Surgery: Cleveland Clinic

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
July 5, 2016 The 3rd Friends of Israel Urology Symposium (FOIU) The 3rd Friends of Israel Urology Symposium (FOIU) Eric Klein
What do Genomics add to Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Management Eric Klein
Diagnosis in 2016 Eric Klein
February 23, 2016 16th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS) Early Results from Quality Collaboration – What Have We Learned? Michael Rosen
Keynote: Thirty Years of MIS Innovation: What’s New? Jeffrey Ponsky
POEM is Best Treatment for Achalasia Jeffrey Ponsky
Management of Acute vs. Chronic Sleeve Leaks Raul J. Rosenthal
Access or Quality in Bariatric Surgery (MBSAQIP) Stacy A. Brethauer
Messages for the Surgeon Philip R. Schauer
Revisional Endoluminal Procedures Matthew D. Kroh
Primary Endoluminal Procedures Matthew D. Kroh
February 13, 2016 16th Annual International Symposium On congenital heart disease ADMINISTRATORS PATHWAY | Tracking Long - term Outcomes – Quality B enchmarks Marshall L. Jacobs
February 23, 2013 Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) 2013 Valve Evening Symposium | Discussion E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve Evening Symposium | Discussion E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve Evening Symposium | Discussion E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve Evening Symposium | The Heart Team: How Does it Work for TAVR? E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve Evening Symposium | Discussion E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve Evening Symposium | Discussion E. Murat Tuzcu
Complex Coronary Interventions I | Panel Discussion: How the COURAGE, FAME II and ISCHEMIA Trials Will Change Our Practice Steven E Nissen
Complex Coronary Interventions I | The Future Is Medical Therapy: The Pipeline Is Robust Steven E Nissen
CTO Forum | Wire Snaring, Externalization and More Patrick Whitlow
CTO Forum | Anatomy of Contemporary CTO Guidewires and Selection Criteria Patrick Whitlow
Valve & Structural Heart Revolution I | New Data from PARTNER E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve & Structural Heart Revolution I | Taped Case Demonstration: The Balloon- Expanding Transcatheter Valve System E. Murat Tuzcu
Valve & Structural Heart Revolution I | Panel Discussion: What Imaging Is Required During TAVR? E. Murat Tuzcu
November 1, 2012 10th Annual World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (WCIRDC) Gut Flora as a Participant in Cardiometabolic Disease Stanley L. Hazen
October 9, 2012 Medical Media Communications (MMC): Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) When My Go-To Therapy is Not the Right Choice - Position 3: When Best Medical Therapy is Not Appropriate Heather Gornik
When My Go-To Therapy is Not the Right Choice - Position 1: When Not to Do Carotid Endarterectomy Daniel G. Clair
LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: Holy Name Hospital and Hawaii Permanente Hospital Daniel G. Clair
LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: Park Hospital Leipzig, Germany Matthew J. Eagleton
DEBATE: Endovascular AAA Treatment of Proximal Aortic Necks Less Than 10mm is Currently One of the Biggest Challenges for EVAR – What Works? Position 1: New Endograft Designs that Enhance Infra-Renal Sealing and Provide Supra-Renal Fixation Allow us to Confidently Manage Short Necks Down to 5mm Matthew J. Eagleton
April 18, 2012 Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 2012 Concurrent Session III B | Role of Platelets in Neovascularization Tatiana V. Byzova
March 21, 2012 The Houston Aortic Symposium What I Have Learned from Endovascular Repair of TAAA Tara Mastracci
October 10, 2011 15th Annual Meeting Collaborative Group of the Americas, on Inherited Colorectal Cancer (CGA-ICC) Jagelman Challenging Cases James M. Church
Desmoids Working Group James M. Church
Cases with the Experts James M. Church, Carol Burke
CGA Strategic Planning Meeting for 2012 Carol Burke
Laparoscopic Approach to Duodenal Disease Sricharan Chalikonda
My Approach to Intraabdominal Desmoid Disease James M. Church
Surgical Challenges in Familial Adenomatosis Polyposis Matthew F. Kalady
