How We Rank (Accomplishment Scores / Popularity Scores)

Biotech Science News is a life science networking site that ranks and reports, the people, organizations, news, and the terms generating the most impact, accomplishment, activity, and interest in the Life Science community.

The Biotech Science News "Rank" number for Life Science researchers and executives are directly related to their "Accomplishment" scores and "Popularity" scores. These scores are based on both invited speaking engagements at life science meetings and lectures plus the posting of professional activities that cover everything from, grant support to peer reviewed papers, and the viewing of their professional profiles of speaking, publishing, grants, and clinical trial activity by their mentors, peers, collaborators, associates and buddies, ("Circle of Consequence") and other members of the Life Science community. (see listing below).

Life science researchers and executives can affect their "Accomplishment Scores" by registering to insure that their BiotechScienceNews profile correctly reflects their speaking activity and level, plus their posts of, abstracts defended, honors and awards, clinical trial activity, grant support, patents pending, editorial positions etc, reviewed papers etc, pre/non-peer review papers, and white papers. Through BiotechScienceNews, all of this information also becomes available to the world-wide life science community.

In all cases, email addresses supplied to BiotechScienceNews remain hidden unless specifically opened to the public by the BiotechScienceNews registrant.

BiotechScienceNews uses both the accomplishment and popularity scores (see below) of individual life science researchers and executives to establish both their rank and popularity as People of Consequence and their affiliations with "Organizations of Consequence".

Popularity Points
Viewing My Participation/Presentations at Events, Meetings, Seminars, etc3 Points
Viewing My Profile3 Points
Viewing and Downloading File Description of My Information5 Points
Viewing and downloading My Information6 Points
Accomplishments Points
Speaking at Keynote/Plenary Session16 points
Speaking/Presenting >1x at meeting14 points
Speaking/Presenting once at meeting13 points
Defending Abstract/Poster at meeting12 points
Organization sponsoring meeting11 points
Posting Honors and Awards10 points
Posting Clinical Trial Activity9 points
Posting Grant Support9 points
Posting Patents Pending8 points
Posting Journal Editorial Positions, Editor, Reviewer7 points
Posting-Reviewed Papers, Books, Chapters—6 points
Posting Pre/Non Peer Review Paper4 points
Posting Membership in Professional/Scientific Societies3 points
Posted Profile Viewed3 points
Posting White Paper2 points
Registering on BiotechScienceNews1 point

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