Surgery: Virginia Commonwealth University

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Date Event Presentation Speakers
February 13, 2016 16th Annual International Symposium On congenital heart disease Creating High Reliability Teams and Shared Decision Making David Cooper
November 29, 2015 11th International Congress on Coronary Artery Disease - from Prevention to intervention (ICCAD 2015) Current status of robotic assisted PCI George W. Vetrovec
October 9, 2012 Medical Media Communications (MMC): Vascular Interventional Advances (VIVA) Why I Do What I Do: How the Recent Trials and my Experience Inform my Approach to Iliac Occlusive Disease: Stent-Grafts Versus Bare Stents Alan Matsumoto
LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: Park Hospital Leipzig, Germany Alan Matsumoto
April 18, 2012 Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 2012 Concurrent Session IV C | Nuclear Receptors, Monocyte Subsets and Atherosclerosis Catherine C Hedrick
January 27, 2012 19th International Symposium on Pancreatic & Biliary Endoscopy Live ERCP Session I Richard Kozarek
Endoscopic Treatment: Who, by Whom and How? Richard Kozarek
The Americas Richard Kozarek
Live ERCP Session IV (transmitted from São Paulo) Richard Kozarek
Biliary Stenting | Plastic or Metal? Richard Kozarek
August 31, 2011 Pulmonary Medicine Board Review 2011 Mechanical Ventilatory Support Curtis N. Sessler
Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Curtis N. Sessler
November 12, 2010 21st Annual Anesthesiology Update The Most Clinically Useful Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Anesthesia and Postoperative Analgesia Francis V. Salinas
4. The Role of Femoral Nerve Blocks for Optimizing Analgesia and Perioperative Outcome in Patients with Hip Fractures Francis V. Salinas
September 11, 2009 The Changing Practice of Anesthesia Catheters for Regional Blocks: Transitioning to Home Francis V. Salinas
Ultrasound Guidance of Peripheral Nerve Catheter Placement Francis V. Salinas
August 28, 2009 20th Annual Anesthesiology Update Spinal Opioids: Which Drugs and Why? Christopher M. Bernards
How Does My Patient's History of Illicit Drug Use Affect Anesthetic Physiology and Pharmacology? Christopher M. Bernards
August 14, 2009 Global Genitourinary Oncology Roundtable Discussion: Pros and Cons of SUO’s Strategic Plan Regarding the Future of Urologic Oncology Paul F. Schellhammer
The Nuts and Bolts of Setting up a Systemic Therapy Organization and Clinical Trials Group in Practice Paul F. Schellhammer
Secondary Hormone and Other Therapies before Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Paul F. Schellhammer
February 28, 2009 AMERICAN SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGEONS Fatty Infiltration of the Supraspinatus–A Reliability Study Matthew D Williams
The Role of the Coronoid Process, Lateral Collateral Ligament and Radial Head in Varus Stability of the Elbow Jennifer S Wayne, Norman Douglas Boardman
May 30, 2008 ASCO Annual'08 Meeting professional development-- Lifelong Strategies for Stress and Time Management to Avoid Burnout Laurie Jean Lyckholm
3D Tissue Models
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