Genetic Counseling Working Group Brandie Leach
Serrated Polyposis Working Group Matthew F. Kalady
Registry Working Group Ellen McGannon
October 5, 2011 Shaping the Future of Cardiovascular Care Session 2 | Structural Heart Disease: Innovations in Intervention Lars G. Svensson, Joseph Sabik
Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Steven E Nissen
Session 1 | Overcoming Barriers and Challenges in Translational Research Stephen Nicholls, Venu Menon
Welcome and Opening Remarks Bruce W. Lytle
Session 5 | Innovations in Heart Failure and MCS Randall C. Starling, James B. Young
Session 4 | AF Management: Current Status and Future Therapeutic Options Walid Saliba
HDL Function is More Important than the Level Stephen Nicholls, Stanley L. Hazen
Session 3 New Frontiers in Preventive Cardiology | The Promise or The Myth? Stephen Nicholls
Will TAVI Lead to Inappropriate Use? E. Murat Tuzcu
SFA Intervention - Atherectomy, Drug Eluting Balloons, Drug Eluting Stents Daniel G. Clair
Repair of Chronic Dissections: Endo versus Open - Which is Safer and Which is More Effective? Eric E. Roselli
Advances in Endovascular Aortic Repair: Conquering the Ascending and Aortic Arch - Will Open Surgery Ever Be Necessary Again? Roy K. Greenberg
Session 8 | Hot Topics in Aortic and Vascular Disease Management Matthew J. Eagleton, Heather Gornik
Minimally Invasive Approaches Do Not Confer an Advantage Tomislav Mihaljevic, Cary W. Akins
Percutaneous Repair of the Mitral Valve Should Not Be the First Option A. Marc Gillinov
Session 7 | Minimally Invasive Approaches to Treating CV Disease Joseph Sabik
Panel Discussion | Session Presenters Steven E Nissen
Session 6 | Cardiovascular Imaging Thomas Marwick, Brian Griffin
Should We Continue to Expand Criteria for Destination Therapy? Rationale, Cost, and Quality of Life Nicholas G. Smedira
What are the Risks of CRT and How Do They Affect Timing of CRT? Bruce Wilkoff
Surgery Joseph Sabik
Stents Stephen G. Ellis
Utilizing Imaging to Guide Cost Effective Care Thomas Marwick
Session 9 | Ideal Management of CAD Bruce W. Lytle, Samir R. Kapadia
September 13, 2011 The 22nd International Congress of the Society of Anesthesiologists Hall B | Using AIMS to Assess Improvements in Perioperative Outcome Daniel Sessler
Hall C | Anesthesia and Thermoregulation Mechanisms and Monitoring Daniel Sessler
August 29, 2011 17th Annual Pediatric Board Review Symposium Muscular Dystrophies Neil Friedman
Board Simulation Session | Cardiology Daniel J. Murphy
Disorders of Cardiac Rate and Rhythm Richard Sterba
Acquired Heart Disease Daniel J. Murphy
Congenital Heart Disease ATHAR QURESHI
Recognition of Cardiovascular Disorders Daniel J. Murphy
Board Simulation Session Sudeshna Mitra
Epilepsy and Anti-Convulsant Therapy Deepak Lachhwani, Elaine Wyllie
Paroxysmal Non-epileptic Disorders Ajay Gupta
Board Simulation Session: Neonatology Elumalai Appachi
Respiratory Diseases of the Newborn Craig Raskind
Neonatal Jaundice and Liver Disease Vera Hupertz
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lori Mahajan
Hepatitis Marsha H. Kay
Abdominal Pain Barbara Kaplan
Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism Charles Kwon
Hypertension Charles Kwon
Board Simulation Session | General Pediatrics | Sports Medicine Scott Francy
Child Development II Roberta Bauer
Board Simulation Session | Potpourri II Elumalai Appachi
Board Simulation Session | Potpourri I Elumalai Appachi
Board Simulation Session Lori Mahajan
Gastrointestinal Mucosal Disorders Kadakkal Radhakrishnan
Foreign Bodies and Caustic Ingestions Lori Mahajan
Ingestions Daniel Lebovitz
Pulmonary | Airway Diseases John Carl
Allergic Disorders Alton L. Melton
Amenorrhea Karen Vargo
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Ellen S. Rome
Adolescent Development and Other Topics Laura Gillespie
Board Simulation Session L. Kate Gowans
Presenting Signs and Prognostic Factors of Common Pediatric Tumors Margaret Thompson
Bleeding Disorders L. Kate Gowans
Hemoglobinopathies Margaret Thompson
Anemia | An Approach to Evaluation L. Kate Gowans
Board Simulation | Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Daniel Lebovitz
