 1000 Providers Strong J. Alan Fleischmann
Teamwork is REAL: An Overview G. Richard Locke
Eliminating Central Line Infections in the PICU Edward G. Seferian
Microbiologic Swabs: A New Tool for Hand Hygience Robert R. Cima
All Patients, All the Time – VTE-P Jenna Lovely
Primary Hip & Knee Arthroplasty : A Consistent Team Approach Mark W Pagnano
Nursing Bedside Handoff: Evaluating a Practice Change Nicole L. Schneider, Stephanie J. Kuchera
Enhancing R.N./M.D. Collaboration Through Simulation Training Eric J. Dozois
Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC): Building the Choir – How to Begin & Sustain a PFAC Farris K. Timimi, G. Richard Locke, Lorraine D. Uthke, Gary Harmon, Guy Havelick, Lori Kirkland, Shalini Prabhakar
Teamwork is REAL: SBAR & I Need a Little Clarity J. Alan Fleischmann, Nickijo L. Hager
The Curious Case of Mrs. Q: Putting Safety into a Practical Curriculum Jamie S. Newman
The Curious Case of Mrs. Q: Putting Safety into a Practical Curriculum Jamie S. Newman
Teamwork is REAL: SBAR & I Need a Little Clarity J. Alan Fleischmann, Nickijo L. Hager
Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC): Building the Choir – How to Begin & Sustain a PFAC Farris K. Timimi, G. Richard Locke, Lorraine D. Uthke, Gary Harmon, Guy Havelick, Lori Kirkland, Shalini Prabhakar
How to Stimulate Creativity to Improve Safety & Quality Diane K. Olson
February 28, 2009 SPECIALTY DAY PRELIMINARY PROGRAM Diagnostic Jay Smith
Therapeutic John M Davis
Patellofemoral Arthroplasty Versus Total Knee Arthroplasty for Patients with Isolated Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Michael J Stuart, Diane L. Dahm
Acute Repair versus Reconstruction of Posteromedial and Posterolateral Corners in Multiligament Knee Injury Michael J Stuart, Diane L. Dahm
February 28, 2009 AMERICAN SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGEONS What is the Stabilizing Mechanism of the Latarjet Procedure? Robert H Cofield, John W Sperling, Kai Nan An, Scott P Steinmann
Neer Award Presentation Bernard F Morrey
Decompression without Transfer Shawn O Driscoll
Is Elbow Arthroscopy Safe in Patients with a Subluxating Ulnar Nerve or Previous Ulnar Nerve Transposition? Shawn O Driscoll
Prevention of Nerve Injuries Using A Safety- Driven Step-Wise Technique for Arthroscopic Capsulectomy of the Elbow Shawn O Driscoll
Effect of Radial Head Prostheses Design on Radiocapitellar Joint Stability Kai Nan An, Shawn O Driscoll, Lawrence J Berglund, Zachary Domire
Failure Mechanisms of a Linked Semi- Constrained Total Elbow Arthroplasty for Post-Traumatic Arthritis: A Report with 2-20 Year Follow-Up Bernard F Morrey, Peter C Zarkadas, Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo
Is Patient Infected? John W Sperling
Converting Hemis to Total? Robert H Cofield
February 28, 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR SURGERY OF THE HAND & AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR HAND SURGERY Outcomes Measures: Everybody Wants to Know If your Patient is Satisfied Peter C Amadio
The Arthroscopic Treatment of Thumb Basal Joint Arthritis Scott P Steinmann
Arthroplasty: Which device is best? Richard A Berger
February 25, 2009 ADULT RECONSTRUCTION HIP AND KNEE Current Controversies and Techniques in Total Knee Arthroplasty DANIEL J BERRY, Robert Trousdale, Arlen Hanssen, M W Pagnano
Complex Revision THA: An Advanced Course Miguel Cabanela
The Challenging Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Case-Based Discussion of State-of-the-Art Treatment in 2009 DANIEL J BERRY, Robert Trousdale, David Lewallen
Complications in Primary Total Hip Anthroplasty: Avoidance and Management Rafael J Sierra
Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement: Video Techniques, Controversies and Results to Date Richard A Berger
Complex Case Controversies in Primary and Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty Arlen Hanssen
Hip Joint-Preserving Surgery Beyond Classic Osteotomy Robert Trousdale
Technical Pearls in Total Hip Arthroplasty David Lewallen
Let's Do a Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty DANIEL J BERRY
May 30, 2008 ASCO Annual'08 Meeting breast cancer-- Developmental Therapeutic Approaches to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Edith A Perez
developmental therapeutics-- Developmental Therapeutic Approaches to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Edith A Perez
gastrointestinal (noncolorectal) cancer-- Multimodality Treatment of Bile Duct Tumors (M14) Steven R. Alberts
leukemia, myelodysplasia, and transplantation-- Myeloproliferative Disorders at the Cutting Edge Ayalew Tefferi
lymphoma and plasma cell disorders-- Initial Therapy for Multiple Myeloma: Considerations for an Integrated Risk- Adapted Approach S. Vincent Rajkumar
meet the professor sessions-- Multimodality Treatment of Bile Duct Tumors (M14) Steven R. Alberts
November 8, 2007 4th International Congress on Myeloproliferative Diseases and Myelodysplastic Syndromes Treatment of myelofibrosis diseases: Current challenges and future prospects Ruben A Mesa
Risk factors for survival, leukemic transformation, and thrombosis in essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera: Mayo clinic experience Ayalew Tefferi
October 11, 2007 Sixth International Colorectal Cancer Congress Continuous vs. Intermittent Treatment Axel Grothey
Roundtable Discussion: Should There Be Planned Chemoholidays? Axel Grothey
How Long Do We Need to Treat Patients in the Adjuvant Setting? Axel Grothey
Moving EGFR Inhibitors to the Front-line and Further: Are We Ready Yet? Axel Grothey
North Central Cancer Treatment Group Steven R. Alberts
Ongoing Clinical Trials of Antiangiogenic Agents Axel Grothey
Should Anti-VEGF Therapy Continue Beyond Progession? Axel Grothey
Neoadjuvant Therapy Options and Duration: To Best Response or Resectability? Steven R. Alberts
Biomarker-Driven Trial Designs Daniel Sargent
Have We Maxed Out the Effect of PFS in First-line Therapy? Daniel Sargent, Axel Grothey
Novel VEGFR Inhibitors in Colorectal Cancer Alex A Adjei
Multidisciplinary Management for Timing of Rectal Surgery Axel Grothey
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