Free Posting of CVs to BSN

Yes, for free!!!

We will post, for free, your CV, on Biotech Science News to raise your accomplishment score and improve your rank.

If you would like to help us insure the accuracy of our data entry process, please mark the sections in your CV that relate to the following:

  • Speaking invitations/presenting at meeting
  • Honors
  • Clinical trials
  • Grants
  • Patents
  • Editorial positions
  • Peer-reviewed papers, abstracts
  • Pre/non peer reviewed/meeting proceedings papers
  • Membership in professional societies
  • White papers

These are the sections that most affect your accomplishmwent score and rank.

Even if you don't, we'll still post your CV on BSN for free but we'd like the data entry to be as accurate as we can.

Once we’ve imported these CV sections to our database, we'll notify you by email and you'll be able to add/edit these sections of your CV, on-line, at your leisure.

Simply email your CV to

Thank you for contributing to

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