Ophthalmology Elias Traboulsi
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Thomas Kuivila
Common Problems in Pediatric Surgery Anthony Stallion
Board Simulation Session Alton L. Melton
Congenital Immunodeficiencies Alton L. Melton
Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Part I Johanna Goldfarb
Pediatric Rheumatology Steven Spalding
August 20, 2011 12th Annual Intensive Review of Cardiology Management of CIED Infection – A Case Based Discussion (non CME) Bruce Wilkoff, Oussama M. Wazni
Pericardial Intervention | From Ablation to Pacing and More Walid Saliba
Pericardial Access and Important Fluoroscopic Landmarks Minimizing Complications and Optimizing Access to the Pericardium Oussama M. Wazni
Case Presentations: Post-AF Ablation Arrhythmia Decision Points in Management Key Issues in Mapping and Ablation Bruce D. Lindsay
Transeptal Puncture in Focused View | Tools and Techniques, How to Minimize Complications, and Open the Door to Left Atrial Intervention Oussama M. Wazni
Session II Bruce Wilkoff
Case Presentation | Challenging Decision Points in Noninfection Extraction Snaring and Advanced Techniques Bruce Wilkoff
Overview of Noninfectious Indications for Lead Extraction | Basic Extraction Techniques Oussama M. Wazni
Session I Bruce Wilkoff
Introduction and Overview Bruce Wilkoff
Unstable Angina and Non-STEMI: Management in 2011 A Michael Lincoff
Management of Acute STEMI: Primary PCI, Lytics and Pharmacoinvasive Strategies Stephen G. Ellis
Cath Lab Pharmacology: Antiplatelet and Antithrombotic Agents A Michael Lincoff
Evening Session: EP – Management of Arrhythmias – Case Studies Daniel J. Cantillon, Oussama M. Wazni
Case-Based Panel Discussion - Controversies in Device Therapies Daniel J. Cantillon, Bruce Wilkoff
Devices – ICDs and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Bruce Wilkoff
Devices – Pacemakers and Lead Management Bruce Wilkoff
Case-Based Panel and Audience Discussion: Ventricular Arrhythmias – Case Studies Mark Niebauer, Niraj Varma
Cardiac Arrhythmias – Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias Mina K. Chung
Case-Based Panel and Audience Discussion: Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter – What’s New? - Oussama M. Wazni, Thomas Callahan
Case-Based Panel Discussion – Supraventricular Arrhythmias Bryan Baranowski, Thomas Callahan
Case-Based Panel Discussion - Arrhythmias on 12-Lead Electrocardiograms, Wide Complex Tachycardias, His Bundle Recordings Walid Saliba, Bryan Baranowski
Introduction to Electrophysiology Testing and Intracardiac Electrograms Mina K. Chung
Systolic Heart Failure – Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment Guidelines Mazen Hanna
Test Your Knowledge Mehdi Shishehbor
What Is New in Stenting: Bioabsorbable Stents and Beyond Stephen G. Ellis
Hybrid Cath Lab Procedures: Prospects and Issues E. Murat Tuzcu
CTO: When and How to Intervene Patrick Whitlow
Functional Mitral Regurgitation – Any Role for Revascularization? Benico Barzilai
Contemporary Role of Stress Testing in Management of Coronary Disease Wael Jaber
Renal and Lower Extremity Disease, When and How to Intervene Mehdi Shishehbor
Coronary Imaging and Functional Analysis in Cardiac Cath Lab: IVUS, OCT, FFR E. Murat Tuzcu
Stenting of LMT: Argument for Surgery Joseph Sabik
Stenting of LMT: Argument for Stenting Stephen G. Ellis
The Normal and Abnormal Angiogram Robert Hobbs
Carotid Disease – Case-Based Discussion - Stent Versus Surgery Mehdi Shishehbor
Gender-Related Issues in Cardiovascular Disease Ellen Mayer Sabik
Key Concepts Review – Q and A David O. Taylor, Eileen Hsich
Primary and Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension W.H. Wilson Tang
Myocarditis Eileen Hsich
Transplantation and Mechanical Devices David O. Taylor
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Management Harry Lever
Case-Based Panel Discussion – Systolic and Diastolic Heart Failure David O. Taylor, Allan L. Klein, Mazen Hanna
Diastolic Heart Failure – Definition, Diagnosis, Significance, and Management Allan L. Klein
Interactive Assessment of Key Concepts in Valve Disease, Aorta Disease, Congenital Heart Disease, and Imaging Gian M. Novaro
Noninvasive Assessment of LV Function and Ischemia – Case-Based Approach with Echocardiography Richard A. Grimm
Nuclear Cardiology – Evidence-Based Approach with Cases Manuel D. Cerqueira
Evidence-Based Management of Disease of the Aorta Gian M. Novaro
Evidence-Based Selection of Imaging in Valve Disease and Aorta Disease Thomas Marwick
CT and MRI in Coronary Disease and Heart Failure Pretty Pictures or Real Information – What Is the Evidence and What Are the Guidelines? Milind Desai
Essentials of Congenital Heart Disease – What Do the Guidelines Say? Richard Krasuski
Imaging and Disease of Aorta and Congenital Heart Disease Gian M. Novaro
Panel – Case-Based Approach to Valve Disease Management A. Marc Gillinov, James Thomas, William Stewart
Imaging in Congenital Heart Disease Richard Krasuski
Prosthetic Valve Dysfunction – What’s Wrong with this Valve? James Thomas
Essentials of Aortic and Pulmonary Valve Disease Based on Imaging and the ACC/AHA Guidelines Brian Griffin
Essentials of Mitral and Tricupid Valve Disease Based on Imaging and the ACC/AHA Guidelines William Stewart
Valve Disease Brian Griffin
April 29, 2011 8th CURRENT TRENDS IN AORTIC AND CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY Current Status of Branched and Fenestrated Grafts for Aortic Repair Roy K. Greenberg
Why Do Dissections Occur? Roy K. Greenberg
Current Status of Surgical Treatment of Endocarditis Gosta Pettersson
Reoperative Cardiac Surgery | Challenges and Outcomes Eric E. Roselli
April 29, 2011 2011 Imaging Conference at the Beach - Cardiac Echo & CT/MRI Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement Lars G. Svensson
Aortic Valve Repair Lars G. Svensson
April 27, 2011 2011 International Conference on Eating Disorders Assessment & Treatment of Eating Disorders in Pre- and Post-Operative Bariatric Patients Kathleen Ashton, Leslie J Heinberg
March 5, 2011 13th Annual Pain Management Symposium Welcome | Introduction Nagy A. Mekhail, Philippe Berenger
Optional Live Model Workshop | Fee: $300.00 Loran Mounir-Soliman
Experience of the Chronic Pain Rehab Program at Cleveland Clinic Manu Mathews
Depression Manu Mathews
Problem-Based Learning Discussion Philippe Berenger, Daniel Mazanec
Care Path for Back and Leg Pain Daniel Mazanec
Disc Replacement Iain Kalfas
X-Stop Iain Kalfas
Kyphoplasty Samuel Samuel
Problem-Based Learning Discussion Philippe Berenger, Andre Machado, Manu Mathews
Optional Live Model Workshop | Fee: $300.00 Loran Mounir-Soliman
Problem-Based Learning Discussion Girgis Girgis
Neurostimulation for Headache Andre Machado
Radiation Safety Beth Minzter
March 2, 2011 6th Annual Perioperative Medicine Summit 2011 Welcome Franklin A. Michota
Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism after Surgery Franklin A. Michota
Medication Management Christopher Whinney
Anticoagulation and Thromboembolism: Play Jeopardy Franklin A. Michota
Welcome Franklin A. Michota
Panel Discussion: Various Models of Delivering Preoperative Care: Which Makes Sense? Ajay Kumar
Welcome Franklin A. Michota
Perioperative Management of Sleep Apnea Patients for Non-Cardiac Surgery Roop Kaw
Common Perioperative Hematologic Issues Ajay Kumar
Medicolegal Issues in Perioperative Medicine: Lessons from Some Real Cases Franklin A. Michota, Matthew J. Donnelly
February 24, 2011 Fourth Annual International Symposium on Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery Spine and Peripheral Nerve SRS Lilyana Angelov
Neurocognitive Challenges in CNS Disease Samuel Chao
Acoustic Neuromas and Hearing Preservation Gene Barnett
Brain SRS John H Suh
Welcome Lilyana Angelov
Spine Surgery Decision Making Richard Schlenk
Resection vs. Radiosurgery for Lung Cancer Sudish Murthy, Gregory Videtic
Open Surgery vs. Radiosurgery for Spine Edward Benzel
Radiosurgery vs. Whole Brain John H Suh
Plenary Session II | Debates Lilyana Angelov
Ongoing Controversies in Cranial Radiosurgery Michael Vogelbaum
Motion Management for Patients Undergoing SBRT Toufik Djemil
Plenary Session I | The Way of the Future John H Suh
Brachytherapy vs. Proton for Prostate Jay Ciezki
Stereotactic Radiation for Primary Liver Tumors, Adrenal, and Kidney Tumors Kevin Stephans
Abdomen Pelvis and Extremity SBRT Samuel Chao
SBRT and Quality of Life Gregory Videtic
Lung SBRT Gregory Videtic
February 21, 2011 Surgery of the Foregut Symposium New AJCC/UICC Staging Classification of Esophageal Neoplasms Thomas W. Rice
Session | Malignant Disease of the Esophagus and Stomach Thomas W. Rice
Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Achalasia Thomas W. Rice
Opening Remarks Steven WEXNER, Raul J. Rosenthal
Session | The German Society of Visceral Surgeons Presents: Modern Trends in Surgery of the Esophagus, Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum Raul J. Rosenthal
Liver Transplantation John Fung
Session | CurrentTrends in Organ Transplantation John Fung
Common Bile Duct Injuries An Update Conrad Simpfendorfer
Update in Management of Gastroparesis Raul J. Rosenthal
Reoperative Surgery for Gastro Gastric Fistulae After Divided RYGB and Non-Divided RYGB Samuel Szomstein
Revisions, Conversion and Reversals | Classification of Reoperative Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
Megaesophagus and Hardware Issues Samuel Szomstein
Session | Reoperative Surgery for Adjustable Gastric Banding Raul J. Rosenthal
Surgery-Paraesophageal Hernia Repair Raul J. Rosenthal
Management of Strictures and Stenosis After RYGBP and LSG Samuel Szomstein
Abdominal Pain After Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
Surgery-Reoperative Bariatric Surgery Raul J. Rosenthal
Small Bowel Complications: Hernias, Neoplasms, Bezoars and Intussuception Samuel Szomstein
Surgery-Sleeve Gastrectomy Raul J. Rosenthal
LIVE SURGERY DAY Samuel Szomstein
February 16, 2011 22nd Annual International Colorectal Disease Symposium Assessing and Defining Quality TME Mariana Berho
Session | Rectal Carcinoma Controversies and Conundrums Steven WEXNER
Welcome and Introduction Steven D. Wexner
Session | Recent Advances in Colorectal Physiology Eric G. Weiss
Genetics Juan J. Nogueras
Lymph Nodes after Neoadjuvant Therapy | What is the Standard? Mariana Berho
Methods of Reconstruction after Proctectomy - Techniques and Results Ian Lavery
When in Abdominoperineal Resection Required, How is it Best Done and What are the Results? Victor W. Fazio
Surgery for Constipation - When, What and Why? Tracy L. Hull
Sacral Nerve Stimulation Steven WEXNER
Improving and Measuring the Quality of the Inpatient Experience Fabio Potenti
Quality in Rectal Cancer Surgery: Is Volume and Specialization Meaningful? Lester Rosen
Session | Measuring Quality James Merlino
Session | Portals and Ports of Access for Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Global Perspective Juan J. Nogueras
Controversies in Pouch Surgery Feza H. Remzi
Medical Management after Resection for Crohn's Disease | Can we Improve the Outcome? Roger Charles
Nutrition, Pre-biotics and Probiotics in IBD Alison Schneider
Session | Dilemmas and Debates in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Steven WEXNER
Introduction of Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham Steven WEXNER
Training and Education in Colorectal Surgery Eric G. Weiss
Prevention, Recognition and Treatment of Post-operative Ileus and Small Bowel Obstruction James Merlino
Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery Dana R. Sands
Challenges of Laparoscopy in the Obese Raul J. Rosenthal
Reoperative Pouch Surgery - Techniques and Results Feza H. Remzi
Anal Melanoma - Does Radical Surgery Alter the Outcome? Tracy L. Hull
Reoperative Pelvic Surgery Victor W. Fazio
Managing Enterocutaneous Fistulae Ian Lavery
Session | Current Status of the Management of hemorrhoids and Benign Anorectal Disease Lester Rosen
Robotics in Colorectal Surgery | Medical Miracle or Marketing Mania? David Maron
Strictureplasty - Indications and Results Feza H. Remzi
Session | A Critical Analysis of New Techniques Ian Lavery
Tips for Successful Laparoscopic Repair of Ventral Incisional Hernia Samuel Szomstein
Session | Benign Colonic Disease: Analysis of Advances Tracy L. Hull
February 3, 2011 A Case Based Approach to Controversies in Cardiovascular Medicine CABG Alone Provides Reasonable Outcomes! Gosta Pettersson
Session I | Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Is There a Case for Surgical Intervention? Wael Jaber
Evidence for Prognostic Benefit Walid Saliba
Surgery Offers Durable Results and Improves Prognosis Gosta Pettersson
Workshop 1: Valvular Heart Disease Cases and Management Options. Role of Echo, CT and MRI in Decision Making Wael Jaber
Protagonist Gosta Pettersson
4. Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation and Pulmonary Regurgitation Brian Griffin
2. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Regurgitation Brian Griffin
Ablation: First Line Therapy for Rhythm Control? Walid Saliba
Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy Gosta Pettersson
Workshop 2: 1. Coronary Artery Disease Cases and Management Options Gosta Pettersson
Bridge to Transplant Experience: Factors Influencing Survival To and After Cardiac Transplant Katherine Hoercher
Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Can We Eliminate Warfarin? Current and Future Approaches Wael Jaber
Workshop 3: Bring a Case From Home ECG, Echo, Nuclear, CT and MRI Walid Saliba, Wael Jaber
January 21, 2011 7th Annual Optimizing Minimal Access Gynecology A2 Laparoscopic Suturing Viviane Connor
A1 Office and Operative Hysteroscopy Linda Bradley
B1 Office and Operative Hysteroscopy Linda Bradley
B3 Pelvic Organ Prolapse Vivian Aguilar
B2 Laparoscopic Suturing Jackeline Placencia, Stephen Zimberg, Viviane Connor
UAE Update Linda Bradley
Improving Fertility with Fibroids and Endometriosis Tommaso Falcone
Managing the Complex Adnexal Mass Pedro F. Escobar
Robotics in Benign Gynecology Stephen Zimberg
Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery Pedro F. Escobar
Anatomy for the Endoscopist Tommaso Falcone
Update on Adhesion Prevention and Hemostasis Stephen Zimberg
Surgical Tutorial: LSH Viviane Connor
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Intracorporeal Suturing Viviane Connor
Single Site Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy Viviane Connor, Pedro F. Escobar
Robotic Myomectomy Stephen Zimberg, Tommaso Falcone
January 12, 2011 Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Dysfunction (J1) Obesity (J2) | Obesity Surgery: State-of-the-Art? Philip R. Schauer
January 12, 2011 Obesity (J2) Gut Nutrient Sensing in the Regulation of Body Weight | Obesity Surgery: State-of-the-Art? Philip R. Schauer
December 10, 2010 43rd Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium: Major Topics in Cardiology Today NON-STEMI: Clock Time Therapy Challenges Risk-intervention vs. Stabilization Deepak L Bhatt
December 1, 2010 European Colorectal Congress 2010 Is preoperative radiotherapy associated with worse functional results after coloanal anastomosis? Victor W. Fazio
Adhesions in colorectal surgery – are there new strategies? Steven D. Wexner
October 21, 2010 21st Century Treatment of Heart Failure Session II: Contemporary Issues in Heart Failure Management Christine S. Moravec
Risk Stratification in Heart Failure Using Novel Imaging Techniques Thomas Marwick
Expanding Indications for CRT: Putting MADIT-CRT into the Context of Heart Failure Practice Bruce D. Lindsay
Session I: Contemporary Issues in Heart Failure Management Randall C. Starling
The Economics of Developing New Drugs and Devices: Is the Pipeline for New Drugs “Drying Up”? Steven E Nissen
Session IV: Clinical Trials of Drugs and Devices for Heart Failure James B. Young
Lecture by James B. Young James B. Young
Session III: Kaufman Center Award and Lecture Randall C. Starling
Addressing Anemia in Heart Failure: What Have We Learned? W.H. Wilson Tang
Registries and Guidelines: Have They Helped Us Provide Better Patient Care in the Real World? Eiran Gorodeski
Repair Tomislav Mihaljevic
State of the Art Cardiac Regeneration with Stem Cells Marc S. Penn
Are ICDs Beneficial in the LVAD Population Daniel J. Cantillon
Neurological Events: Patient? Device? Management? Maria Mountis
Eliminate Drive-Line Infection Nicholas G. Smedira
Avoid an Oxygenator At All Costs: Tandem Heart or Impella Edward Soltesz
Session VII: Management of the Patient on MCS in the Continuum of Care Nicholas G. Smedira
Gastric Bypass Surgery for Heart Failure: The Impact of Weight Loss on CV Structure and Function Philip R. Schauer
Where is the Data That Obesity is a Contraindication to Heart Transplant and MCS? David O. Taylor
Session VI: Mechanical Circulatory Support and Transplant: Patient Selection Nicholas G. Smedira, David O. Taylor
Will MCS Replace Heart Transplant in this Decade? Leonard Golding
Why I Hate It Gonzalo Gonzalez-Stawinski
September 11, 2010 New Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Q&A / Panel Discussion Feza H. Remzi
Minimally Invasive Surgery in IBD Feza H. Remzi
April 9, 2010 6th Annual Contemporary Issues in Pituitary Disease: Case-based Management Update Pituitary Radiotherapy John H Suh
Afternoon Session: Laurence Kennedy
Pituitary Histopathology Richard Prayson
Growth Hormone Deficiency and Cardiovascular Disease Robert Zimmerman
Cushing’s Syndrome – Case Discussion Laurence Kennedy
Advances in Pituitary Surgery Robert Weil
Morning Session: Amir Hamrahian
Opening Remarks Laurence Kennedy
Pituitary Case Discussion – Personal Experience Amir Hamrahian
Pituitary Imaging Paul Ruggieri
Prolactinoma – Case Discussion Betul Hatipoglu
April 8, 2010 Updates in Cardiac MRI 2010 Contrast Agents and NSF: An Update Scott Flamm
Cardiac and Paracardiac Masses Scott Flamm
Viability/ Scar Scott Flamm
Left Ventricular Function Scott Flamm
Right Ventricilar Dysplasia Scott Flamm
March 4, 2010 The 30th Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium Conference (CREF) Meeting 1: Emergency Circulatory Suppor Nicholas G. Smedira
Aortic Surgery Lars G. Svensson
LVADs and Short-Term Devices Nicholas G. Smedira
February 26, 2010 Third Annual Western Atrial Fibrillation Symposium Appendage Closure Devices: From the Surgeon’s Prospective A. Marc Gillinov
Anticoagulation and Clot in Atrial Fibrillation James D. Thomas
AFIS: A New Solution to Manage AF Patients Walid Saliba
January 22, 2010 6th Annual Optimizing Minimally Invasive Gynecology Genetics and the Gynecologist: Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colon Cancer Juan J. Nogueras
Cardiovascular Disease in Women Howard Bush
Interstital Cystitis: Are We Missing It? Vivian Aguilar
Challenging Case Studies: Complex Office Gynecologic Patients Maria Lina Diaz
An Evidence Based Approach to Choosing Route of Hysterectomy Stephen Zimberg
Advances in Treatment for SUI Vivian Aguilar
Update on Endometrial Ablation Linda Bradley
Essure: 7 Years Later Viviane Connor
Improving Outcomes of Operative Hysteroscopy Linda Bradley
BSO and hysterectomy: An Oncologist's Perspective Pedro F. Escobar
Pelvic Anatomy for the Endoscopist Tommaso Falcone
Endometriosis: Impact of Surgical Treatment on Pain and Infertility Tommaso Falcone
Conservative Management of Gynecologic Malignancies Pedro F. Escobar
LSH Viviane Connor
Robotic Myomectomy Stephen Zimberg, Tommaso Falcone
November 19, 2009 1st Annual Update on Treatment Decisions for Gastrointestinal Diseases: Surgical and Medical Approaches Welcome Bret A. Lashner
Esophageal Physiology Testing: What Test in What Patient | 1 Steven S. Shay
Eosinophilic Esophagitis | 1 Francisco J. Marrero
Debate: Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus: Toast, Freeze, or Cut | 1 Gary W. Falk, Thomas W. Rice
Option 2 Session II: Optional Programs - Surgery Breakout Session David W. Dietz, Luca Stocchi, R. Matthew Walsh
Option 1 Session II: Optional Programs - Swallowing Center Breakout Session Steven S. Shay
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Colorectal Cancer Daniel P. Geisler
What You Should Know About Serrated Polyps and Why They Should Concern You Matthew F. Kalady
The Approach to Genetic Testing in Your Patients Brandie Leach
Update on National Guidelines for Screening and Surveillance Carol A. Burke
Session I: Colorectal Neoplasia: Essential Tips for Your Practice Carol A. Burke
Esophageal Therapies: What’s the Difference Between APC, BARRYX, Cryotherapy, and EMR | Nurses Program Gary W. Falk
Colon Cancer Update: What’s New With Detection and Prevention | Nurses Program Carol A. Burke
Small Bowel Transplantation | Nurses Program Cristiano Quintini
Biliary Espionage Utilizing Spy Glass | Nurses Program Mansour A. Parsi
Nurses Program James Collins
Plugs, Glue, and Newer Treatments for Perianal Fistulas Massarat Zutshi
Immunosuppressive and Alternative Therapies for Treating Fistulas Aaron Brzezinkski
Treating Rectovaginal Fistulas Tracy L. Hull
Session III: Treating Complex Fistulas in Crohn’s Disease Luca Stocchi
6 Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy R. Matthew Walsh
5 Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Bipan Chand
4 Single-Port Cholecystectomy Matthew D. Kroh
3 The Progressive Pile: New Treatments for a Very Old Problem Massarat Zutshi
2 Clostridium Difficile Colitis: When is Colectomy Indicated? Jon D. Vogel
1 Evidence-Based Approach to Surgery for Diverticulitis David W. Dietz
Session IV: Treating Patients with Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis Bret A. Lashner
Surgical Decision Making for Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis P. Ravi Kiran
Complications of the Ileal Pouch Feza H. Remzi
Evaluation and Medical Therapy for Severely Active Disease Ahmed Kandiel
Assessing Outcomes of Colonoscopy Madhusudhan R. Sanaka
Surgical Therapy R. Matthew Walsh
Medical Therapy Tyler K. Stevens
Session VI: Point/Counterpoint John J. Vargo
Medical and Endoscopic Therapy Mansour A. Parsi
Session V: Endoscopy and Pancreatic Disease John J. Vargo
Welcome Bret A. Lashner
Benign Liver Neoplasms: Diagnosis and Management David P. Vogt
Surveillance of Patients with Viral Hepatitis and Referral for Transplant for HCC David S. Barnes
Prevention of Primary Liver Neoplasms Nizar N. Zein
Session VII: Hepatic Neoplasms Nizar N. Zein
Endoscopy Video Quiz John Dumot
Multi-Disciplinary Approach to HCC Treatment Federico N. Aucejo
Robotic/Laparoscopic Liver Resection Sricharan Chalikonda
November 17, 2009 6th Annual Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Course Welcome & Introduction Thomas E. Garofalo
Left Colectomy / Low Anterior Daniel P. Geisler
Lunch-Video Presentations Luca Stocchi
Release of Splenic Flexure P. Ravi Kiran
Single-Port Colectomy-Introduction Daniel P. Geisler, Thomas E. Garofalo
Special Considerations: Middle Colics Tracy L. Hull
Right Colectomy Matthew F. Kalady
Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery (HALS) Jon D. Vogel
Room Set-Up and Port Placement Thomas E. Garofalo
Welcome & Introduction Center for Surgical Innovation, Technology and Education (cSite) Daniel P. Geisler
Reception and Panel Discussion Daniel P. Geisler, David W. Dietz, Thomas E. Garofalo, Jon D. Vogel
Krause-Lieberman Plaque Presentation Victor W. Fazio
Introduction of the Krause-Leiberman Lecture Victor W. Fazio
Single Port Colectomy Daniel P. Geisler
Access Technique – Does it Matter? Jon D. Vogel
Contraindications to Laparoscopy David W. Dietz
Local Excision for Tumors of the Rectum Luca Stocchi
Live Surgery Thomas E. Garofalo
September 29, 2009 14th Annual Mayo Clinic Conference on Quality, Safety and Service, A focus on Human Fa ctors and Medical Error Patient Experience: A Strategic Differentiation M. Bridget Duffy
February 28, 2009 AMERICAN SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGEONS Improved Time–Zero Biomechanical Properties Using PLLA Graft Augmentation in a Cadaveric Rotator Cuff Repair Mode Jesse A McCarron, Ryan Milks, Joseph P Iannotti
The Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition on Tendon-to-Bone Healing in a Rotator Cuff Repair Model David Kovacevic
The Effects of Variation in Humeral Anatomy, Prosthetic Design and Surgical Technique in Replicating Normal Humeral Anatomy Joseph P Iannotti
Postoperative Stiffness? John J Brems
May 30, 2008 ASCO Annual'08 Meeting genitourinary cancer-- Cancer Care in Minority Populations Derek Raghavan
health services research-- Cancer Care in Minority Populations Derek Raghavan
October 27, 2007 Current Trends in Genitourinary Malignancies Role of Surgery Advances With New Chemotherapeutic Regimens Andrew Stephenson
September 26, 2007 Cardiometabolic Health Congress 2007 Antithrombotics for Patients with Increased Cardiometabolic Risk: What Do We Use and for How Long? Deepak L Bhatt
Lunch Symposia | The Role of the Endocannabinoid System in the Management of Cardiometabolic Risk Deepak L Bhatt
Breakfast Symposium | Beyond Hypertension Control: The Role of ARBs in the Management of Cardiometabolic Risk Byron Hoogwerf
3D Tissue Models
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